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Mima McAfee & Erastus Loomis of Smithfield

The Photographer for Erastus' photo was McCollum of Athens.
Mima's is not labeled.

Photos: Mima Jane McAfeee & Erastus Loomis
Township: Smithfield Township, Bradford County PA
of Smithfield
Photos sent in by Bill Palmer
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Name Mima Jane McAfee
Birth date and place 27 FEB 1824
New Jersey
Death date and place 1912
Cemetery Union Cemetery 
Parents Hannah Riggs
Samuel McAfee
Spouses Erastus Loomis

Name Erastus Loomis
Birth date and place 16 MAR 1814
Athens Township
Death date and place 11 OCT 1911
Sullivan Township
Cemetery Union Cemetery 
Parents ?
Spouses Mima Jane McAfee
Date: 10/29/2000 9:12:25 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: WPa9766207
To: JoyceTice

Hi Joyce, Here's what info I have on the photos I sent:
       Erastus M Loomis, b.March 16,1814 near Athens, m. Dec.17,1840 at Milan to Mima Jane McAfee,b.Feb.27,1824 in NewJersey, daughter of Samuel and Hannah (Riggs) McAfee. He died July11,1896 in Smithfield, she in 1912. They are buried in Union Cemetery,E.Smithfield. Their children were George W., Anna Elizabeth, Marian J., Emma Evaline, Denton W.,Florence Julia, Frank W., Mary E., Harriet E., Ella, and John M. 
        I'll be sending photos of Emma, Denton, Florence, Mary and John.
       Fannie Elizabeth (Keeler) Lawrence was the granddaughter of Erastus. From what I've been able to learn, she was the daughter of Anna E Loomis and Horace Keeler. I have their marriage certificate. Anna died in her early 30's and then Horace married her sister Mary sometime after. Fannie married Frank Robert Lawrence of Sayre. They lived at 210 Willow St in Athens and had 3 children who survived; Caroll, Horace, and Ina(my mother b March 10,1908, d. Oct 22,1956) It is Ina's class photo that I sent. Fannie was born July 15,1870,died Dec 28,1952. Frank Lawrence died in 1921. 
       Is this the info you need for the pictures? The Loomis family is well documented in the book The Loomis Family in America. The first elections in Athens were held in the home of Wright Loomis, Erastus' grandfather. More to come. Bill

Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Tri-County Bible Records
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
Loomis - McAfee Family Bible Records and Other Information
Submitted by Bill Palmer
Typed for Joyce M. Tice Website by Pat Smith Raymond
Note from Joyce -- Bill Palmer dropped in at my Sullivan township house in 2002 and let me scan these photos. Iam sure he thinks that after these four years I have forgotten all about them. I hope he finds them here and sees that I have not after all. After a LONG four year delay here is the Loomis-McAfee family of Smithfield and Athens
Erastus Loomis, born Athens, Pa., March 16, 1814 (Photos above on same page)
Mima J. Loomis born Macafee, NJ, Feb. 27, 1824 (Own name is McAfee)
Emma Rolfe Loomis born June 30, 1845
Geo. W. Loomis born Milan(?), Pa, Oct. 14, 1841
Anna E. Loomis born Smithfield, Pa., June 9, 1843
Marian J. Loomis born (can’t read) March 30, 1846
Emma E. Loomis born Milan, Pa., Oct. 15, 1848
Denton W. Loomis born Milan, Pa., Jan. 30, 1850
Florence J. Loomis born Smithfield, Pa., June 2, 1853
Frank W. Loomis, born Smithfield, Pa., June 16, 1855
Mary E. Loomis, born Smithfield, Pa., June 4, 1857
Harriet E. Loomis, born Smithfield, Pa, Jan. 11, 1859
Ella M. Loomis, born Smithfield, Pa., March 4, 1861
John M. Loomis, born Smithfield, Pa., March 23, 1863
Elizabeth Ella born Aug. 28, 1905
Denton Wm. Born Jan. 30, 1908
Franklin W. born Oct. 31, 1910
Georgiana Thelma born June 10, 1913
Thelma Coddington born Dec. 17, 1924
Ronald Edward born Feb. 15, 1933

Marian J.Loomis, died Jan. 5, 1855  (Hard to read may be wrong)
Ella Loomis died April 13 (15?) 1862
Anna E. Loomis died April 10, 1896
Erastus Loomis died July 11, 1896
George W. Loomis died May 12, 1908
Frank W. Loomis died Sept. 20, 1908
Mima Jane Loomis died Nov. 21, 1912
Denton W. Loomis died Dec. 7, 1919
Emma E. Loomis died April 29, 1923
Thelma Coddington died March 9, 1925
Hattie Loomis Scott died May 24, 1925
Emma Rolfe Loomis died Aug. 5, 1932
Mima J. Loomis Sullivan died Jan. 22, 1933

John Loomis
Emma LOOMIS Brown

Marriage Certificate
Erastus Loomis of Milan, Pa. And Mima J. MacAfee of Milan, Pa. On Dec. 17, 1840, at Milan, Pa.
By Hopkins Herrick, Esq.

John Loomis of Milan, Pa. To Florence Passage of Wyalusing, Pa., by Thos. Ainslie Stevenson B.D. at Waverly, NY, March 24, 1904

Herbert Coddington and Elizabeth Loomis  Jan. 25, 192?, at Waverly, NY

Denton W. Loomis and Dorothy Chapman, Aug. 1928, in Elmira, NY

Emma LOOMIS :Brown" and Mabel BROWN Mabel Brown and Fannie KEELER "Lawrence"

Typed up Additional Information
Note:  Some dates do not match with Bible Records
Erastus M. Loomis, born near Athens, Pa. March 16, 1814, married in Milan, Pa., December 17, 1840.  Son of Theodorus Loomis and Fannie (Morley) Loomis.  Farmer, Rep., Meth.  He died Smithfield, PA, July 11, 1896

Mima Jane (MacAfee) Loomis, born Macafee, NJ, February 27, 1824, Daughter of Samuel and Hannah (Riggs) MacAfee.  She died in 1912.

Their Children

George W. born October 14, 1841

Anna Elizabeth, born June 9, 1843, married May 18, 1863, to Horace Keeler of Smithfield, Pa.  She died April 10, 1877.

Marian J., born March 30, 1846, died January 1855

Emma Evaline, born October 15, 1848, at Milan, Pa.  Married Daniel Brown (born September 6, 1838, at Chenango, NY, son of Benjamin Brown).  One daughter, Mabel

Denton W., born January 30, 1851, married Sadie M. ______

Florence Julia, born June 2, 1853, at East Smithfield, Pa., Married Benjamin Struble of Waverly, NY

Frank W. born June 16, 1855, at East Smithfield, Pa.  Married Jennie Waldron

Mary E. born June 4, 1857 at Smithfield, Pa.  Married Horace Keeler

Harriet E. born January 11, 1859, at East Smithfield, Pa.  Married October 1, 1883, to George Scott (born February 19, 1860, son of Wallace and Mahala Scott, died July 17, 1904) of Milan, Pa.  Children:  Ralph Wallace, Fred Loomis, Archie George.

Ella, born March 4, 1863, died June 1862 (I read Bible record birth date as 1861 ? psr)

John M. born East Smithfield, March 27, 1963

Milan on a busy day Ralph Scott, Milan PA
Fannie KEELER "Lawrence" Denton LOOMIS went to California 1876
Mary LOOMIS "Keeler" Esther KEELER "Burnside"
KEELER- Mrs. Esther M. Burnside was born in Delaware county, New York, August 26, 1827. In 1837 her parents removed to Bradford county, Pennsylvania. In 1846 she was converted and united with the Methodist Episcopal church and remained a consistent and faithful member of the same until Nov. 2d, 1891, at 12:30 AM when she answered the Master’s call to come up higher. She left the church militant and entered the church triumphant, being, at the time of her departure, 64 years, two months and seven days of age. She fully realized for several weeks that the time of her departure was at hand, yet quietly and peacefully she waited, having been reconciled to God by grace through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, she cast not away her confidence which to her had great recompense of reward. Her familiarity with the Word showed how carefully she had perused and studied it. When asked by her pastor what text of Scripture was particularly comforting to her she quoted from Psalm 18:1. “ I will love thee, O Lord, my strength.” When asked two or three days before her death: “Is the Saviour still precious to you?” Her answer was thoughtfully given in a firm tone of voice, “Yes”. It would seem that the Comforter brought to her remembrance the words of Christ: “But let your communication be yea, yea, and nay, nay, for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil” thus wielding the sword of the spirit the enemy was ever put to flight. On April 1st, 1856, she was united in marriage with James C. Burnside. To this union God has blessed a son and daughter, and while the husband mourns the loss of a dearly loved and loving companion, and the children and their respective companions weep for a kind and affectionate mother, and many friends and relatives here and in her former home weep for the departed, they are not left without hope. May the memory of her life be an impetus to purer and holier living till they and all their loved ones are safely gathered on the right hand of the King of kings and receive the words from Him that sitteth on the throne as I believe will be spoken to the departed: “Well and faithfully done.” In May 1886, Brother and Sister Burnside, their daughter and her husband, removed to Oregon, stopping a short time in Portland, Eugene and Salem, they finally settled in Sellwood, Oregon. Last spring the son, his wife and child came from Pennsylvania. The comfort mothers always enjoy by having their children about them was hers for the last few months of her stay on earth. On the 4th of Nov. from their present residence in Millsburg, Oregon, the dearly loved form of Esther M. Burnside was laid to rest in Riverview cemetery, her husband and children all being present. May they ever serve with faithfulness the God she loved and served.

Newspaper Clipping
“Our correspondent at East Smithfield writes as follows:  Another sudden death occurred last Saturday evening.  Erastus Loomis was found dead in the cow stable.  His wife had been away from home and not finding him around the house on her return, began a search and found him dying in the stable by the cows.  It appeared that he had commence to milk and had fallen.  Whether death was caused by heart difficulty or some other, at this writing is not known.  Mr. Loomis was about eighty years old.  For a number of years he carried freight from Milan to this place.  The people along the route having a very kind regard for him, and have missed him since he became too feeble to drive.  He led a very quiet, peaceable life, which made him highly esteemed.  A wife and several children survive him.”

Emma Loomis Kimbel Brown
Emma Evaline (Loomis) Brown was born on October 15, 1848, in Milan, Pa.  She was married there on January 30, 1877, to Daniel Brown (born September 6, 1838 in Chenango, NY, son of Benjamin Brown).  Emma died in 1923.  The Loomis Book lists only one daughter Mabel, but the 1880 Ulster, Pa. Census also lists Ida Brown, Herbert Brown and Earl Kimbel.

Denton W. Loomis
Denton W. Loomis was born on January 30, 1851.  He married Sadie M ____.  Written on the back of the photo – Denton Loomis went to California, 1876.  He died in 1919 and is buried at Union Cemetery in East Smithfield with his parents.

Florence Julia LOOMIS Struble
Florence Julia LOOMIS Struble was born on June 2, 1853, at Smithfield, Pa.  She married Benjamin Struble of Waverly, NY.  Florence died in 1941 and is buried at Union Cemetery in Smithfield near her parents.

Mary E. LOOMIS Keeler
Mary E. LOOMIS Keeler was born on June 4, 1857, at East Smithfield, Pa.  She married Horace Keeler, the widower of her sister Anna Elizabeth LOOMIS Keeler.  Anna was the mother of Fannie Keeler.  Mary died in 1939 and is buried at Union Cemetery at East Smithfield, Pa.

Harriet E. LOOMIS Scott
Harriet E. LOOMIS Scott was born on January 11, 1859 at East Smithfield, Pa.  She was married on October 1, 1883, to George Scott (born on February 19, 1860, died July 17, 1904, son of Wallace and Mahala Scott) of Milan, Pa.  Their children were Ralph Wallace Scott, Fred Loomis Scott, and Archie George Scott.

John M. Loomis
John M. Loomis was born on March 27, 1863.  He died in 1935 and is buried at Union Cemetery in East Smithfield, Pa. near his parents.

? - The funeral of the late Mrs. Mary A. Loomis was held Thursday afternoon from her home in Wolcott Hollow. Mrs. Loomis was 87 years of age and is survived by four daughters, Mrs. Maseterman of Elmira, Miss Fannie Loomis at home, Mrs. Thomas Golden of Wolcott Hollow, and Mrs. Clyde Anthony of Milan, and four sons, Emmette of Grand Rapids, Mich., Eugene of Athens, Frank of Rochester, and Orlando of Sayre.

Florence Loomis 1871 Florence Loomis
Fannie E KEELER "Lawrence" Family of Harriet LOOMIS. Husband George SCOTT, Sons Ralph, Fred, Archie

John & Elizabeth McAfee
Biographical Record and Portrait Album of Tippecanoe County, Indiana, 1888, pp 475-476

John R. McAfee, one of the representative citizens of Tippecanoe County, with whose interests he has been identified since 1854, was born in Sussex County, New Jersey, April 3, 1832, his parents, Samuel H. and Hannah (Riggs) McAfee, being natives of New Jersey.  When he was a child of four years his parents removed to the northern part of Pennsylvania, and settled near Waverly, where our subject lived until January, 1854.  He then came to Tippecanoe County.  For two years following he worked at the carpenters’ trade, much of that time in White County.  He was married February 10, 1856, to Elizabeth McCormick, and after his marriage he located on a part of the farm where he now resides, and which has since been his home.  He now owns about 2,000 acres of land, a large part of which is located on Grand Prairie.  He has cleared and improved about 300 acres, where he is now engaged in general farming and stock raising.  He also owns and operates a tile factory and a sawmill, the latter being erected by him several years ago.  He manufactures at his mill per annum about 3000,000 feet of lumber from the native timber of the county.  He erected his tile factory in 1884, where he has ample facilities for the manufacture of tile, the capacity of the factory being about 350,000 rods per annum.  A large portion of the tile manufactured by him is used on his own land.

Mr. McAfee has a pleasant home in Tippecanoe Township, his residence being one of the best in the township, and his barns and out buildings substantial and commodious.  All the above valuable property has been acquired by his own exertions, and his fine business ability, and he is numbered financially with the wealthiest citizens of the county.  The only child of Mr. and Mrs. McAfee is a daughter Hannah I., who is now the wife of Isaac G. Garrett.  Three children have been born to Mr. and Mrs. Garrett, of whom only one, Floyd I., is living.  Their daughter Nellie E., died in early infancy, and a son named John McAfee died May 29, 1887, aged six years.

The father of Mr. McAfee was born in 1796, and died at the age of eighty-five years.  The mother was about two years older than her husband and died a number of years before him.  They reared a family of nine children to maturity, seven of whom are yet living—Joel, who was born in 1818, married Sible Gates, who died leaving a family of eight children; Losey, born 1819, married Nellie Fretts, and they are the parents of three children; Jemima Jane, born 1822, married Erastus Loomis, and has seven children; William, born 1826, married Mary Wilkins, and has four children; they reside in Walworth County, Wisconsin; George, born in 1828, married Arsula Gates, who died leaving three children; John R., our subject, is the next in order of birth; Thompson married Frances Hulett, and they have a family of two children.  All the children of Mr. Samuel McAfee were natives of New Jersey but Thompson, who was born in Pennsylvania, in 1834, and those living are all residents of Pennsylvania except John R. and William.  The two children deceased are—Julia Ann, who died when twenty-two years of age, and Susan, wife of George Esterbrook, died at the age of thirty-eight years, leaving a family of four sons.

Mrs. John R. McAfee was born on the old homestead of her father in Tippecanoe County, October 10, 1837, and is the only surviving daughter of Samuel and Isabel (Bartles) McCormick.  Her father was born in Ohio, in 1802, and was reared and married in his native state.  His mother was a native of New York, born in Sussex County, and was reared from infancy in Ohio.  They were married in 1828, and to them were born seven children, five dying early in childhood.  The two yet living are John P., who was born July 26, 1829, now a resident of Fowler, Benton County, Indiana, and Elizabeth, the wife of our subject.

In 1837 Mr. and Mrs. McCormick came to Tippecanoe County, Indiana, and settled on section 11, Tippecanoe Township, where Mr. McCormick died March 4, 1853, at the age of fifty-one years.  His wife died March 18, 1879, aged sixty-nine years.  Mr. McCormick was a prominent and influential citizen of the county.  Politically he was a democrat and twice represented his county in the State Legislature.  He held other positions, and for eight years held the office of justice of peace.

Frank Robert & Fannie Elizabeth (Keeler) Lawrence
Frank Robert Lawrence was born around 1862.  His parents were Abram and Eliza Lawrence.  He was a painter and photographer among other things.  He died in 1921.

Fannie Elizabeth (Keeler) was born on July 15, 1870 at Laurel Hill, Pennsylvania.  Her parents were Horace and Anna Elizabeth (Loomis) Keeler.  She married Frank on December 19, 1902, at East Smithfield, Pa.  She died on December 28, 1952.  She is buried with Frank at Tioga Point Cemetery in Athens, Pa.

Together Frank and Fannie had three children:  Caroll, Horace Kenneth, and Ina Elizabeth.  Caroll was married to Lora Lurcock who had a daughter Phyllis, then to Mary____who had a son Thomas, and then to Virginia____had two daughters Elizabeth and Frances.

Horace K. (Bob) married Doris Brown and they had three daughters: Helen, Rita and Gerry Anne.  Ina E. married John V. Holmes and had a son Hughes E. Holmes.  Then she married Percy E. Palmer and had six children:  Ramon L., Carol P., Neil J., Marcy K., Nancy E., and William R.

Percy Edgar Palmer & Ina Elizabeth (Lawrence) Palmer
Percy E. Palmer was born on May 17, 1910 in Sayre, Pa.  His parents were Leon William Palmer and Sally (Marcy) Palmer.  He graduated from Sayre High School.  He married Ina in 1932.  In 1941 they moved to Maryland, where Percy got a job at the Glenn L. Martin Co. as an aircraft worker, and later an electronics technician.  He worked there until his death on June 29, 1971.

Ina E. LAWRENCE Palmer was born on March 10, 1908 in Athens, Pa.  Her parents were Frank Robert Lawrence and Fannie Elizabeth (Keeler) Lawrence.  She graduated from Sayre High School.  She was married to John Vernon Holmes and they had a son Hughes Edward Holmes born on July 2, 1930.  They were divorced and she married Percy in 1932.  Ina died on October 22, 1956.

Ina and Percy are buried at Meadowridge Memorial Park in Elkridge, MD.  They had six children together:  Ramon Lawrence, Carol Patricia, Neil John, Marcy Kay, Nancy Elizabeth, and William Robert.

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