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Covington's World War Two Honor Roll
Covington Diner Helps Service People
Article: Covington's World War Two Honor Roll
Township: Covington,  County PA
Submitted by Esther MAYS Harer
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Kind-Hearted Woman Gives Free Lunches
Covington, October 9 -There's a woman here who has a thousand boys and scores of girls scattered throughout the United States and Canada.  To them, because of wartime kindness, she is a second mother.

These erstwhile boys and girls, most of them now mature men and women who have laid aside military uniforms.  Scratch that, have a warm glow in their hearts as they recall "Aunt Mazie" Doud, who fed them when they came into her diner here and wouldn't let them pay for their food.

Frequently they drop in on Aunt Mazie" just to let her know they haven't forgotten the kindness and generosity she showed them when the worries and anxieties of wartime beset them and their pockets were nearly empty.

Write often they bring with them into the Covington diner the families they have acquired in postwar days.  Sometimes it is a grateful mother or father who stops off to express her or his thanks and appreciation for the helping hand extended to a confused and homesick "kid".

Mazie Isn't Forgotten
at Christmastime, and on other occasions, too, the mail is heavy with greetings for "Aunt Mazie" from her boys and girls.  Often there are little gifts just to let her know they remember that she gave to them.

Even today Mrs. Dowd is adding to her big "family," for one boys and girls in military uniform stop at her diner and draw a cup of coffee for them and won't accept for it, even though the price of coffee is much greater to her as it is to everyone else.

It was the day the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor that "Aunt Mazie" Doud started the practice of providing free food for soldiers, sailors, Marines, and military fliers.  The first soldier to know her generosity was Robert Lee, who was seated at her lunch counter when word came of the bombing of Uncle Sam's installation in the Hawaiian Islands.

From then on until the end of the Second World War the owner of the local diner provided Nielsen lunches free of charge to every individual in military uniform who came into her place. In fact, it wasn't until they insisted on paying for their food that she discontinued the practice of providing free meals.  But even to this day she won't let them pay for their coffee.

All Loans Repaid
a register was she Contains the names of the hundreds of boys and girls who knew her hospitality.  To many of them she loaned money when they came to her "broke" and disturbed about getting back to camp.  Every last one of them repaid the loan, she says.

Intensely patriotic, Mrs. Doud, started in Covington the movement to her rectum monument in the Village Square to the 90 boys and girls of Putnam and Covington townships who entered military service.  Most of them she knew personally, for they patronized her diner.

The local philanthropist belongs to the same Doud family as Mamie Doud Eisenhower, wife of the president of United States.  Her father, 88-year-old Benjamin choose one That, has a letter which he received from Dwight D. Eisenhower.

This she showed with pride to five Marines who recently came to Covington just to throw a party for her and appreciation of what she had done for them during wartime.

Beverly Lathrop, Madeline Doud in front of Covington Diner - Photo from Lenny Gee Collection
Covington Diner 1948
Photo from Lenny Gee Collection
Ray Smith, Helen Ballard, Mazie DOUD Smith, Madeline Doud at Covington Diner 1940s
Photo from Lenny Gee Collection
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