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Mosherville, Wells Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
.Photos from From the Arthur Lewis Hetherington collection now in the possession of Walter L. Baker of Pine City. Walter L. Baker is a grandson of Roy Baker who operated the Mosherville Hotel and Art Hetherington operated the creamery.
Captions by J. Kelsey Jones
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House in lower left corner is the Ketter home (2008). The large open area is now the Mosherville school. The large barn on the left in the photo still exists. The home behind it, last occupied by the Freeman family, no longer exists. The barn and carriage shed for the church no longer exist. The home to the right of the cemetery exists today (2008). The majority of the hillside behind the church and cemetery have returned to forest.
Mosherville Hotel
Mosherville Hotel also often known as Wells Hotel in earlier records. From a 1933 Towanda newspaper article appears the following -

"One of the most attractive buildings in the community at the present time is the remodeled inn, built more than a century ago. It is of the colonial type, very quaint, most inviting. Moreover, the rooms where once passengers waited for the next stage coach, or where sumptuous dinners were served, have been converted into living apartments, and only the exterior of the structure has the appearance of an inn. Sid McClelland, former sheriff of the county and now residing in his old home at Mosherville, once owned the hotel, purchasing it in 1902 from the Daggett brothers. The building now belongs to Newman E. Benson of Towanda, county detective, who is another Mosherville product."

The hotel building is very old and on the 1830 assessment list of Wells Township, Ithamar Judson and Sarah Spees operated a tavern, believed to be the same building. Ithamar Judson appears on the 1832 and 1833 assessment lists with a tavern. Ithamar and Sarah sold a lot at what is now Mosherville on 9 July 1832 to William Wells and Henry C. Wells of Southport. On the 1834 assessment list (compiled fall of 1833) they transferred land and a tavern to Humphrey Mosher, who settled there and from which Mosherville acquired its name. The hotel is now owned by Patricia Congdon Knapp (2008).
Looking north on School Street from the bridge on the creek. The house on the left was the Samuel Wright home on the 1869 atlas and exists today (2008). The small building past the house was the telephone office. The barn on the right was removed for the school parking lot.

Arthur Lewis Hetherington collection.

Store in center of photo. Large white building is the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and behind that is a barn. The house to the right of the store has for many years been the Lawrence Palmer (now deceased) and Virginia McClure residence. All four structures are still in existence (2008).
Mosherville PA
Nelda COOK Holton photo May 1987
View of Mosherville looking north. From a photo postcard postmarked 1907.
The house by the bridge on the left was the Samuel Wright home on the 1869 atlas and is still in existance (2008). The homes past that house are still
in existance but most of the barns and buildings behind those houses have long disappeared and the area became Route 549. The home on the right by the
bridge is the present Ketter residence. The barn past that house was removed for the Mosherville School. The houses past that are in existence and the store, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, and hotel can all be seen on the north edge of the village. The large hill in the upper right is Bald Hill and the second highest elevation in the township. Original postcard in possession of Edgar Wright.
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