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This transcription of the 1814 Columbia Township Tax Assessments includes names only. The remaining columns have not been transcribed at this time. 
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1814 Columbia Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania assessment
Baldwin, Samuel  
Ball, David single freeman
Ballard, Samuel  
Beaman, Joseph  
Benson, Isaac single freeman
Benson, James dec'd
Benson, John  
Bestley, Oliver  
Biseby, John  
Button, Peter blacksmith
Canfield, Oliver  
Chapin, Lorenzo  
Chapin, Samuel 1/2 sawmill
Colins, Ami  
Des__eg, Jonathan listed as single freeman and then name crossed out
Dewey, James  
Early, Robert  
Edsell, Jesse single freeman
Edsell, Richard single freeman
Edsell, Samuel  
Edwards, David  
Ferman, Peter  
Ferman, William justice of the peace
Garnet, Peter  
Gibbs, Sheldon  
Gibbs, Wareham single freeman
Goodrich, Elnathan house and land transfer from Phillip Robbins
Hakes, David single freeman
Hakes, Solomon  
Hakes, Solomon S. land transfer to David Hakes
Harris, Harvey  
Haswell, David R.  
Hitchcock, Steven  
How, Asa  
Hullburt, Ebenezar  
Hullburt, Samuel carpenter
Hullburt, Zacheus removed, house and land transferred to Ebenezar Hullburt
Jones, Asa land transfer from David Watkins
Jones, Phineas land transferred from David Watkins
Jones, Steven  
Keyes, Charles hatter
Lamb, James  
Lamphere, Levi  
Lamphere, Samuel house and land transfer to Aaron Squires
Lane, Allen  
Lilley, John house and land transfer to Sam'l Baldwin & David Edwards
Lillibridge, Joseph  
Lillibridge, Joseph Jr.  
Louis, Thomas  
Mainard, Shubal house and land transfer from William Smith
Matson, James  
McClelland, Frederick single freeman
McClelland, John  
McClelland, John W.  
Merrett, Calvin  
Merrett, Nathaniel  
Merrett, Reuben single freeman
Merrett, William house and lot transfer to Nathaniel Merrett; house and land transfer to Moses Taylor
Miller, Daniel 1/2 sawmill
Morgan, Chapman transfer from Aaron Squires and Nathaniel Morgan dec'd
Morgan, James land transfer from Nathaniel Morgan dec'd
Morgan, Nathaniel dec'd; house and land transfer to Chapman Morgan and James Morgan
Morse, Benoni single freeman
Moss, Benoni  
Mulford, Eleazer  
Nash, Reuben house and land transfer to David Watson; 1/4 sawmill; house and land transfer from Moses Taylor
Parmer, David  
Parsons, Eli  
Parsons, Eli Jr. tanyard; tanner
Parsons, James single freeman
Parsons, Kellogg  
Peters, Comfort  
Powers, Simeon  
Pratt, Rufus land transfer from Charles Taylor
Preston, Colburn single freeman
Preston, Levi  
Rexford, Thomas  
Robins, Philip house and land transfer to Elnathan Goodrich
Rose, William  
Seeley, Benjamin struck off by the line in Wells
Seeley, Joseph single freeman
Seelye, Adam  
Shepherd, John Esq.  
Smead, Elihu  
Smead, Francis listed as single freeman and then crossed out
Smith, Silas  
Smith, William removed, land transfer to Shubald Mainard
Soper, Levi  
Soper, Rodger  
Soper, Solomon  
Spencer, Thomas dec'd; house and land transfer to Ezra Spencer in possesion of Daniel Woodward tenant
Squires, Aaron removed, land transfer to Chapman Morgan & Sam'l Lamphere
Squires, Jabez removed
Stevens, Cyprian some land transferred to Wm Merrett
Stone, John  
Stone, Oliver  
Strait, Burton  
Strait, Samuel  
Taylor, Charles land transfer to Rufus Pratt
Taylor, Moses house and land transfer to Reuben Nash; house and land transfer to Wm Merrett
Tinkham, Calvin  
Watkins, David some land transferred to Phineas Jones
Watson, David removed, house and land transferred to Reuben Nash
Watson, Otis tanner; single freeman
Webber, William  
Webber, William Jr. single freeman
West, John  
Wheeler, Isaac  
Wheeler, Moses  
Wilber, John  
Wolf, Michael  
Wood, Jabez  
Woodward, Daniel  
Woodward, Daniel  as tenant to Ezra Spencer
Wright, Thomas  
Commissioners of Bradford County requested assessment 10 February 1814
Moses Wheeler, assessor, certified assessment March 1814 and then a second certification 4 April 1814

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