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Families of Sullivan Township, Tioga County PA
Alma Bryant and James McConnell, Jr. of Sullivan 
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Photos: Alma Bryant & James McConnell, Jr.
Township: Sullivan Township, Tioga County PA
of Sullivan
Photos from McConnell Family Albums
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Name Alma Bryant
Birth date and place 16 MAR 1816 CT
Death date and place 23 JAN 1887
Sullivan Township
Cemetery Wood Cemetery 
Parents Mollie Wood
Ephraim B. Bryant
Spouses James McConnell, Jr.
Name James McConnell, Jr
Birth date and place 20 JUL 1814 CT (?)
Death date and place 22 MAR 1887
Sullivan Township
Cemetery Wood Cemetery 
Parents Sally Gray
James McConnell, Sr.
Spouses Alma Bryant
James and Alma bought and settled on the property now called The Summer Home by the McCONNELL family. Tioga County was part of a large tract which had remained in Indian hands until the Treaty of 1784 at Fort Stanwix.  William Bingham was a Pennsylvania Senator in Philadelphia who had purchased, starting in 1792, over a million acres of land in New York and Pennsylvania that the commonwealth had surveyed after the 1784 treaty. Following his death in 1804, his heirs continued to sell the land, a process he had already begun. This was called the Bingham Estate and it was from this tract that James and Alma bought the property which has been under McConnell ownership from that time to the present. The property adjoined the property of Alma's uncle, Justus Wood and his wife, Elizabeth Schoolcraft Rose, who were the ancestors of the Woods who lived next door to the McConnells for 140 years or so until Tom Wood sold the property at his retirement in the 1970s.

    Alma and James cleared the land and built their first house, possibly a log cabin, on the site of the present summer home. Later a nicer house was built in the area now called the locust grove. Whether James and Alma built that house and left the older house for Joe and Lib until 1887 when they both died, or whether Joe and Lib built the new house leaving the older house for the parents is unknown. The house in the locust grove burned in the 1890s.

    James and Alma bought adjoining farms for their three daughters. The one we lived in when I was growing up (Soper Place/Rumsey Place) went to Molly and her husband William Welch who were the parents of Freeman, my great grandmother Ruth Holly's first husband. The one on the corner (Soper's Corners), where now both the house and barn are gone, went to Jeanette and her husband Stephen Beach. The one at the top of the hill where so many people have lived, where Carrie McConnell and Henry Beardslee died, went to Caroline and her husband Alvah Gray..

    James and Alma died within a few weeks of each other in 1887. Some have believed that James' middle name was Asher, but there is so evidence to substantiate this, and it was at a time when few people had middle names. Obituary- abstract- Mansfield Advertiser 23 Mar 1887- James McConnell died Elk Run Monday night, aged and respected, 4 children: Mrs. Stephen Beach, Mansfield; Mrs. Alva Gray and Joseph McConnell of Elk Run; Mrs. W. W. Welch of Richmond twp.; buried Wood Hill Cemetery.

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