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Bert Vedder of Mansfield

1923 Yearbook Advertisement
Business: Bert M. Vedder, Photographer
Township: Mansfield Borough,  Tioga County PA
Photo Submitted by: Various Guests 
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Mansfield Postcards by Vedder
Bert Vedder was listed as a photographer in the 1899 and the 1908 Tioga County Directories. He was located in Mansfield. We have in our collection several post cards signed by Vedder dated in the1902 era. He advertised as a photographer as late as the 1920s or 30s. His daughter Alice, who was a school teacher in the 1908 directory attended photography school in Tennessee in 1912. We know this from a postcard she sent back home.

Clipping at right is from Troy Gazette- Register 15 AUG 1913

Mansfield Photographers Win National Reputation

The Vedder studio, Mansfield, has just won a national reputation by its recent exhibition at the Photographer’s Association of America, held at Kansas City.  It is needless to say that the “top notchers” of the profession make up the body of this Association, among which are numbered Mr. and Miss. Vedder.

In addition to the regular honors accorded, the Vice-President of the Association sends his personal thanks for the exhibit, and at the same time makes a request for another exhibition for their next annual convention to be held in Atlanta, Georgia.

These distinctions, which every aspiring photographer covets, are won only by about two per cent of the 14,000 photographers in the United States.

That the Association may maintain the highest possible standing, it will not permit any picture to be hung at its national conventions until it has first passed the exacting requirements of a critical jury who reject all except such as bear unmistakable evidence of the highest quality.

Incidentally, it gives to the proprietors of the Vedder Studio (Bert M., and Alice M. Vedder) a national reputation, and stamps them as artists as well as photographers of the highest order.  (1913)

I have many Vedder cards in my resources but have not yet had time to compile them on this page. You'll find them in many other places on the site. If you have any, please scan at HIGH resolution and emil the .jpg file to Joyce
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