Town of Veteran Historical Society Membership Application (You may print this form and mail to address at bottom)




Phone #:

Email Address(s):

Names researching: (Someone else may be researching the same names and people can then work together. Also we may have information in our files which may be relevant to your search)


Yearly Membership of $5.00 begins with the date you joined. We will issue a membership card when you join. It is each member’s responsibility to renew by the date on your card.

Benefits of membership include:

1) Members may search our holdings at no cost. Non-Members will be asked to make a $2.50 donation to search our holdings.

2) Copies of items in our holdings for Members are .10 per copy. Non-members .25 per copy

3) Research done by the Historians: $5.00 per hour plus .10 for copies desired.

Non-members: $10.00 per hour plus .25 for copies desired).

*Due to conditions beyond our control research fees are not refundable.

Mail in memberships should be sent to:

(all mail must be sent to the P.O. box address unless it is delivered in person)

Town of Veteran Historical Society

Attention: Town Historians

P. O. Box 183

4049 Watkins Road

Millport, New York 14864