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This one is Eleazer Edward Barnes, - tending the sheep in the field above the Hammond farmstead.  The farm was in the middle of what is now the Hammond Dam.  Eleazer is also found listed as Edward Eleazer and E.E. - He and wife Caroline (Carrie) Baker Barnes - + many of their children, + his parents - William George and Philena Starkey Barnes, are buried in the relocation cemetery - Hammond Dam - near/above the farmstead-now-lake.


Photo: Barnes Family of Hammond 
Township:  Middlebury Township, Tioga County PA
Photos from Lois BARNES O'Sullivan & Rachel Williams
Formatted & Pubished by Joyce M. Tice 2005
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Dear Joyce ~
Barnes cousin Rachel Williams has sent me a number of old photos of Barnes', church groups and assorted buildings/landscapes for Middlebury/Hammond, Tioga County, PA.
Lois O'Sullivan
Rio Vista, CA  94571

Note from Joyce:  These photos are extremely valuable because so much of this area is now under water from the Hammond Dam Project in the 1970s.  See More Middlebury Photos from this collection

Village of Hammond in Middlebury Township

Eleazer Edward Barnes and three of his children are standing in the grass to the far right.  I want to look at some other photos before I try to guess which of the children are pictured here - and what year this may have been. However, I think it's likely to be around 1915.
Hammond Baptist Church
Hammond One Room School Hammond Baptist Church 1944
Happy Fourth of July 1911
Hammond Church Picnic
Sunday School
George and Ethel BARNES in Front
They are children of Eleazer Edward and Caroline (Carrie) Baker Barnes, who are son and dil of William George and Philena Barnes. 
William George BARNES.  He was born in Virgil, Cortland NY in 1815. His parents were George William and Rhoda (no birth name known yet) Barnes. He was born in Conn. in 1789; she in Mass. in 1791 (no towns known yet); they married in Virgil, Cortland, NY in 1814, but that is all any of us have found so far.  Philena STARKEY  - mother to all these children-grands and greats - married to William George BARNES. 
We all dead-end with George and Rhoda.. sigh.  George William and Rhoda Barnes also had a daughter, - Elizabeth Barnes -, born abt. 1925 in NY. Elizabeth married Andrew Jachson*"Jack" Colegrove, born January 11, 1829 in Tioga, Tioga Co., PA. They lived in Farmington, Tioga Co., PA  (* as spelled in Colegrove Family Genealogy Book - Tribe of Eli Colegrove. Andrew is son of Thomas - [See also: 1897 Tioga PA History biography - Tri-Counties Web Site - Bio for Thomas] - , s. of Oliver, s. of Eli, s. of Francis Colegrove line.) (Sources: Colegrove Family Genealogy Book - Tribe of Eli, census.)

They ( Andrew & Elizabeth) had the following children in Farmington, Tioga Co., PA:

Delphinia b. 10 Apr 1849, m. Sawyer of MI, 6 children; Dennis Wilbur, b. abt. 1847, Tioga, PA; Emery J, b. abt.1845, Orono, Osceola Co., MI; Leonora Orcela, b. 1 Jul 1857, m. Dan Goodrich, of Tioga, PA, 8 ch.: Polly Almedia, b. 14 May 1859, m. William Gale, of Keeneyville, PA; Taber T., b. abt. 1863, of Tioga, PA; and Morgan P., b. abt. 1865, of Tioga, PA. Andrew (d. 1913) and Elizabeth (d. 1915) are buried in Farmington Hill Cemetery, as is their son Dennis W. (Sources: Census, Cemetery records, Tri-Counties Web Site)

Eleazer Edward Barnes and wife Caroline (Carrie) Baker Barnes - married and spent their entire lives on the (parents') William G. & Philena farmstead/or in proximity in Hammond.  Allen Dexter Barnes and wife Lucy Patterson Barnes + three of their children. I'll identify which 3 soon, Joyce.  Allen was William G. and Philena Starkey Barnes' youngest son. ( 9 born in Hammond, - 6 lived to adulthood.) 
Still another child of William and Philena - Daughter Emma, who married William Ryan in Middlebury - details will follow - they (back-and-forth a lot, but - eventually...) moved to Southern Tier and they had 12 children, primarily living in Elmira, NY , as follows:

Ada May m. Thomas Dunning; Wallace m. Laura Hemingway; Nora Bell m. Dewey Van Order; Charlie d. y; Ethel Emma d. y; Edward Eleazer m. Hazel Langdon; Edna Viola m. John Haupt; Archie Ernest m. Alice Luther; Avery Brace m. Tacy O'Dell; Alma Isodora m. Ralph Miller; Onlea Grace m. Ralph Walker; Orville d y. (Source: Gloria Walker Dick)

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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 15 JUL 2005
By Joyce M. Tice
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Greetings Joyce:
  So wonderful to discover your great site! My mother (NORMA J. HARDY -nee McLEAN) was born in Hammond, Pa in 1917. She was the daughter of (IDA McLEAN -nee STEVENS) b. 1892 and (FRANK LOSEY) b.1893. The McLEAN/STEVENS families lived in the Hammond (valley 'neath Old Bald Hill) for many years. Most of them are buried in the relocated Middlebury 3 cemetery.  I still recall visiting the Baptist Church in Hammond, the old cheese factory nearby, bringing flowers with Gramdma to the graves of her sister, parents and husband across the road up the hill and crossing the iron bridge into the village to see the McLEAN homestead as a child. I was luckly enough to have met and heard conversations and tales between Grandma and her cousins JOHN  and EZRA STEVENS on many occasions during the early 1960's. How deeply their hearts ached at the prospect of their beloved valley being leveled and flooded by the Army Corp of Engineers...
Would you be interested in adding some Hammond photos to your site? I have more than a few, most taken around 1905 - 1920 era in various settings - school, church, picnics, ect. Some include names of individuals. Most being the McLEAN / STEVENS clans with friends. I would be willing to send you the originals by snail-mail. Please let me know. Allow me to again say that your efforts are fantastic!  Without a doubt many folks must think it a treasure.  Take care and keep up the good work.
                                                                      Best regards,
                                                                      Randy Hardy
                                                                      Newfield, NY