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Sponsored by the Pennsylvania Game Commission - Tour of the Ghost Town Sites of Barclay Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. Joyce M. Tice, Louise Casey, and Joan NASH O'Dell attended. This is a 22 mile drive tour through the game lands that once were the coal mining communities of Barclay Township. The tour took us three hurs, but I took 100 photos, so we were most of the time out of the car poking around. We also met Tri-County Web Site guest, Dana Richter, who introduced himself at the Red Dog Pile. He recognized me from my New York State license plates, and the digital camera. I would estimate at least a hundred cars made the tour. There were probably 70 when we arrived, and although I tried to be last, many came later. However, the tour land is vast and we did not see many people during the tour.

Largest Blueberry Fields in Bradford County. Many acres of abandoned farmland that has reverted to Blueberries

Joyce greets you from a rocky slope

No restaurants are open in Barclay. In fact it is just forest and blueberry fields. It is amazing how little remains to tell us that a thriving community once existed here. We did not have the foresight to take food as we did not know how long the tour would take us. We were threatening raids on the picnic baskets of those who came better prepared, but did not follow through on any of those plans. There were 27 numbered stops on the tour and a printed guide to tell us what they were. Stop number 28 was THE CLOSEST ice cream stand.

Joyce M. Tice & Joan NASH O'Dell in front of an abandoned coal mine.

Tree Stumps in a Beaver Pond