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Millerton School, Jackson Township, Tioga County PA

School: Millerton School
Township: Jackson, Tioga County PA
Year: 1912 
Photos Submitted by: June SMITH Mickley 
Photographer - Bates (of Mansfield)
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1922 Millerton
School: Millerton School
Township: Jackson, Tioga County PA
Year: 1922 
Photos Submitted by: Carol Roan & Marie Aylesworth 
Photographer - 
Princ (Principal?) W. Swimley,,Harry Trowbridge, Fowler Tuton,, Herman Messing 
Front - ? SMith, M. Swimley, Carl Eighmey,,Valeda Updyke
MILLERTON HIGH SCHOOL CLASS POEM (Undated Nees Clipping) Can anyone date it by the names of graduates?? Let Joyce Know.

I've been asked to write a poem, which is a little out of my line,
But I will do my best to make the story rhyme.
I am green and very bashful, and almost scared to death,
But I will see what I can do, and you can do the rest.
At first we were quite numerous, and had a nice large class.
But there are only nine of us that's faithful to the last.
Rebecca Fish, of Trowbridge, is the youngest girl in our class,
Her head is high when she goes by, for the first year's work she's passed;
Then there's Minerva Trowbridge, who is so slim and tall,
She's ready to answer the question at every single call.
Ollie Rumsey, of Millerton, with such wavy golden hair,
And when you hollar "Sickem, Touser " she's right there.
And Pearl, well she's a chum of mine, and I think she's all right,
Sometimes she walks four miles to school and back again at night;
And milks four cows two times a day, and helps her mother work,
Now any girl that does that much will never be a shirk.
Then comes Eva Everitt, with such a freckled nose;
She’s excellent on reading any piece of prose.
Marion Spencer, aged sixteen, who is so very neat,
Will study hard from morn till night and in her cirss she isn’t beat.
And next our organist, who is so very nice,
That when the people speak to her she’s like a chunk of ice.
Then there is the only boy in school, whose name is Bashful George,
If he doesn’t walk or ride his whee, he drives an old gray horse.
Now George is very timid, at the girls he dare not look,
And so his eyes if not his mind, are always on his book.
The there’s Basil Button and Burdette Playfoot, graduated long ago,
Now they’re earning money to attend the picture show.
Dewey, Walter, Rex and Cecil are farmers through and through;
They had to leave our school because there was so much to do.
Leigh Lutz, a telegraph operator, came to school a week;
Think must be he left our school for better work to seek.
Then there is Woodford Fish, who, like George, is bashful too;
Think must be he got discouraged for to him the work was new.
And there is little Eva Smith, who left two months ago.
Neve heard exactly why, but guess she got a beau,
Have any of you seen Kelley, not Kelley from the Emerald Isle
But the one who builds our fires and greets us with a smile?
He’s always kind and thoughtful, while we, alas! Slack!
Are young and thoughtless boys and girls, and we get “off the track”
We often try his patience, does he scolds us? I guess not;
But when it comes to watching us, he’s “Johnny on the spot.”
And now we ask his pardon, for thoughtless, we have been;
We know that he’ll forgive us and return next year again.
And now I bid you all adieu, and thank you for attention’
And may you live to come next year, to our High School convention. 

     I just wanted to play with that new poem you posted on Millerton, I have a Basil Button in my database but not this one, everyone else seems to be born ca 1897 so MY guess for the year might be in the 1915 era. The Buttons and the Fish family were very prominent around Lynn and Springville Susquehanna County so it made me take a double look.

Carol Brotzman

Woodford Fish   born 1896
Marion Spencer born 1897 she was 16 so 1913 might be the year!

Woodford J Fish
Age: 34
Estimated birth year: abt 1896
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Relation to head-of-house: Head
Spouse's Name: Margaret E Fish
Race: White
Home in 1930: Lawrence, Tioga, Pennsylvania

Marion C Spencer
Age: 33
Estimated birth year: abt 1897
Relation to head-of-house: Daughter
Home in 1930: Jackson, Tioga, Pennsylvania

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 Leigh Lutz Jackson, Tioga, Pennsylvania abt  1895  Pennsylvania  White Son 

Hi Joyce, I found on your page one hundred one-Newspaper clippings: for a Myrt Scott of Elmira Heights, formerly of Millerton whose wife was Marion Spencer Scott. He is buried in Daggett Cem, Jackson, Tioga Co, Pa & maybe she is there also. He died 22 April 1984 at age 93--so he was born 1891. Not sure when his wife was born. He would have been 16 in the year 1907. Maybe she was the same age as him, but don't know yet. Maybe the poem was dated 1907 or around there.........Couldn't find a census on your tri county site for town of Millerton. The poem says Marion Spencer was 16 years old at the time of the poem. I hope that helps. Donna Judge
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