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This is the first photo in the album. Does it indicate a religious or
lodge affilitation? Who recognizes the symbolism?
Photo: Clemens Album
Township: Charleston Township, Tioga County PA
Photos from Cynthia Foster 
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Hi Joyce,

Thanks for your email!  I hope someone will recognize something, but if nothing else, they are interesting to see, with the mustaches, hairdos, and clothing.  The thought of the corsets that must have been under those dresses is enough to make anyone faint!  There are more pictures in the album besides the ones I'm sending, but these seemed to be the ones that were posssibly brothers and sisters. (a wild guess though).  The paper in the front of the album listed everyone as being born in East Charleston, Tioga County. Here is that info:  Lillian Clemens (my Great-Grandmother) Born Sept. 26, 1861; Rose Clemens, Born 1864; Willie Clemens, Born April 4, 1866; Arthur Clemens, Born Feb. 25, 1869; also Eand May Clemens (not sure about the spelling of this first name) Born Nov. 2, 1871; Raymond Clemens, Born April 11, 1876; Leon Clemens, Born July 10, 1881; and Anna Maraia (not sure of this spelling either) Clemens, Born Feb. 7, 1874.  Roxana Churchill, Born 10/27/1840, and William Clemens, Born 9/5/1846, were the parents of all these people, and were married on July 4, 1860, in Wellsboro, PA.  There are many Clemens families living in Wellsboro at the present, but I have been unable to contact any of them.   I would very much like my email address listed, for people to contact me.  Thanks again, so much, for all your help!

Cynthia Foster

PS Also please contact Joyce if you can identify any so that their names can be added to this page. The children listed in the above email are those of Roxana Churchill and William Clemens of Charleston.

Possibly Roxana Churchill Possibly William Clemens
Unidentified Woman 4 The man with the shoulder duster moustache!  I'm guessing this may be either Frank or James Clemens.   They lived in Wellsboro in the late 1800s.  They were from New Jersey, and this picture was taken in New Jersey, at Slack & Hatfield Studio, in Trenton.
Unidentified  woman 6
Taken at Bonell Studio, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Unidentified woman 10
Dean Studio, Williamsport PA
Unidentified woman 11
Gates Studio, Blossburg PA
Unidentifed woman 12
W. E. Vaughn Studio, Red Creek NY
Unidentifed woman 03
McFarlin Studio, Mansfield PA
Unidentifed woman 02
Findlay OH
Unidentified Woman 6 Unidentifed Woman 7
McFarlin Studio, Mansfield
Unidentifed Woman 8
McFarlin Studio, Mansfield
Logo misprinted as McHarlin
Woman and Man 13
Lillie Clemens and Floyd Husted (See Note Below)
McFarlin Studion, Mansfield PA
Probably a marriage photo. 
Woman looks same as in No. 7 above
Unidentified man
Bristol Studio, Wellsboro PA
Frank or James Clemens??? 
July 23, 2005 - Hi Joyce,

We were overjoyed recently that my cousin found a marriage certificate with pictures of this couple.   It turns out that they are our Great-Grandparents, Floyd Husted and Lillie Clemens Husted!  Glad that the postcard blitz is going well!  What a great idea to make a display of all the cards from everywhere!  Enjoy that garden!

Cynthia Foster

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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 13 MAY 2005
By Joyce M. Tice
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