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Emily Squires & Orrin E. Lay Family of Sullivan 1896
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Emily Charlotte Squires 1866 - 1929
Orrin E. Lay 1858 - 1901
Sarah E. Lay 1888 - 1982
Mary Hannah Lay 1890 - 1993
Esther Louise Lay 1895 - 1988
James L. Lay 1897 - 1904 (Shown Below)
Cemetery Gray Valley Cemetery
Residence Place Sullivan Township - Gray Valley
Photo: Emily Squires & Orrin Lay Family
Township: Sullivan Township, Tioga County PA
of Mansfield
Year: 1896 
Photo from Eleanor NASH Knaz
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Mansfield Advertiser 23rd Nov 1887- Orrin E. Lay married Miss Emma C. Squires of Grays Valley at Elmira NY Nov 2nd or 3rd, by Rev. M. Dewitt. Newspaper: Orin LAY and Miss Emma SQUIRES of this place were married in Elmira, Nov. 3, 1887. All join in wishing them a long and prosperous life.
Obituary: Mr. Orrin LAY Shot Himself- Had Said He Had Nothing To Live For.  Mr. Orrin E. LAY, aged 38, a prominent and prosperous farmer of Gray Valley, in Sullivan Township, committed suicide at his home at about 6 o'clock last Tuesday morning, May 14th, by shooting himself in the right side with a shotgun at close range. He had been heard to express a strong desire to die, saying he had nothing to live for. The suicide was a son of Mr. James LAY, of Sullivan township, and a son-in-law of the late Mr. LaFayette SQUIRES, of the same township. He is survived by his father, his wife and by four children - three daughters and one son. 
   Mr. LAY went, shortly after breakfast, to the woodshed and there shot himself. he placed the muzzle of the gun against his side and discharged the weapon with the aid of a small crotched stick, most of the charge passing through his body. Dr. GUSTIN, of Sylvania, attended him in response to a hurried summons, but the case was a hopeless one. The suicide, however, lingered about five hours until death relieved him. He lost consciousness immediately after the shooting, but regained it and died in full possession of his mental faculties.
   Mr. LAY was well liked by his acquaintances, and intense regret because of the tragedy has been expressed by many of his friends in Sullivan, and much sympathy has been evinced for his father, who is highly esteemed.
Obituary: Emily Charlotte Holcomb - The funeral of Mrs. Holcomb, which was largely attended, was held at the home in Gray Valley on June 22, Glen Dewey officiating; interment was in Gray Valley cemetery. Mrs. Holcomb was born in Gray Valley,  where she died, and had lived there most of her entire life. She was 63 years old, the only child of Lafayette and Mary Squires. She was married to Orrin Lay, now deceased, in 1887, and to this union were born three daughters, Mary, Sadie, and Esther, and one son, James, who died in childhood. On July 24, 1904, she was married to L. Bert Holcomb, who survives her.  She was a kind an loving wife and was beloved by her family and a large circle of friends and neighbors. She was a member of the little Bakerburg Church in the valley. 
Family Records tell of little James who was a student at Gray Valley School. The family was to live in Elmira in the winter and he told his classmantes he'd be back in the spring. He returned in his coffin. This is the only known photo of James. 

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