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Jobs Corners School, Jackson Township, Tioga County PA 1880s
Jobs Corners School 

Jackson Township, Tioga County PA

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from Photo in possession of Bob LEFLER of Paul Smiths, NY. Scanned and formatted by Joyce M. Tice

Year not identified but has to be very early 1880s based on birthdates of the people in the photo. The photo was sent in by Bob Lefler who believes it may have been taken the same day as the Pumpkin Hill School photo on the Rutland Township page. It is an interesting and certainly possible theory. This causes Bob to wonder how many other school photos are floating around "out there." Hopefully more of them will find their way to these pages where we can all enjoy them. 

The Jobs Corners School was in use from the 1830s until the 1940s. It was across the Pumpkin Hill Road from the Jobs Corners Baptist Church, next to the Carley Farm on the north and the Shorts' little Red House on the south. The Carley barn shows on the right of the photo.

Most people in the photo have not been identified, Bob can give identification only for his own family members. 1. Second from left, in dark clothes, CARRIE CARLEY - who later taught here. 2. Second from left in row of little girls (5) sitting down, LILLIAN MAY LEFLER. 3. Teacher - tentaviely identified as ___________SHEPARD, 4. Little boy on porch, far left, MARK ROCKWELL LEFLER, 5. 2nd - African American Boy, _SHORT. 6. Right of post, CLARENCE CARLEY. 7. Right of second post, standing on porch: FRANKIE CARLEY. 8. Head in "on" Frankie's left elbow (4th girl in group) HATTIE CARLEY. NOTE from Bob: All Carleys were also Updikes and Stillwells. All Leflers were also Rockwells, Cossarts and Daggetts.

WHO ARE THE REST? If you have a fully labeled photo let us know.

Wellsboro Agitator, December 24, 1947, p.1
Interesting Early Records
W.N. Smith Quotes Extracts from School Board Minute Book
Millerton, Pa., Dec. 16 - W.N. Smith, of Millerton, writes us that in looking over old files he has in his home, he found a minute book of the Jackson Township School Board for year 1877 to 1895 and gives quotations from these minutes.
At the time they had a "summer term" of four months and a "winter term" of four months. At a board meeting held March 2, 1878, at Daggetts Mills, the following directors were present: A.M. Gaige, Daniel Friends, J.C. Smith and D.B. Lain. A motion was made, seconded and carried "that we pay the same wages for teachers for summer school as was directed to be paid last summer, and that it shall not be obligatory, but optional, on the part of the directors to pay the extra three dollars on "Normal Graduate Certificates."
At another meeting held May 18, 1878, in the following: "The following teachers were reported hired for the schools named and at the price names: Millerton, Miss Clara E. Butts, $15; Seely Hill, Miss Ida Hudson, $12; Traver, Miss Kate Stewart, $14; Alder Run, Miss Eliza Higgins, $15; Trowbridge, Miss Alice Gray, $14; Maple Ridge, Miss Smith, $15; Everitt, Miss F. Hinman, $14; Wells, Miss E. Briggs, $13; Jobs Corners, Mr. A.P. Nichols, $15; Daggetts Mills, Mr. S.B. Sergeant, $15; Parmenter, Miss E.J. Sheive, $12; Hazen, Miss Matie Hudson, $12. "On motion duly seconded the above teachers were declared duly hired."
At a meeting held June 3, 1878, a motion was made and carried "allowing ten dollars per month for board for the winter term." At the same meeting a motion was made by Lain, seconded by Kirkendall, that "we have four months winter term and that we pay for winter term: Males, $16 to $20 per month; females, $14 to $18 per month."
These records show that in 1879 O.H. Davis taught the first grade in Millerton school for $15 per month and Nellie Beeman, who later became Mrs. O.H. Davis, taught the Trowbridge school for $12 per month.
In 1886 E.A. Retan taught the first grade in Millerton school for $26 per month.
Another record book of the Jackson Township Supervisors has the following under date of December 13, 1915: "A motion was made by the board to pay through the year 1916, 15 cents per hour for team hauling stone out of the road." " Supervisors shall receive 25 cents per hour for work done on road in June, July and August and for the other nine months they shall receive 22 cents per hour for all work done on the roads."

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