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1816 Wells Township Tax Assessment

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1816 Wells Township Assessment (included present Ridgebury and South Creek)

Wells Township Page

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Alberson, Ricliff acreage transferred to Samuel Ingelson
Baldwin, Isaac acreage transferred to Silas Walden
Baldwin, Vine  
Bartlett, William  
Bates, Amos  
Batterson, James  
Bennight, Saml  
Bentley, Thomas  
Bird, Kelsey  
Boughton, Joseph acreage transferred to Ricliff Alberson
Bovier, Noah acreage transferred to Aaron Stiles
Bovier, Ralph  
Buck, Elijah  
Calhoun, Treuman  
Campbell, Benajah acreage transferred to Jeremiah Graves
Campbell, Enoch single freeman
Campbell, Joel  
Campbell, Jonathan  
Campbell, Nathl  
Campbell, Silas  
Campbell, William acreage transferred to Owen Griswold
Cook, Jonathan  
Cummings, John acreage transferred to William Campbell
Comfort, Edwd  
Cook, Elizabeth  
Cooper, Clark moved off
Cooper, Richard  
Criss, Saml acreage transferred to Wm Baker
Edsell, Jesse  
Edsell, Saml  
Fox, Levi  
Fuller, Abial  
Fuller, Isaac  
Fuller, Lemuel acreage transferred to James Campbell
Fuller, William acreage transferred to Vine Baldwin
Graves, Jeremiah acreage transferred to Benajah Campbell
Hatfield, Morris acreage transferred to David Griswold
Horton, Reuben acreage transferred to John Mapes
Hurlbut, Zacheus  
Hyde, George  
Judson, Ithamar  
Judson, Solomon single freeman
Kent, Jonathan  
Knapp, Zephaniah  
Lafler, Peter  
Mapes, John  
Matterson, Levi  
Miller, Samuel  
Mitchel, James  
Moore, Asa  
Moore, Jesse  
Moore, Joseph  
Moore, Theophilus single freeman
Moore, William  
Osgood, John  
Osgood, Levy  
Owen, Griswold acreage transferred to Wm Campbell
Parker, Joseph  
Parker, Joseph Jr.  
Pierce, Asa  
Pierce, Isaac  
Rickey, Israel crossed out and Stephen Rickey written over
Rickey, Israel Jr.  
Rowley, George  
Rowley, Peter  
Rowley, Shubal  
Seely, Bartlett  
Seely, Benjamin  
Seely, William  
Smith, John  
Stiles, Aaron bought of Lebbeus Tubbs & Noah Bovier
Stiles, Job  
Striker, Peter acreage transferred to Israel Seely
Tice, Joseph  
Tubbs, Lebeus acreage transferred to Aaron Stiles
Wells, Henry of New York state
Wynkoop, Gurshom  

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