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Start & Finish 4H Club at Hendy Creek - 1936

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Article by Roberta GARRIS Thomas
1936 Start & Finish 4-H Club

Hendy Creek Road

Pine City, New York

The following information and picture were in a letter to Wayne Thomas from Carl Wood dated November 15, 2003.

I often think about different ones in the old Hollow.

Bobby Walker is in Syracuse. Earl Walker in Millerton, Pennsylvania, retired from Bendix. Ruth Walker Trout retired from Chemung Canal Bank and moved to the Carolina’s.

The Johnson kids: Lucille married Perry Reazor from Big Flats. They moved out of Town, but she had a real good job with Marine Midland Bank. Don’t know what happened to Edward, Lewella and Luther.

Then there was Mildred Jackson, I think it’s her nephew that lives clear up at the end of Far Rockaway Road.

Raymond Leach has passed away. I saw his mother in Horseheads about a year and a half ago. She was with Albert Curren, he is Mary Leach’s nephew.

Robert and John Harbol and their sister Norma.

Vera and Jane Horsnby, have both died. Vera married Delbert Hoobler, who is also dead. Jane married Harold Mapes and he is still living. I think Gerald Mapes is still alive, but Dick, Joe and Eddy are gone.

Marjorie Smith is gone. Ted and Dick live in Big Flats. Gretchen was out west training horses the last I knew. There were at least three more of the Smith kids that were younger.

There were Vernon and Katherine Haight.

The Holden boys: Gerald is gone, Harvey is a retired carpenter, Gene runs a paint store in Corning. Randy is a retired Elmira Police Officer, his son is football coach for Corning East High School.

Lula Burgey Hoobler lives in Leasburg, North Carolina. Dick has passed away.

Donnie Wood lives up at Webb Mills.

The last I knew Bob Harris lives in Elmira during the summer & Florida in the winter.

I don’t know much about the Shelansky kids. Henry died a couple of years ago. Waneta married a fellow from Corning and the last I knew they lived in the south. I didn’t know Richard and Robert.

Vivian Peck passed away, I don’t know the rest of the Peck kids, but I do know there are three boys living around Corning. They were all Mason’s.

Howard Baldwin lives in Horseheads, but I don’t know where his sisters live.

Do you remember the Montanya kids, they lived up on Combs Hill. Dorothy was one of the girls. Lehmen the oldest boy lived in Southport. Raymond lives in Chemung.

Ross Brisco and Helen Dickinson are both gone. John (Bud) Dickinson still lives in Hendy Hollow.

There are none of the Dooley’s around, Lilian and Vincent both died. The last I knew Allen lived in Ohio. Frances was a younger brother that got killed during World War II. Wayne Thomas believes he was killed on Iwo Jima as he found a grave marker there.

After the Dooleys moved the Petersons moved into that house. They were Aletha, Ruth and Donald.

I don’t know what happened to the Noel Bennett kids. Richard (Dick) the last we knew, was living in Millport, New York. Bobby is living in Van Etten, New York. Paul worked at the airport at one time. The one daughter Francis married Ronald Kelly (now deceased). She was at the Bennett and Thomas reunion this year.

The Thomas’, Esther, Emma and Blanche have all died. Wayne is living in Towanda, Pennsylvania. Wesley, Donald & Bill have also passed. Lou is living in Garner, North Carolina.

Both of my sisters are gone (Wood’s), so there are just Loren and I (Carl Wood) left in our family. (Carl is living in Horseheads)

I forgot Dorothy, Diamond and Bill Garrett.

Our teacher Lillian Shappee is still alive and lives down near Binghamton. (She taught at Hendy Creek school, the people listed above were some of her students and in the 4-H club)

Submitted by Roberta Garris Thomas 12/15/03

The History Center on Main Street, 83 N. Main Street, Mansfield PA 16933

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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 09 JAN 2004
By Joyce M. Tice
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