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McNaney Studio
Wellsboro Gazette, August 12, 1948

Harrington Studio in Mansfield has on file all negatives of photographs taken at the Baldwin Studio in Wellsboro.  Please contact them for any re-order or information regarding these pictures or orders.  Harrington Studio's money-saving prices will be in effect.

Harrington Studio
Sittings By Appointment
Portraits * Weddings * Commercial
Phone 43-R-11, Mansfield, PA.
--July 22-48

Wellsboro Gazette, September 2, 1948

New Fairbanks Photo Studio to Open Here Today
Opening today (Thursday) in the former Harrington Studios over Shaw Jewelers will be the Fairbanks Studio, specializing in commercial, portrait and press photography.  The studio will be operated by Norman E. Fairbanks, of Elmira, formerly staff photographer with the Elmira Star-Gazette and during World War II with the photographic detachments of the Army Air Forces.  Fairbanks brings to Wellsboro and vicinity more than eight years' experience in a wide field of photography, and the opening of his studio here will bring an excellent photographer to Wellsboro.  Mr. and Mrs. Fairbanks, and 4-year-old daughter, Nancy Ellen, are residing at 7 West avenue.  "It will be our main purpose," Fairbanks said, "to give you efficient, fast and economical service and to turn out quality work to your complete satisfaction."

This 1948 Mansfield High School Yearbook Ad marks
the time when John McNaney bought the Harrington Studio.
Apparently Mr. Harrington retained the gift, camera, finishing part of the business
as ads appear in the same issues for Harrington's Cameras, Gifts, etc..

By 1953 it had been renamed McNaney Studio.
Business: McNaney Studio
Township:  Mansfield Borough, Tioga County PA
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John McNaney, Photographer in Mansfield. Died 1995

Photo sent in by his son, John, a classmate of mine.

"Mr. Mcnaney" looks so young here. Could he really have been that young when he was taking our school photos all those years - or is it my eyes that have aged??

McNaney Studio purchased by Jim Loveland in 1968.


Wellsboro Gazette, August 14, 1975

Boyhood Interest Sparks Lifelong Camera Career
At the age of 13, Jim Loveland, interested in photography, began working for Mr. Shirley Harrington at Mansfield, processing film and printing photographs.  He continued to work at the same studio which was eventually purchased by John McNaney.

Jim graduated from Mansfield High School in 1950 and in 1951, entered the Air Force.  He was trained at Lowry Field, Denver, Colorado in camera repair and ground and aerial photography. Upon completion of training, he was assigned to the third Photo Squadron, England where he worked with air-sea rescue.  Jim's photography of lost submarines, downed aircraft and debris taken with special radar cameras, were used by intelligence to determine the cause of accidents and if unidentified debris was actually the remains of downed aircraft or sunken ships.

The now well-known Bermuda Triangle also became a subject for Jim's photographic abilities.  His photographs were used by the Air Force in their research of the Triangle to determine causes of air and sea accidents and freak losses.

In 1953 he became familiar with the newly developed 3 ? radar scope which was used in conjunction with cameras and had a 240 mile range.  Readings were taken in the Berlin Corridor to study Russian construction and troop deployment.

In addition to technical work for the Air Force, Jim became involved in public relations and took photographs to meet civilian technical requirements of auto accidents which occurred on the Autobahn.

He photographed big name stars, the coronation of Queen Elizabeth in 1952 and was associated with the United Kingdom Eagle and Stars and Stripes both military publications.

He was asked to cover Autobahn accidents involving military personnel because there were only six Air Force photographers qualified to do both aerial and ground photography work in the area.  While covering the accidents he was working on an international basis since he helped several agencies including the Air Force Army and German police.

Jim found the German police to be very precise.  They took exact measurements of how far bumpers were sticking out from the roadways, how much gas was in the car, etc. and expected his photographs to be just as precise.  This special type of training stuck with him.

After his discharge in 1955 Jim lived in Elmira, N.Y., finally returning to Mansfield in 1961.  He worked for his uncle Max Colegrove who still owns the Mansfield Penny Saver.

In November 1963 he married Bonnie Cleveland of Mansfield, the daughter of George and Mae Cleveland, owners of Cleveland Newsroom.

In 1968 Jim, the son of Catherine Loveland and the late Fred Loveland, purchased John McNaney's studio at Mansfield.  Since that time he has done portrait photography, taken photos for the Wellsboro Gazette and the former Mansfield Advertiser and worked on special auto accident cases for the State Police Mansfield Barracks as well as photographing suicide and murder victims.  He has also photographed fires in progress and damage caused by fires for the Mansfield Fire Department.

Jim has done work for insurance companies which also study photographs especially in the case of auto accidents, fires or suicides.

Jim does not take photographs in the interest of curiosity.  Photographs, although often of gruesome subjects, are an important necessity for police, firemen and insurance agents when conducting thorough investigations.

He is often called in to photograph a suicide victim and the area in which the  victim is found to aid police in determining if the person actually took his own life or was murdered.

The Mansfield Fire Department makes use of ????? to aid them in their investigations to determine whether a fire was set by an arsonist or was caused by combustible materials, etc.

In the case of an auto accident the position of the cars, bodies, etc. can help police identify who or what caused the accident.  These pictures are also necessary for insurance companies investigations.

Although Jim takes pictures of accidents for the Gazette no victims are shown, only the vehicles involved.

No human being has a photographic memory.  This is why the use of the camera is so important.

Jim's interest has turned more and more toward forensic photography since his Air Force days.  He was called in by the state police to take photographs in the Leann Burtow's(?) case.  Anbough Forensic Pathologist Halbert ?????? of Philadelphia described the injuries(?) in great detail.  The use of Jim's color photos taken ????? and color slides taken at Philadelphia were a much more ???? testimony.  The color shots indicated ???? shade differences in the multitude of bruises evidenced on the child's body.

Through his Air Force training, Loveland offers a professional service in the area of forensic photography which has proven a tremendous asset to individuals in trouble and to our County.

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