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Photo by Joyce M. Tice May 2005
Military Memorial in Little Marsh, Chatham township. In front of Little Marsh United Methodist Church.
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Sign needs to be repainted. Uses initials only. If you can provide first names for any, let me know.
Little Marsh Honor Roll

World War I
H. C. Roberts

World War II
? R. Allen
? A. Andrews
E. Brott
C. Butler
W. Butler
G. Carl
E. Carpenter
R. Cloos
A. Cole
M. Davis
S. Davis
W. Davis
W. Edwards
E. Erway
E. Erway
L. Erway
H. Ferris
D. Freeman
R. Freeman
R. Fuller
L. Fuller
E. Gardner
G. Gardner
K. Gee
F. J. Gill
W. Gleason
W. A. Green
? Hall
? Hess
S. Hess
O. Hess
D. Hornsby
C. Hunter
F. King
C. Kruger
F. Kruger
R. Kruger
A. Lapoint
J. Lapoint
C. Losinger
C. Manning
F. Manning
J. Marmor
E. Miller
A. Mitcheltree
? M???e
? Neal
L. Neal
W. Neal
F. Perry
A. Plank
W. Reynolds
A. Rice
D. Rice
J. Roberts
G. Rockwell
L. Rockwell
A. Schoonover
G. Schrager
D. Slocum
R. Slocum
C. Stafford
D. Stafford
L. Sweet
L. Taylor
M. Thompson
I. Walker
F. Watkins
B. West
Korean War
R. Kopecky
H. Phillips

Vietnam War
W. J. Griffin
B. Lanson
R. Neal
R. Treat
L. Shaffer
R. Short

On your web page for Little Marsh Honor Roll World War II the first and middle name for J. Marmor is Joseph Wilhern Marmor, he was one of my father's younger brothers, my father was Francis Leo Marmor and their parents were Carl Wilhelm Marmor and Estella Margarete POPE Marmor.

Thank you,
Jim Marmor
Chino, California (June 2007)

Liberty World War Two Honor Roll
Hi Joyce, This isn't the best picture, but wanted to show you it, the memorial is stored in the Union Church, Liberty Twp. Tioga Co to the best of my knowledge. I will take a better picture the next time I'm there. Also there is an outside memorial in Liberty next to the bank. Gary Parker
Liberty High School
Roll of Honor
Alumni Who Served in World War II

The * ahead of names is for honorable discharge.

Liberty Township & Borough Page

*Antes, Russell
Artley, Francis
* Beck, Paul
* Brion, Leonard
* Brion, Robert
Brion, Walter
* Brion, William
* Bryan, Britton
* Byers, Oliver
* Breitenbach, Joe
Beck, J. Webster
* Black, Chester
* Brown, Donald
Carl, Elwood
* Carl, Fredrick
* Carl, Virginia
* Clark, Fredrick
* Crist, Buster
Connelly, John
* Dennison, Hugh
* Dennison, Gerald
Diebler, Luther
* Emick, Franklin
* Forer, Clifford
* Forer, Lawrence
Frazier, John
Gregory, Franklin
* Gleckner, Romain
Harer, Lynn
* Henninger, Allan
* Heyler, Edward
Heyler, Romain
*Harer, Delmar
* Harer, Edwin
* Kreger, Clifton
Kreger, Leon
* Kreger, Alfred
* Kieffer, Donald
* Kieffer, Walter
* Krause, Samuel
Kriner, Kenneth
* Kriner, Howard
* Kriner, Robert
* Krise, George
Lover, Bruce
* Merril, Calvin
Mathews, Howard
Miller, Samuel
Maneval, Dale
* Miller, Alden
* Moyer, Rex
* Mitstifer, Francis
* Miller, Francis
Mase, Orville
Parker, Arnold
Parker, Leonard
* Pequignot, Robert
Plank, Leo
Rauscher, Merle
* Roupp, Francis
Raker, Russell
Ringler, Paul
* Roupp, Delancy
* Rogers, Clair
* Smith, Raymond
* Shinn, Earl
* Smith, Harry
Scheaffer, Hurley
* Scheaffer, Clayton
* Taylor, Robert
Taylor, Dean
Taylor, Ernest
Tomski, Theodore
* Urban, Arthur
Urban, Gertrude
* Watkins, Forrest
* White, Wilson
Wheeland, Lew
Weaver, Burns
* Weaver, Dale
Gave Their Lives
* Melvin Maneval
* Dayton Mistifer
* Elmer Miller
* Gordon McCarty
* Stuart Parker
* Robert Snyder

If you have photos or listing s for other World War 2 Memorials in Tioga County, send them in to be added to this page.

December 2007
Joyce, I just love spending a snowy evening purusing your site.  While checking in on Chatham township (where I grew up) I found the picture of the memorial in front of the UM church in Little Marsh.  The question posed was if one knows who some of the initialed people were to let you know.
L. Neal was Leroy Neal who was shot down over the English Channel during WWII.
W. Neal was Winfield (Windy) Neal (his brother) who survived and went on to marry and father at least 10 kids - the two guys were my father's cousins.  A. Mitcheltree was my mother's brother Arthur, who was handsome and married in Belgium bringing his warbride (Andre) home and fathering a boy, Lucien, and a girl , Francine, (my cousins).
Hope that helps.
Marie Neal King
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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By Joyce M. Tice
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