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1902 Wellsburg School District #1
Grades One through Four
Students Not Identified in Order, Nor all Named
Inez Brown, Eva Ellison, Ruth Sawdey, Lucille Carter, Esther Burt, Nettie Buell, Mable Smith, Bertha Smith, Evelyn Kelsey, Kathleen Mack, Miss Taber, Teacher
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1902 Wellsburg School # 1 - Upper grades
Wellsburg School Dist. #1
Grades 5, 6, 7
Front Row:  Grace Baldwin, Marian Burnham, Mildred Boileau, Myrtilla Merriam, Mattie Coleman, Marian Hanmer, Ruth Benedict, Ethel Buell; 2nd Row:  Clara B. Efner, teacher; Marguerite Merriam, Gertrude Stringer, Gertrude Kelsey, Grace Coleman, Anna Mack; 3rd Row:  Glenn Hall, Oscar Aber, Glenn Ellison, Harry Roberts, Harry May

1886 Wellsburg School District No. 1

Wellsburg School Dist. #1
1886 – Mr. Nichols, Teacher
Students Not Identified in Order
Emma French, Carrie Dewey, Etta Campbell, Ada Gray, Emma Griswold, Lula Wilcox, Julia Carpenter, Mary O’Brien, Mary Burt, Susie Gray, Sam Sweeney, Will Long, Frank Bradbury, Hovey Burt, Maud(?) Bryant, Cora Bailey, Cora Elston, Olive Griswold, May Straight, Grace Merriam, Carrie Brown, Minnie Wilcox, George Decker, Howard Burt

Wellsburg School 1890s
Wellsburg School District #1
Ca. 1890’s – This school replaced 1903
No identification of students
…Ashland Historical Society Photo
1911 Wellsburg School
Wellsburg School Dist. #1
Ca 1910-1911
Front Row:  Prof. Stewart, Stuart Creighton, Abraham Decker, Ralph Merriam, Ravenal Lowman, Lawrence Burt, Ernest Kimball, Gedfeller ?, Augustus Hillman, Leo Creighton, Harry Kelsey; 2nd Row:  Beryl Barnum, Martha Dalton, Blanche Burnham, Mildred Burt, June Burt, ? Camp, Isabel Lowman, Viorene Peck, ? Stamp, Helen Bosworth, Marjorie Dalton, Grace ?, Mary Haines; 3rd Row:  Addie Stoll, (may have been the teacher); Helen Robbins, Lillian Stanton, Evelyn Kelsey, Helen Burt, ? Gunderman, Eliza Burnham, Erdine Graham, Leslie Grace, Ruth Roberts, Marian Grace, Charles Decker….(4th boy at right front unidentified)
1912 Wellsburg School
Wellsburg School District #1
CA 1912
Front Row:  Nettie Buell, Bertha Smith, Evelyn Kelsey, Marian Grace, Kathleen Mack, Agnes Streeter, Ruth Sawdey, Ethel Buell, Helen Burt, Eva Ellison; 2nd Row:  Flora Graves, Teacher, Lillian Shoemaker, Lillian Hicks, Ruby Murphy, Leslie Grace, Elizabeth Burnham, Irva Ackerman, Esther Burt, Inez Brown, Grace Benedict, Mary Haines, Edwin Dean, George Hanmer, Stanley Roberts, Ravenal Lowman, Howard Squires, Charley Decker, Les Creighton, Herbert Sayre, G. J. Kirby, Principal
1914 Wellsburg School
John Tallis

No identifications came with this!
…John Tallis Photo
Wellsburg School District #1

1925 Wellsburg School

Wellsburg School District #1
CA 1925; Possibly Grades 6-10
There was no high school until 1928
Front Row:  Edna Hammond, Mamie Tooker, Dorothy Sensel, Clara Stanton, Alberta Green, Louis Liddiard, Gerald Owen, Robert Liddiard; 2nd Row:  Pierson Mosher, George Decker, Robert Haines, Gilbert Houston, Albert Dalton, Donald Smith, James Brundidge, Curtis Owens; 3rd Row:  Florence Loop, Gladys Howe, Ruth Liddiard, Jean Ackerman, D. R. Hagerman, ?, Raymond Lain, Earl Sigsbee, Elmo Lefler, Fred Tooker, Eugene Sensel.  Faculty not Pictured:  Principal Mr. Presler, Teachers:  Misses White, Fitzgerald, Berge
1929 Wellsburg School
Wellsburg School District #1
No Date – Ca 1928-1929

Back Row:  George Decker, Elizabeth Dalton, Charles Wood, Mrs. Vandergrift, Teacher, Lloyd Spencer, Helen Howe, John Nolan; Center Row:  Jeannette Decker, Marian Stevenson, Emily Merriam, Ella Mae Sayre, Lottie Tooker, Dorothy Mosher, Lois VanAtta, Olive German, Viola Stewart, Doris Kintz; Front Row:  William Camp, ? Carmaller, John VanAtta, Vernon Dean, Joe Green, Fred Sensel, Burt Sayre

1931 Wellsburg School
Wellsburg School District #1
Top Row:  Genevieve Bird, Flora Goodrich, Alice Goodrich, Ruth Adams, Walter Kintz; 3rd Row: Arthur Bowman, Bill Tong, Bob Tooker, Walter Sayre, Myrtle Harrington, George Gray, Minnie Goodrich; 2nd Row:  Ellen Roby, Ella German, Ruth Haines, Elizabeth Gray, Sandra Stanton, Ruth Sayre, Mildred Stevenson; Bottom Row:  Ruth Lewis, Margaret Sydney, Irene Spencer, Alberta Howe
1932Wellsburg School
Wellsburg School District #1
Top Row:  Ruth Lewis, Alice Goodrich, Mildred Stevenson, Walter Sayre; 2nd Row:  Bernard Sleeper, Irene Spencer, Alberta Howe, Ruth Sayre, Arthur Bowman, Bill Tong, Walter Kintz; 3rd Row:  Sandra Stanton, Minnie Goodrich, Flora Goodrich, Hank Sleeper, Bob Tooker, Margaret Sydney, Ruth Adams; Bottom Row:  Ruth Haines, George Green, Ella German, Bertha Smith
Wellsburg School District #1
Junior Class of 1932
Harold Wenck, Hidden ?, John Nolan, Emily Merriam, Ella May Sayre, Doris Kintz, Anna Keller, Bernice Miller
…Anna Keller Plate Photo

1934Wellsburg School
Wellsburg School District #1
Undated Photo – ca 1934
Top:  William Conklin, ….?...., Walter Newcomer, Marsha Tong, ….?....
2nd Row:  Lynn Hackett, Bernard Gaines, Donald Hanmer, Wayne Bement, ….?...., Marcia Bowman, Martha Sayre
3rd Row:  ? Anderson, ….?...., ? Anderson, Martha Hanmer, Grant Sayre, Edward Burt, Jane Conklin
Bottom Row:  ….?...., Ella Miller, ….?...., ….?...., Martha Tong
Sorry, This one is wee tiny., but you have the name labels to see. 

1935 Wellsburg School
No label came with this one. You'll jve to try to read names on photo. Wellsburg 1935 Third & Fourth Grades
1947 Wellsburg School
Wellsburg School District #1
Fifth and Sixth Grades – 1947
Front: Dale Ackerman, Richard Whitson, Joan Smoogen, Kay Rosekrans, Connie Fives, Patty Miller, Foy Lusk, Donald Owens
Center:  Bruce Morris, Shirley Carpenter, Virginia Wood, Alice Voorhis, Shirley Eddy, Joan Page, Ronald Owens, Mervin Stanton
Back:  Gerald Hill, M. Cooper, Walter Keller, Clifford Conklin, Henry Wilson, Marvin Stanton, Merkle Stanton, James Brooks
Teacher, Nettie B. Denton
…R&B Smith Photo
1948 Wellsburg School Mixed Chorus
First row:  J. Wigsten, M. Holland, K. Rosekrans, c. Fives, M. Benedict, L. Sydney, J. Burt, L. Bonnefond, R. Owens, J. Deibler, A. Hutchinson, J. Brooks, S. Carpenter, B. Smith.
Second row:  R. Wainwright, B. Lusk, H. Denton, B. Hanmer, J. Crandall, V. MacKenzie, J. Plainsted, D. MacKenzie, D. Fives, J. Sayre, J. Richardson, C. Ackerman, Mrs. Howe.
Third row:  B. Ryder, J. Ackerman, M. Bookmiller, J. Smith, J. Beckwith, B. Anderson, D. Leonard, E. Lowman, A. Voorhis, K. Burt
Fourth row:  T. Eddy, R. Whitson, R. Steward, P. Ryder, R. Stewart, D Stewart, J. Tallis, W. Palmer, C. Page, J. Rumsey.

Wellsburg Union School, Wellsburg, N.Y. 1948  Mixed Chorus

1897 Wellsburg School

September 2007 -- Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the wonderful website that you maintain!  Both of my husband's parents grew up in the Tri-County area and the site contains a wealth of information that has been very helpful.  The search feature is particularly useful!

In response to your request that we send you any information that we may have, I am forwarding this picture that I just discovered this evening.  It is of the Wellsburg Public School in June 1897.  Some of the people in the picture are identified, while a good number are not.  However, you may be able to get help in identifying the rest.

My husband's mother, Ruth Duke Wheeler, grew up in Wellsburg, New York.  Her parents were William Duke and Anna May Prescott Duke. (She went by May Duke.)  Anna May Prescott was the daughter of Joseph Prescott and Anna May Cunningham, the daughter of George Cunningham and Mary Fitzgerald Cunningham. They are buried in the Ashland Cemetery, along with two of Anna May Cunningham Prescott's brothers who died in New York City of small pox.

Anna May Cunningham and three of her brothers had gone to New York City to study telegraphy.  Anna May Cunningham was one of the first women to study telegraphy and we have her telegraph set.

George Cunningham and Mary Fitzgerald were natives of County Roscommon in Ireland, one of the hardest hit counties during the potato famine.  Through your site, I was able to gain information on George's brother, Henry, who settled in Sylvania in Bradford County.  I may have found their father or other close relative in the St. John's Cemetery in Troy Borough, Pennsylvania. William Cunningham died in 1859 and is buried between Henry Cunningham and his wife, Bridget.  I am hoping to be able to find some record that will give me more information on who William was and his relation to Henry.

Again, thank you for all the work you have put into the site.  It is a tremendous source of information.  I hope that this picture is helpful.

Kathleen J. H. Wheeler
Ashton, Maryland

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
Published On Tri-Counties Site On 20 JAN 2007
By Joyce M. Tice
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