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Smithfield Township Tax Roll,  Bradford County PA 1815

Note from transcriber Pat SMITH Raymond:  I checked spelling by cross checking 1813 and 1814 Tax Assessment Records. Mistakes are still possible since the penmanship was difficult to read on some.

*Because I am familiar with the names, I believe Springfield residents were included.
Copied and typed by Pat Raymond  Feb. 12, 2000

The Smitfield Township Assessment Lists (also known as tax lists) were lists compiled each year by the township assessor, usually in the fall preceding the assessment year. Besides giving the name and sometimes the occupation these lists also gave the number
of improved and unimproved acres, horses, cattle, and other farm animals. There were also listed those families who could not pay for their children's schooling and shown as "poor children." These lists are at the Bradford County Historical Society in
Towanda and can be consulted for further information in regards to acreage, animals, etc., that a resident was assessed for. In the earlier years even young single men were taxed even if they did not own real estate.

Adams Harvey 1318  
Allen Samuel 497  
Allen David 270  
Ames Zepheniah 651
Ames Joshua 379 Deceased - By his agent Nehemiah Tracy
Ballard Thomas 410  
Barber Solomon 40  
Barrows Thomas 300  
Bascum John 142  
Bassett John 492  
Beals David 688  
Beals Reuben 227  
Benedict Stephen 233  
Bird John 411  
Bird Michael 502  
Brigham Timothy 150  
Bullock Darius 212  
Calif Stephen 132
Calif Stephen, Jr. 251  
Calif Ezra 272
Campbell James 395
Compton William 371  
Couch David 167  
Dewitt Kenny 254  
DWolf James 202
Fairman Judson 402  
Farnsworth William 582  
Farnsworth Asa 304  
Fletcher Jabez 149  
Ford Noah 542  
Ford Jacob 141  
Forrest Asa 0 Wagonmaker
Forrest David 336  
Gates Seth 369  
Gerould Ephraim 30  
Gerould George 377  
Gerould James 374  
Gerould Ziba 100 Single freeman
Hacket Asa 301  
Hale Benjamin 600  
Hayes Oliver Jr. 726  
Hayes Sealye (?) 46  
Hayes Warren 11  
Hibbard Alexander 306  
Holcomb Alpheus 420
Holcomb Jared, Esq.(?) 117  
Horton Henry 100  
Kellogg Samuel 510  
Kellogg Chauncy 345  
Kellogg Austin 305  
Kingsley Sloan 703
Kingsley Isaiah 405  
Lee Samuel 269  
Lockwood Edmond 510  
McKean Samuel 354  
Mitchell Reuben 1297
Mitchell Edward 445  
Mitchell Anson 504  
Morse Solomon Jr. 436  
Needham Timothy 413  
Needham Elias Junior 468  
Needham Elias Junior 20  
Ormsby Abner W. 581  
Phelps Jared Jr. 422  
Phelps Ralph  
Pierce Phineas 337 Deceased 
Pierce Abiram 589  
Rice Daniel 41  
Rose Jantus (?) 284  
Satterlee James 22  
Satterlee Samuel Col. 942  
Satterlee Nathaniel 31  
Scott John 179  
Scott Asahel 421  
Smith Enos 480  
Smith William 467  
Stocking Alvin 309  
Stone Jonathan 163  
Thomas Abner W. 244  
Thomas Nelson 313  
Titus Stephen 117  
Tracy Nehemiah 1141  
Tracy Omstead 224  
Ward Seth 156  
Watkins William 544  
Wells Charles 493  
Wilcox Stephen 233  
Williams Constant 305  
Williams Addison 161  
Williams William 233  
Wing Samuel 22  
Wood Moses 255  
Wood Samuel 1139  
Wood Ezra 163  
Woodworth Charles 294  

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 03/12/2000
By Joyce M. Tice