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Lawrence Corners School, Rutland Township
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

School: Lawrence Corners School 
Township: Rutland Township, Tioga County PA
Year: 1929, 1938
Photos Submitted by:Joan NASH O'Dell, Letta GILES Mitchell
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Lawrence Corners School. Buildings now gone.
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Note from Joan NASH O'Dell: The 1929 Picture (top) shows a small porch over the "small room" door. (used for Grades 1-4). By 1937 when Joan started attending this school, the porch was gone as shown in the lower photo.

The lower photo was taken by Joan, year not remembered, and it shows one of the two trees Joan's grandfather, Henry Beardslee, donated to the school to honor Arbor Day - probably 1941-42. The trees were dug up by a couple of the older boys and transported to the school by Doug Thomas in his "gray doodle bug." A small ceremony was conducted so that the children would learn the meaning of Arbor Day and have respect for our trees. The one tree stood for several years after the school was torn down, but it too is gone now.

Lawrence Corners School 1938
Date:  11/28/2003 4:43:31 PM Eastern Standard Time 
From: (joan odell)

I can identify a few of the kids & I have 7 names that should be there that I can't match up with a face like Dick Cook & leigh Sweeley. I will seek some help ASAP from some of those that were there. 
The teacher is Ellen Teed (Schneider) & I'm quite sure the male teacher is John Squiers.
I have never seen this pic & I can't figure out just where it was taken on the school grounds.  I was in 3rd. grade if this was taken at the end of the school year which it probably was (May)

I don't remember a jumper like that but I decided that I was kind of
cute & little!

Here is what I have so far
Front row:  Beatrice Brooklacher (first one on the left)
Second row: E. Teed, Carolyn Giles --------Eleanor Smith, Polly Benson, me, Nelds,Geraldine Smith
Haven't figured out the boys except John Squiers
More later

Photo from Letta Giles Mitchell
Lawrence Corners School 1938

Hi again Joyce-
Also, wanted to let you know that in the April 1938 photo of the Lawrence Corner School children, my mother in law was mis- identified. Carolyn Giles  is sitting in the front row, not the second.She is the little girl on the right in the front row. She is sitting next to her niece Lucielle Giles- who was the little girl in the middle.
Debora ENDERLE Clark

Honor Roll of the West Rutland School for March - Another name for Lawrence corners - CA 1936

Honor student, 7th and 8th grades:  Helen Makely.

Credit students, 7th and 8th grades:  Myra Guiles, Ruth McKay, Mary Tickner, Carlyle Cook, Jack Brown, Carl Brown, Gordon Rarick.

Honor students, 5th and 6th grades:  Shirley Stephens, Erma Tickner, Delphine Wood, Harris Dunkleberger, Wilbur Smith.

Credit Students, 5th and 6th grades:  Daisy Stone, Jerald Cummings.

Students perfect in attendance for March:  Carl Brown, Jack Brown, Carlyle Cook, Keith Sweely, Wilbur Smith, H. Myra Guiles, Helen Makeley, Daisy Stone, Delphine Wood.

Honor roll, grade 3:  Nelda Cook, Junior Webster; grade 2:  Lillian Stephens, Cora Wood.

Credit roll, grade 4:  Geraldine Smith, Ermin Dunkleberger; grade 3:  Emmett Stephens, Luther Giles; grade 2:  Leland Benson, Gordon Wood.

Students perfect in attendance for March:  Margar Cook, Ermin Dunkleberger, Luther Giles, Robert Holton, Emmett Stephens, Edwin Wood, Ward Williams, Junior Webster, Mable Griffin, Geraldine Smith, Lilliam Stephens, Ethel Wood.

Teachers:  Ross W. Soper, Ellen A. Teed

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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By Joyce M. Tice
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