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Pennant Winners Summer 1940
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From Burt Beers, submitted by Mike Tuccinardi

Left to Right:
Carlton "Pat" Beers
Earl Van Gorder
Eli "Junie" Bodine Jr. (Geoff Bodine's father)
Bob Lovell
Andy  ?
Skeet Stanton - no kin to Bill Stanton
"Bucky"  ?????
Bill Stanton
Chet Beers - no kin to Carlton or Burt Beers
Barney Groves (in civlian dress)

Bat Boy - in front - our very own Burt Beers

Late 1940s Team
Photo courtesy of Jim Dewey Sr.
Information courtesy of  Jim Dewey Sr. and Burt Beers.

 Front Row:
(1) Harry Carlisle
(2) Unknown
(3) Maynard Bodine
(4) ? Cooper,
(5) Duke Secrest 

Back Row:
(1) Unknown
(2) Paul Dewey
(3) Eli Bodine, Jr.
(4) Umpire unknown
(5) Unknown
(6) Bobby Hammond
(7) Earl Van Gorder
(8) Dean Peters
(9)  Umpire Bill Stanton? 

Colorful aside about Earl Van Gorder from Burt Beers:

  Much to my surprise (his age,I would thought, would have ruled him out) I'm fairly sure that the seventh man in the back row is Earl Van Gorder. He lived in the first house to the east of Wyncoop Creek (directly across from the Casterline's) on Rt 17 (now #60). Earl loved baseball above all. Usually played shortstop; good fielder and could field ground balls and tag batters out before they reached first. I knew him well, since, whenever there was time during water plant lunch breaks he was ready to play catch with me, or do the same if I rode my bike over to his house. He had farmed for several years as a tenant on the river flats below Waverly Hill, but the Depression killed that.

  Fortunately he applied for a job when a place opened at the plant (CSW), so he finished out his life--quite literally--with the CSW. In his last years he had some heart trouble that he survived until one morning while he was standing beside a conveyer while his truck destined for Binghamton was being loaded (he no longer could lift anything) when the fellow beside Earl heard Earl say sofltly, "Well, here I go," as he dropped to the floor. He was dead when he reached to pavement.

 Aside from being one of my "good playmates" the Van Gorders bcame famiy friends. Earl's wife Ellen was a superb cook and she and my mother collaborated on family gatherings on Saturday suppers and everyone gathered later around the radio listening to "Your Hit Parade". I imagine that we looked much like the photos that you see these days of life in the 193os.


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By Joyce M. Tice
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