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1822 Wells Township Assessment (included present South Creek)
Wells Township Page

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Albertson, Rickliff wife, Elizabeth
  poor children:
  Isaac Albertson, age 8
  Wm B. Albertson, age 11
Alvord, Nathan Jr.  
Andrus, Ephm  
Andrus, Gideon  
Andrus, Silvia widow
Baker, Ezekiel  
Baker, Hosea  
Baker, Samuel  
Baker, Wm  
Baker, Wm Jr. single freeman
Bates, Amos wife, Nancy
  poor children:
  Lydia Bates, age 11
  Francis Bates, age 9
  Amos Bates, Jr., age 7
Batterson, Silas  
Beers, Jabez H.  
Beers, Timothy  
Beers, William  
Bird, Benja F. Jr. acreage transferred to William T. Knapp & Marcus White
Bird, Thomas W. removed by death, transferred to Peter P. French
Bovier, Ralph acreage transferred to Geo Hyde
Bovier, Solomon  
Buckman, Geo perhaps should be Buchanan
Capron, Joseph  
Comfort, Moses  
Comfort, Thomas M.  
Cooper, John  
Cooper, Richd  
Criss, Saml  
Criss, Walter  
Davie, John  
Edsall, Barton  
Edsall, Jesse  
Edsall, Saml  
French, James S. single freeman
French, Peter P. from Silas Waldron
French, Seabury G. single freeman
Gale, Lewis  
Gifford, Alpheus wife, Anna
  poor child:
  Mary Gifford, age 6
Goff, Bethuel  
Goff, Elisha   68708
Goff, Solomon  
Goff, William  
Griswold, David  
Holdridge, Danl  
Holdridge, Danl Jr.  
Holly, Joseph  
Hyde, Goerge acreage transferred to Ralph Bovier
Ingalls, James  
Ingalls, Samuel  
Ingalls, Wm S.  
Judson, Isaac  
Judson, Ithamar  
Judson, Saml  
Judson, Solomon  
Kelly, John acreage transferred to Jesse Kelly
Kimble, Ebenezer acreage transferred to Ephraim Andrus
Knapp, William T. jointly with Marcus White
Knapp, Zephah  
Marcum, Curtis property in possession of Orlando Seymour
Marken, Sally widow, married Orlando Seymour
McIntire, Waterman  
McLain, Alanson  
Miller, Jonathan  
Moore, Gabriel B. acreage transferred to Jesse Moore
Moore, Israel  
Moore, Jesse  
Moore, Joseph single freeman
Moore, Joseph Jr.  
Moore, Richd  
Moore, Theophilus  
Osgood, John  
Osgood, Shubal single freeman
Osgood, Thos  
Osgood, Thos Jr.  
Osgood, Wm  
Pettingell, George D.  
Pierce, Asa  
Pierce, Obedience widow, acreage transferred to Edwd Spaulding
Ray, Daniel  
Reed, John  
Rowley, Ananias  
Rowley, George  
Rowley, Johnathan  
Rowley, Shubal  
Rowley, Shubal Jr.  
Seely, Benjn  
Seely, Israel  
Seely, Saml Jr. house unoccupied, land from Elisha Goff
Seely, Strong  
Seely, William  
Seymour, Orlando in possession of property formerly owned by Curtis Marcum
Sims, George  
Smith, Saml  
Smith, Solomon L.  
Stiles, Aaron  
Thomson, John  
Waldron, Silas removed, transferred to French
West, Thomas removed
White, Amos G. acreage transferred to Saml Baker
White, Marcus jointly with William T. Knapp
Wilson, Estill acreage transferred to Alanson McLain
Wilson, James  

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