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We now have a local history museum in Mansfield representing the area in and near Mansfield including Sullivan, Rutland, Covington and more
Visit the History Center on Main Street at 83 North Main Street. We also have a locaton at 61 North Main Street.
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Clipping from Millerton Scrapbook of 1920/1930 era

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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 2/10/99 
By Joyce M. Tice 


You may talk about your cities

In the East and in the West;

You may wrangle with each other

As to which one is the best,

But although this is a village

As anyone can see,

It is the only place on earth

Thatís really home to me.

Though we havenít any trolley

To go jangling down the street,

And we havenít any Court House

Where the politicians meet,

We have a splendid Normal School;

A High School of degreeó

Isnít that a corking reason

Why this town looks good to me?

We have no grand Cathedral

With dazzling pomp and glare;

No minaretted temple

To make the people stare,

But we have some modest churches

Where the seats are always free,

And the men who preach the Gospel

Are men of God to me.

We havenít any buildings

That almost scrape the sky,

We havenít any mansions

To make the poor man sigh,

But happy homes we have galore,

As all of you agree,

And thatís another reason

Why the town is home to me.

Our stores are not the finest

You can find within the state,

But they meet the needs of Mansfield,

And are always up-to-date.

Your business men are wide-awake

As you can plainly see;

Another reason why this town

Is on the map for me.

But the old friends and the new friends

That Iím always meeting here

Is the reason of all reasons

Why the town to me is dear;

And when I get my summons,

And my bark slips out to sea,

I hope Iíll find another home

Thatís just as dear to me.
(handwritten on article Fred Allen) 

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
Tri-County Local Poetry

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 02/10/1999
By Joyce M. Tice
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