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1903 Joe Hill School, Union Township, Tioga County PA
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Hi Joyce,
    I was finally able to scan and enlarge this picture enough to see the pupils names on the blackboard.  I am sending 2 pictures one of the classroom of Joe Hill School and the other an enlarged copy of the blackboard that clearly shows the date, teacher's name and the pupils names.  I am typing it below to make it easier to add to your website.  I'm also sending a word document of a write up about Joe Hill school in the Wellsboro paper in 1918.  Sorry I do not have a picture of the outside of the school.
Louise JOHNS Neu
Joe Hill School
J. N. Reynolds - Teacher
February 20, 1903
Ritnor Sayles
Nelson Stull
Eva Loper
Adaline Sayles
Eddie Loper
Dorothy Sayles
Frank June
Joe Hill School

The First Public School in Union Township – Some Historical Data.  Roaring Branch, April 6 – Byron Stickler closed a very successful term of school on Joe Hill on April 5.  About 30 of the Branch scholars with their teacher, Harry Schmeltzle and several Canton High School students visited the school on the last day.  Nearly half of the Hill school should have been in High School this winter unless something happens, and that pretty soon the Joe Hill school will be abandoned.
 This was the first public school in Union.  Nearly, or quite 100 years ago a family from Connecticut moved into what is now the Spencer district.  He was a shoe maker and taught a half dozen children to read and write.  In 1848 or 50 the first spelling class stood around two sides of the log building (that was when they stood up and spelled down.  There were about 60 pupils and there was to school at the Branch, Ogdensburg or Swamp and scholars came from these neighborhoods to Joe Hill.  These were the days when some director of school commissioner examined the teachers.  The first qualification was a good muscle.  In 1866 the Hill school graduated its first pupil at Mansfield.  Since then nearly every year there has been someone at the normal from the Joe Hill school.
Source: Wellsboro Agitator, April 10, 1918

      From the Union Township History (spiral bound book) Page 118
      From the 1869 Tioga County maps on CD that I purchased I'm attaching the bottom image of Union Township.  The school is found in District 7 north of Roaring Branch and just after the cider mill next to the W. Newell residence.
    Joe Hill School was located two miles north of Roaring Branch on the Joe Hill Road.  No date can be found as to when this school was built or opened, but in a book written by John L. Sexton, Jr., in the year of 1883, the following school directors elected for Union Township in the year of 1882 were: Thomas Ward, Joseph Brooks, William Spencer and C. Wheeler.
    A list of teachers was found dating back to the year of 1903 when Gertrude Randall was the teacher; others following were: 1904, Luch Thomas; 1905, J. H. Stull (Jack); 1906, Lynn Carl; 1909-1910, Nelson Stull; 1911-12, Harry Schmelzle; 1913, Maude Keys; 1914, Jesse Landon; 1915-1916, Clara Bunn; 1917, Lula Carpenter; 1918, Byron Stickler; 1919, Matilda Sherman; 1920, Margaret Coleman.
    According to the records shown, due to lack of pupils, Joe Hill school was closed at the end of the school term in the Spring of 1920.
    Later on as more families moved into the neighborhood, the school was reopened again in September, 1925, with Marvin Tebo as teacher, with 18 pupils and J. G. March as County Superintendent.  School Board members were: C. P. Richter, L. G. Austin, Lizzie Van Vectan, Henry Sechrist and Hattie Jones, with a partial list of the following teachers beginning of the 1925 school year until the final closing of this school in 1944: Marvin Tebo, (two years); Samuel Morse: E. Rowe; Myrtle Gruver; Esther Stokes; Julia Tebo; Geraldine Williams; Harriet Barrow; Ida Herman, (two years); and Kate Owens.
    This school house is still standing in a grove of maple trees.  The school house and ground was purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Quay Ward and is presently a part of the Lee Ward farm.  This ends the era of the Little Red School House on Joe Hill.
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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 28 MAY 2009
By Joyce M. Tice
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