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Photo: Silvara, Bradford County Postcards & Photos
Township: Tuscarora Township, Bradford County PA
Photographer - various 
Postcards sent in by Carol HOOSE Brotzman
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Webb Sivers and Alice Grow  House now. It also belonged to  his parents Perley and Elma Ann Sturdevant Sivers who are the people shown on the porch.

I wanted to make you aware of one correction. I noticed the Silvara section pictures my Grandparents home on Clapper Hill. It correctly states at the time was home of Alice and Webb Sivers. It looks very different today. I asked them about this and early in their marriage they made changes to exterior.  It states that Alice and Webb are on the front porch, it is not them, or anyone I readily recognize from our family. I believe it was the previous owners, and pictured when the house sat back from the road ( it was moved in the early 1900’s to it’s current location). You site Carol Brotzman for the photo: she was a good friend of My Grandmothers and had probably originally given her photo ( I never saw this picture in my Grandmothers pictures- I went through very regularly as a child). I think Carol mistakenly thought this was my Grandparents in their younger years, a logical conclusion ( but I have many pictures of each from childhood up, neither resemble couple on porch). My grandfather purchased the house from his father, Perley Sivers  soon after marrying my grandmother Alice Grow, 19 and 18 years old at the time retrospectively. Perley was a widower, remarried and moved back to Rush, PA, home of his second wife. Perley’s first wife ( Alma Sturdevant), passed from an aneurism when my Grandfather was a young man. I have pictures of Alma and Perley also and do not think this is them either. Originally from Rush, they bought the farm in the early 1900’s moving to Clapper Hill.  from Sandy Corson January 2020

Photo by Bolles
From the Bridge at Silvara
The little fellow in the creek is beleived to be Fred Benscoter July 03, 1902-September 26, 1974
Methodist Church, Silvara
Older Bolles photo at right
Present day photo at left
Overview of Silvara by Bolles
House in Silvara by Bolles
Named "Fitz Brook"
See Silvara Photos 2
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
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