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Horseheads High School - Alumni 1885 - 1910

This turn of the century postcard shows the Horseheads High School.

School: Horseheads High School
Horseheads, Chemung County NY
Postcard Submitted by: Walt Samson
Year: 1910 & prior
Data typed up  and submitted by Janet PETERS Ordway
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Horseheads High School Alumni 1885-1910 (taken from 1910 Yearbook)


John D Curtis 

Vena Barlow

Lena McNish (Nichols)

George Johnson

Harriet Armitage

V Maude Ward (married D. D. Clark)


Sadie L Compton (married LeRoy Nixon)

Minnie E Slaton (married Charles McCawley)

Wm E Tuttle Jr.

Daisie C Loomis (married E. F. VanName)

Lewis E Mosher


Nellie Bogardus (deceased)

Carrie Snyder (married M. A. Marshall)


No data


Catherine G Curtis 

Mary C Markham

Peter Wintermute (deceased)

Amelia Davis

Grant Cowan


Lillian B Herrick (married W. H. Chapman)

Ormelle Haines (married F. H. Stecker)

Ella Bradshaw

Catherine M Buchanan (married B. Brayton)

Mark L Whitney

Millie Herrick

Alice Thorne (married John Moss)

H Lawrence Davis

Emma Terry (married Harvey Prentice)


Mark M Taber

Catherine Miller

Earl Dean

Millie Kimmich (married Rho L Bush)

Carrie Fraser (married Fred Nichols)

Houtz Buchanan


Rho L Bush

Ward Bryan

Florence Harrigan (Willig)

Anna L Shappee (married Ed Brown)

Adella Copley (married Thomas Kane)

Julia Bush (married G. W. McGraw)


Katherine Kimmich

Mary Day (deceased)

Mable Crane

Seymour A Breese

Alice Day ( married E.S. Brown)

Maude Piatt (married. J.L. Churchill)

Harry Rhodes

Kittle Parsons


Carrie C Breese

Katherine Hogan (married Samuel Randolph)

Kate Sullivan (deceased)

Mina Foster (married Karl Storch)

Emma S Rockwell

Grace N Westlake (deceased)

Lida M Carpenter

Julia M Nafe

Florence I Breese

Lena Murphy (deceased)

Ella M Varlan


Sadie Bills (marriedDempsey)

Judson G Elston

Ethel M Carpenter (Prentice)

S Anna Mosher (marriedGifford)

Sarah B Goodyear

Grace S Parsons


Margaret M Williams

Harriet D Newcome

Luella Taylor

Clara E Bronson (married Ed Cooley)

Clarence V Spaulding

Jennie M Wood (married E.A. Fuller)


Cretia Davidson

Kate Donovan


Marie Taber (married Chas Goodyear)

Edna Farr (married Porter Marsh)

Phoebe Bush (married H.L. Emmens)

Della Wallace (married L.C. Toti)


Helen Pentley (married A. J. Westlake)

Elliott Bush

Loretta Bush

John W Cox

Carrie Eisenhart

Nettie Hanson (married Ezra Wood)

Josephine Hibbard (married Van Eddington)

Hannah Marshall

Maud Hibbard (married Clayton Judson)


Grace Green (deceased)

Theodore Garlick

George Farr

Roy McCauley

Earnest Stoll

Bessie Marshall (married George Zehrung, deceased)

Grace Miller (married Jesse Dalrymple)

Lena Slocum 

Lizzie Walsh

Grayce Sixby

Edith Hadden (married Frank Prime)


Ralph Hibbard

Cornelius O’Dea

John Dockstader

Harper Phelps (deceased)

Fred Kimmich (deceased)

Frances Copley (married W. E. Chase)

Rachael Brooks

Albert Brooker

Phoebe Hammond (married Edward Parker)

Marie Hammond 


Nellie Lovell 

Ermina Thorne

Bernice Reed (married Chas. McDougall)

Mary Hill

Marle Hill (married. Frank Austin)

Ida Weller

Eve Rowley (married Chas. Carpenter)

Laura Snyder

Bert Sherman

Robert Smith

Wm. W. Myers


Chester Moore

Hull Botsford

Lulu Weller (married Wm Myers)

Bessie Holden

Maude Coe

Velma Barber

Anna Dailey

Ruby Snyder (married Wm Stowell)


Benj. Colegrove

Bert Bowers

Henry Bush

Holden Sayre

Aubrey Allen

Gertrude Ryan

Anabel Seeley

Inez Bennitt (married J Sayre VanDuzer)

Flossie Breese

Florence McWhorter

Evelyn Zimmerman

Isabelle Dewey (married Rev. Tillis)

Anna Smith (married F.L. Campbell)

Della Dean (married LaVerne Williams)


Maude Watkins (married John Bowers

Katharine VanDuzer

Kate Griffiths

Ray Finch

Nellie Decker (married Benj. English)

Leah Kinley

Ralph VanDuzer

Richard Gardiner

Sloat Wells

Lloyd Taylor

Olin Osmun

Henry Sears


Maud Brink (married Clarence Lovell)

Clifford Harding


Albert Fox

Blanche Rockwell

Wilbur Finch

Emily Wells

Robert Westlake

Frank Hollenbeck

Lottie Donahue

Charlotte Doolittle (married Purley Lawler

Fra Personius (married L.L. Bowers)

Phoebe Forsythe

John Smith

Mabel Wood


Leon Hamilton

Edith Carpenter

Helen Rickey (married Ray Sterling)

Bernice Rowley (married Earl Mosher)


Helen Bush

Blanche Coe

Mary Hibbard

Adelaide Mallory

Ellison MacWhorter

Ivan R Wood

Iva Upson


Hazel Breese

Grace Chilvers

Maude Clair

Elizabeth Daley

Corey Evenden

Leon Finch

William Flannery

Lillian Griffiths

Ellis Marshall

Agnes McNiff

Loretta O’Dea

Harry Saunders

Addie Stoll

Harry Tifft

Amanda VanDuzer

Ruth Volgt

LaRue Wood

Class of 1910

Gerald Mosier Baldwin

Ruth Elliot Bartlett

Jean Laura Breese

Ruth Emogene Christian

Mary Elizabeth Coe

Urania Marion Coleman

Frances Ruth Elston

Eleanor Elizabeth Frost

Frances Maude Hamilton

Helen Giltner Hummer

Blanche Eloise Knowles

Pauline Bertha Nimtz

Christina Augusta Sears

Kathryn Compton Sears

Vera Harriet Wheeler

Thomas Judson Wintermute Jr.

Frances Elizabeth Young

Subj:  Re: Clara Bronson
Date:  8/7/2002 8:17:54 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Sherry Vossoughi)
To: (Walter R. and/or Jo Samson)

Thanks Walt, but an imitator.  Good eye for catching that name.

Very interested in your (Actually Janet's) Horseheads High School graduates.    Had some additional information on a few of them and thought I would share it with you and Joyce in case she wants to add their spouses and parents.

Additional information of Horseheads High School graduates:
Wm. W. Myers (Lulu H. Weller) - Son of Edward M. and Bertha W. Myers
Maude Coe (Fred Arthur Jordan) - Dau of Myron Coe and Sarah Soper of Veteran.
Holden Sayre (Blanche "Mimi" Coe) - Born Chicago.  Son of George and Sarah Sayre
Blanche Coe (Charles Holden Sayre) - Dau of Myron Coe and Sarah Soper of Veteran
(Harriett) Adelaide Mallory (Walter H. Myers) - Dau of George Willis Mallory and Mary Louise Rundle of Veteran.
Mary Elizabeth Coe (David Wm Cheney) - Dau of Myron Coe and Sarah Soper of Veteran.
Helen Giltner Hummer (Harry Elwood) - Dau of Alexander Hummer and Melissa Mallory

(Joyce.... that is Sharron Vossoughi)

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