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Clarence Woodard sent these in back in January 2006 for identification. I never got back to him but hopefully he will find them here with IDs he wanted.

Note from Jeanne Morgan - Hi, Joyce,
     Nancy Smith told me to look at the photos of cheerleaders and basketball players labeled 1960, but it isn't 1960.  It's when our class was in 9th grade - 1957-58.  The cheerleaders are all 9th graders:

Back Row : Jeanne Morgan, Cindy Cummings, Judy Casselberry, Shirley Rose, Nancy Grafius.

Front Row: Barbara Wallenberg, Phyllis Welch, Nancy Earley, Janet Baron, Susan Rush

If you can fill in my question marks, let me know. I could go look in the yearbooks but that would be too easy.
Back Row: ??, Bob Jones, Jay McMillen (A whole lot shorter than he eventually turned out to be), Jerry Farrer, Jerry Rice, Bill Cady, Jim Bixby (maybe), Jack Baynes, Don Inscho, Wendell Hitchcock

Middle Row: Lee Oburn, Doug Best, Ron English, John McNaney,  Jerry Davey, Rudy Ames.

Front Row: Art (Butch) Townsend, Bill Leopold, Gary VanNocken, Allen Schanbacher, Mike Brace

1959 Junior High Basketball- Photo sent in by John McNaney
Front - Don Inscho, Jim Mudge, Bob Morgan
Middle - Mike Brace, Jay McMillen, Jack Baynes, John McNaney, Jim Bixby, Wendell "Brother" Hitchcock
Back - Ron Somogy, ??, Donald Stilwell, Bob Jones, Gary Cleveland, Phil Smith, Jerry Farrer, Dick Davey, Al Schanbacher, Paul Bailey --- HOORAY I named them all but the coaches. 
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 05/24/2006
By Joyce M. Tice
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