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1800  Tax Records for  Tioga County PA 
Tioga Township
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Tioga Township Taxpayers 1800

Tioga County, Pennsylvania

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1812 Tioga Township Taxables
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With the beginning of the Nineteenth Century the legislature deemed it proper to have an enumeration made of the taxable inhabitants of Lycoming county, and an act to that effect was passed March 8, 1800. Tioga Township embraced all that part of the present area of Tioga County lying north of the summit of Brier Hill and east and north of Pine Creek. It also included all of Bradford County lying west of the old line of Luzerne County, and that portion of Potter County lying north of Pine Creek and east of the 120th mile-stone on the New York State Line.
John Carothers paid $16 on September 3, 1800 for taking enumeration.
Source: History of Tioga County, Pennsylvania, 1897, pp 41-42.
Transcribed by . J. Kelsey Jones
Name Occupation Age Notes by J. Kelsey Jones
Adams, Isaac farmer 55  
Adams, Rufus farmer 24  
Alderman, Elisha farmer 50  
Alderman, Ephraim farmer 44  
Allington, John farmer 24  
Ammisey, Merwin farmer 22  
Ammisey, Moses farmer 50  
Bardwell, Peres cooper 33  
Bartles, Samuel farmer 38  
Beecher, Hopestill farmer 24  
Berry, Thomas innkeeper    
Bidings, Joseph farmer 25  
Bigelow, Lewis farmer 38  
Blanchard, Abner cooper 63  
Blanchard, Abner farmer 21  
Blanchard, Charles farmer 32  
Blanchard, Ezekiel farmer 23  
Bloss, Dorman millwright 29  
Bobster, John farmer 50  
Boher, Peggy widow 31  
Bonney, Jonathan farmer 25  
Brevear, Ralph farmer 25 Ralph Bovier who resided present Wells Township, Bradford County
Bulkley, William farmer 40  
Burlingame, William farmer 56  
Cady, Abel farmer 25  
Cady, Elijah farmer 52  
Cady, John farmer 25  
Cady, Manasseh farmer 69  
Cady, Peter farmer 23  
Cady, Philip farmer 52  
Cady, Philip farmer 26  
Cady, Zebulon farmer 46  
Campbell, William farmer 23  
Chambers, Benjamin   40  
Chambers, Calvin farmer 27  
Chambers, David farmer 24  
Cloger, Charles farmer 44  
Cook, Reuben farmer 51  
Culver, Amasa farmer 25  
Gardner, John farmer 35  
Gardner, Stephen farmer 30  
Gaylord, Lemuel farmer 35 Resided present Wells Township, Bradford County
Gillet, Aaron innkeeper 34  
Goodhue, George tailor 57  
Goodling, John   21  
Griggs, John farmer 50  
Guisel, Jonathan farmer 30  
Haines, Gideon joiner 28  
Harrison, Stephen farmer 43  
Holden, William farmer 28  
Holiday, Daniel farmer 21  
Hovey, Gurdon carpenter 22  
Hovey, Josiah innkeeper 52  
Hovey, Simeon carpenter 24  
Hulings, John shoemaker 27  
Ingersole, Barret M. farmer 22  
Ingersole, Daniel farmer 60  
Inscho, Obadiah farmer 36  
Ives, Ambrose farmer 63  
Ives, Benajah farmer 29  
Ives, Benjamin farmer 45  
Ives, John Jr farmer 26  
Ives, John Sr farmer 55  
Ives, Timothy farmer 33  
Ives, Titus innkeeper 33  
Jennings, James farmer 27  
Jervis, John farmer 21  
Job, Philip farmer 24  
Johnston, Subil joiner 30  
Jordan, Daniel farmer 35  
Jordan, Liberty free colored 25  
Kelley, Joseph farmer 28  
Kennedy, David farmer 50  
Kennedy, William farmer 25  
Kingsley, Mr. carpenter 40  
Kinyon, Benjamin farmer 26  
Kinyon, James farmer 72  
Kinyon, John farmer 28  
Kiphart, Jacob farmer 52  
Knox, William farmer 30  
Lamb, Gad farmer 55  
Lane, Joseph farmer 23  
Lane, Stephen farmer 54  
Losey, Jesse farmer 35  
Losey, Stephen farmer 30  
Marvin, Elisha farmer 28  
Miller, Garret farmer 42 Resided present Jackson Township, Tioga County
Miller, Samuel farmer 22 Resided present Jackson Township, Tioga County
Mitchell, Richard farmer 30  
Mitchell, Robert farmer 24  
Mitchell, Thomas blacksmith 29  
Needham, Samuel farmer 28  
Newell, John farmer 35  
Niles, Nathan farmer 44  
Palmer, Samuel   53  
Penrose, William farmer 35  
Philips, Daniel farmer 31  
Philips, Job farmer 59  
Pike, George farmer 37  
Pribble, Reuben farmer 27  
Pritchard, Lyman farmer 26  
Radley, Jacob farmer 40  
Randle, Stephen farmer 30  
Rathbun, William farmer 24  
Reed, Jacob farmer 38  
Schoonover, Christopher farmer 43  
Seelye, Ebenezer farmer 45  
Server, Jacob farmer 48  
Sesse, Titus farmer 40  
Smith, Stephen farmer 23  
Socket, Stephen farmer 28  
Southworth, Royal joiner 24  
Spencer, Uriah farmer 30  
Stiles, Jacob farmer 40  
Strait, Daniel farmer 39  
Thompson, Christopher farmer 26  
Thompson, Daniel farmer 49  
VanCamp, James farmer 60  
VanCamp, John farmer 24  
Webster, Ezekiel farmer 24  
White, Elisha farmer 52  
Wilcox, Samuel farmer 23  
Wilson, John farmer 25  
Wilson, Thomas farmer 26  
John Carothers paid $16 on September 3, 1800 for taking enumeration.
Source: History of Tioga County, Pennsylvania, 1897, pp 41-42.
Transcribed by . J. Kelsey Jones

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By Joyce M. Tice