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Family Histories from Joyce M. Tice and Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project

Please read all of this explanation before accessing the family reports

From this point on, all requests for family information from my extensive files will be formatted for the web page. This reduces the expense I have had to incur in the past in printing and mailing material to users who were unable to receive Emailed reports because they did not have the necessary software. This collection of reports will grow as requests come in.

In exchange, it will be your responsibility to provide me with updates to the present generation on any of these lines. If you are not willing to make that committment, please do not make requests and please do not make use in any way of the materials so posted. Such contributions from you will allow the database to grow even more and will increase my ability to distribute genealogical material with a Tioga County origin. I have had to make this statement because many people over the past several years have been willing to benefit from my efforts and generosity in sharing this work, but have not considered it worth an exchange of their data. This online presentation is an experiment to see how responsive users of this material will be to pay back in kind for my very extensive research and the financial expense I have incurred in creating this work.

Frequently asked questions

1. Do you want to know about people on these lines who do not live in Tioga County? Answer: YES, SRGP is about the ancestors and descendants of the settlers and early residents of eastern Tioga County and western Bradford County. A descendant is s descendatns no matter how many years or how many miles come between that person and Tioga County.

2. Do you want the female lines followed also? Answer: YES. Genealogy that drops female lines because of tradition controlled name changes is not genealogy, It is linguistics, and that is another field altogether.

3. I do not know how to Email my research, and they it is not typed up anyway. How do you want to receive it? Answer: Postal mail is fine. Please send me photocopies of your Family Group Sheets, Pedigree Charts, obituaries or whatever. Plese make sure your work is appropriately documented. If it is by interview, indicate whom you have interviewed and when. Email me to request my mailing address.

Family Histories: 

Descendants of Thomas KEENEY and Mercy LAMB of Middlebury Township- Dec. 17, 97. This report is in three files Generations One, Two, Three; Generation Four; Generations Five and Six. These may be printed by selecting File. Print from your menu. 
BUTLER Newspaper references submitted by Myrna Blumberg - Dec. 04, 1997
Thomas WILSON & Eunice NORTHRUP Descendants. Sullivan Townsip migrants of this old Connecticut Family. Generations one through three. December 25, 1997.
Descendants of Andrew KIFF and Mary JUNTEAU of Ward Township - January 3, 1998
Descendants of Jabez FLETCHER and Naomi PETTIBONE of Springfield Township, Bradford County PA - January 4, 1998
Reuben DAGGETT of Daggett, Jackson Township, Tioga County PA - January 5, 1998 - See also a History of Daggett, PA
Silas Ripley Ancestry - Born in Sullivan Township, Tioga County and migrated to Gaines Township, Tioga County PA - January 6, 1998
Descendants of Sally SHEARMAN and Nehemiah HODGES of Sullivan Townhip for Three Generations. January 12, 1998.
Mary ?? and Silas CUMMINGS of Rutland descendants for four generations, prepared on Jan. 31, 1998
SLINGERLAND Descendants of Sullivan, Rutland, and Richmond Township for four generations, prepared on February 9, 1998. Replaced with updated report 2009
Canedy / Kennedy Family of Bradford and Tioga Counties. Three generations of descendants of Alexander KENNEDY and Catherine BROWN of Springfield Township, Bradford County - April 17, 1998
Descendants of John BIXBY and Polly -surname unknown of Bradford and Tioga Counties. May 2, 1998 
Ancestors of Uriah MAINEof Mainesburg and Wisconsin - May 20, 1998 
Ancestors of Ainsley Newberry McCONNELL - May 31, 1998 
Family Photos of Catherine CARROLL & Jacob WEAVER - August 13, 1998 
WELCH Family Reunion Records - October 10, 1998 
Bertha WELCH & Clarence KLINGER photos - April 1, 1999

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