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Bates Studio of Mansfield

The above postcard photo is designated as Bates Studio, Mansfield Pa.
I had initally assumed it was a photo of the studio itself, but it may just be a residence with the Bates logo on it. Does anyone know for sure? Tell me. 
Note from Tom Hager below
Business: Bates  Studio
Township: Mansfield Borough,  Tioga County PA
Photo Submitted by: Various Guests 
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John P. Bates was a pharmacist in Mansfield PA before, during and after the 1920s era. He started with the Pharmacy, and like so many others in that business branched out to photographic supplies and then photography. In both the 1899 and 1908 Tioga County directories, his brother William A. Bates is identified as a clerk in his brother John's Drug Store.

William A. Bates was the Bates Studio photographer who left us with a rich record of his time and place. He took countless studio photographs including my father and uncle shown below. Additonally he was the photographer of choice at many community events and many of his photos were published in the postcard form so popular in his time. He also took many photos of the area and published them as postcards. On some of them the "W. A. Bates, Postcard Manufacturer, Mansfield Pa." stamp appears on the back. At least one postcard says "Published by John P. Bates," who ran the drug store. Many druggists identified themselves as publishers on the postcards they sold for the trade. . Most of the postcards are signed by "Bates," and many are also labeled in the same handwriting. The handwriting has become familiar enough to me that I can recognize it on cards even without the photographer name.

William Albert Bates lived 1876 to 1950 and is buried in Mansfield's Prospect Cemetery. The obituary of his wife, Helen Leach (1876-1938), indicates that he was the photographer and she assisted him in his business with her artistic talents. He clearly had a corner on the market for school class photography in the 1920s and 30s. His signature is on every class photo.

I will present many of these cards here,but there are so many of them it will take many pages. Additionally if you have postcards witht he bates signature, please send them in to me in HIGH resolution JPG scanned format.

Mansfield Postcards by Bates Mansfield Fair Postcards by Bates
M.S.N.S.Postcards by Bates M.S.N.S. Faculty by Bates
May 2009 Ms Tice, you asked about the house in the above URL:  In 1951 my  mother and I lived on the second floor waiting to join my dad who was  a PLT commander with the Nation Guard ambulance company from Mansfield  and stationed in Germany.  At that time Joe Garside owned the house.   Now I believe the Rural Elec company is located on the site.
Tom Hager
Fayetteville, NC
Joyce Says - Garside's Sporting Goods was on corner of N. Main and Sherwood Streets where the Forrest Carpet building now stands. As I understand it, this house stood behind it on Sherwood Street. Rural Electric is adjacent to Forrest building on the N. Main side of it.
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