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1896 By Laws of Elmira Auxiliary 
Organization - Elmira Auxiliary
Year: 1896
By Laws 
Retyped by Cathy Knights
Submitted by Creig Crippen
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.The Contents of this booklet are included on the site as representative of the purpose of many of the organizations of the era. The mutual benefit - insurance aspect of them is very clearly outlined here. 


Elmira Auxiliary,

No. 24,


** **

Instituted at Elmira July 19th, 1896.


Section 1. This shall be known as Elmira Auxiliary, No. 24, of the select Knights of the State of New York.

Section 2. The regular meeting of this Auxiliary shall be held the first, third and fifth Friday evening of each month at 8 o’clock sharp.

Section 3. Special meetings may be called at any time by the President, upon the request of five members, when all members shall be notified of such meeting.

Section 4. Five members shall constitute a quorum, and no business shall be transacted by a less number.


Section 1. The officers of this Auxiliary, all of whom (except the Past President) shall be elected by ballot, are the Past President, President, Vice-President, Secretary, Financial Secretary, Treasurer, Guide, Inside and Outside Guard, Trustees; also a Representative and Alternate Representative to the Auxiliary Council.

Section 2. The elections shall take place the last meeting in January, nominations one week previous, also on the night of election.

Section 3. When there is only one candidate in nomination for an office the Auxiliary may instruct any member to cast the ballot of the Auxiliary for such candidate.

Section 4. The officers shall be installed the first meetings in February.

Section 5. The President shall, on the night of installation, appoint three members to act as Finance Committee; two to act with the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Guide as a Sick and Relief Committee. The medical Examiner shall be the examiner of the Legions.

Section 6. It is the duty of the Finance Committee to audit all bills, examine the books when ordered by the Auxiliary.

Section 7. It is the duty of the Sick and Relief Committee to visit the sick and report to the Auxiliary what assistance, if any, be needed.

Section 8. The minutes of the meeting shall be read at the close of the meeting for approval and again at the next meeting for the information of the members.

Section 9. The salaries and bonds of all officers shall be approved before their installation. Bonds of Secretary, Financial Secretary and Treasurer shall be $50.00 each.


Section 1. The fee for membership shall be $1.60 which shall include dues for the month and receipt book for the member.

Section 2. The dues shall be 10 cents per month in advance on the first meeting of each month. Any member refusing or neglecting to pay for the space of three months, shall be reported to the Auxiliary, when they shall be dropped from the roll.


Section 1. Any person who has been suspended for the space of six months shall come in as a new member. Any person suspended for less than six months may be reinstated by paying all arrears.

Section 2. Any female member who shall pass the prescribed medical examination, between the ages of 18 and 50 years, may become a member of the Select Knight beneficiary department, subject to all laws and rules governing that department.

Section 3. Each applicant shall pay the Medical Examiner $1.00 for examination, and the Secretary 25 cents for Grand Medical Examiner; if approved by him shall pay the Secretary $1.00 for beneficiary certificate, together with the advance assessment according to the age of the applicant.

Section 4. For all socials the President shall appoint a committee of 10 from the roll of members, commencing from the first name, nor shall anyone be obliged to serve till all on the list have served or furnished an excuse to the Auxiliary to be accepted by them.


Section 1. This Auxiliary shall have a Burial Fund, to pay on the death of a member of such fund as assessment of 50 cents on all members of such fund, not to exceed $100.00, to the person named to receive it, within 24 hours after proof of death.

Section 2. All members joining the Burial Fund shall sign the roll and pay the financial Secretary an advance assessment of 50 cents, which shall be placed in the hands of the Treasurer as a separate fund for banking until such time as a call is made for same.

Section 3. On the death of a member of the Burial Fund there shall be an assessment of 50 cents on each member, to be paid within 30 days of said call. Any member neglecting or refusing to pay within said time shall not be entitled to any benefits until said assessment shall have been paid.

Section 4. Upon the death of any member it shall be the duty of the Sick Committee to immediately visit and view the remains and have the President issue an order, approved by the Secretary, for the Treasurer to pay the amount of one assessment, not to exceed $100.00 to the person named to receive it.

Section 5. The Financial Secretary shall keep a separate book for the members to sign upon which shall be entered all payments made by the members, turning over to the Treasurer said fund, taking her receipt for the same.

Section 6. Any member residing out of the city, in case of death of such member, the person named to receive it shall furnish the Sick Committee with an affidavit of the attending physician and undertaker of the facts, sworn to before a Notary Public, or a Justice of the Peace, or in case of a member dying with an infectious disease.

Section 7. All members when signing the roll shall give the full name and relationship of the person to whom the said fund shall be paid in case of death.


Section 1. These By-Laws cannot be altered or amended except by a written resolution, signed by two members, read at a regular meeting, and laid on the table two weeks for approval.

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