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Memorabilia sent in by Creig Crippen
At left a Liberty Bond display paper 
Scanned by Joyce M. Tice 
Joyce's Search Tip - January 2008
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To finance World War One, the War Chest and the purchases of Liberty Bonds, was promoted. Papers to display in the window to show that a family had contributed to the Liberty Bond Drive, were given out. Payroll deduction was one way that a person could contribute to the War Chest. On this page I am presenting several artifacts of the Liberty Bond and War Chest drive that were preserved by Eugene Crippen. Eugene worked at the Willys-Morrow plant in Elmira and he was a native of Roseville. We are very grateful to Eugene for being the pack rat that he was. Mementos that most people threw out, he saved as an artifact of the times in which he lived. His son Creig saved them for another generation and has made them available to Tri-Counties site where we can all have a look at them and learn about the history they represent. Many thanks to Creig as well to passing them on to us.
A Liberty Bond, Fourth series, Display paper Newspaper Ad promoting Liberty Bonds
Willys-Morrow plant Payroll Deduction form 
to add to the War Chest 23 MAY 1918
Willys-Morrow plant Payroll Deduction form
for purchase of Series 4 Liberty Bonds 30 SEP 1918
Liberty Loan mailings were delivered without addresses to subscribers
displaying the signs in their windows shown at the top of the page.
For rural subscribers labels were given to put on their mailboxes.
As one of the ads points out, it saved the government the cost of having
clerks write out the address labels. 

Costs For Soldiers - Submitted by Don Stanton
According to a statement made public by the war department, it costs $156.71 to equip an infantryman for service in France.  Clothing cost $101.62, eating utensils etc., cost $7.73 and fighting equipment $47.36.  Items including under “clothing” are:

One Bedsack $0.89
Three wool blankets 18.75
One waist belt     .25
Two pairs wool breeches  8.90
Two wool service coats 15.20
One hat cord     .68
Three pairs summer drawers   1.50
Three pairs winter drawers   3.88
One pair wool gloves     .61
One service hat   1.70
Two pairs extra shoe laces     .05
Two pairs canvas leggins   1.05
Two flannel shirts   7.28
Two pairs shoes 10.20
Five pairs wool stockings   1.50
Four identification tags     .02
Summer undershirts   1.50
Four winter undershirts   4.88
One overcoat 14.92
Five shelter tent pins     .20
One shelter tent pole     .26
One poncho   3.55
One shelter tent   2.95
Total $101.62
Items included under “eating utensils” are: food issued to each man to be carried in his haversack during field service: canteen and canteen cover, cup, knife, fork, spoon, meat can, haversack, pack carrier, first aid kit and pouch to carry it, costing $7.73.
Items under “fighting equipment” follow:
One rifle 19.50
One bayonet  2.15
One bayonet scabbard  1.13
One cartridge belt  4.08
100 cartridges  5.00
One steel helmet  3.00
One gas mask 12.00
One trench tool    .50
Total $47.36

From: Days Long Gone By… Excerpts from the August-Sept 1917 Troy Gazette Register
Troy Gazette Register, Troy, PA, December 18, 2003

(One wonders if these are “rip off” prices as we are seeing in this “modern” age - DFS)

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 11/08/2003
By Joyce M. Tice

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