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This identification was written on the back by Jessie WARNER Kinnan.  She and her mother Lena THOMPSON Warner Lindley were born in the Samuel Thompson house but was not certain which house it is. (Lena was the daughter of Samuel and Jessie SNEDEKER Thompson).

1 - William Henry Snedeker's House
2 - Snedeker's Dairy Barn
3 - Will & Lucy Snedeker store - post office
    The platform was piled high with crates of celery grown on muck just north of here
4 - Ryan house
5 - Old store & Railroad station
6 - Clerk's house
7 - Samuel Thompson's?
8 - Fitzgerald's house
9 & 10 - If 7 was not Thompson's then they lived in one of these houses
Sawmill was in large open area to the right of 8 & below 6

Lee Kinnan Fazzari

Photo: Snedekerville
Township: Columbia Township, Bradford County PA
Year: ca. 1900
Postcard from Lee KINNAN Fazzari.
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The note below was sent in by a visitor to this page:

Subj:  Re: [Tri-Counties] Sunday 2:30 PM - NEW at Tri-Counties Site
Date:  7/17/2001 8:30:26 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Anne Green)

Hello Joyce,

Just fyi on the Snedekerville postcard as to post-1900 residents.

During my life in Snedekerville 1944-1966, the Store and p.o. (number 3) were operated by Walter and Effie White. Walt died first, and when Effie died, the
Snedekerville p.o. was closed and we became RR3, Columbia Cross Roads.

Number 1 was later occupied by various White families. I don't recall the names of the first one (before I was born). While I lived there it was occupied by Hugh and Bertha DEAN White, and later by Robert and Martha White.

Number 4 later was owned by my Great grandparents John and Harriet WILSON Wolfe. After their deaths (John d. 1922, Harriet d. 1941), my grandparents Michael Joseph Fitzgerald and Olive Wolfe Fitzgerald lived there. I had thought John Wolfe had the the house built, but apparently not.

Number 8 was first rented and later I think owned by my Great Grandparents Michael and Honora McINERNEY  Fitzgerald from about 1888. Honora died in 1925 and Michael died in 1932. Eldest son James and daughter Mary (Mame), both never married, lived there during my life there until Mame's death in 1958. At some point Uncle Jim couldn't live there on his own and lived with Grandma Fitz and others. Then the house was occupied by a Dean family and eventually burned down.

Number 6 was occupied by the Earl Dean family during my lifetime.

I do not know any of the current owners of these houses.
Anne Green

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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