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Wells townshi[p Tax Assessment 1829

1829 Wells Township Tax Assessment

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The Wells Township Assessment Lists (also known as tax lists) were lists compiled each year by the township assessor, usually in the fall preceding the assessment year. Besides giving the name and sometimes the occupation these lists also gave the number of improved and unimproved acres, horses, cattle, and other farm animals. There were also listed those families which could not pay for their childrens' schooling and shown as "poor children." These lists are at the Bradford County Historical Society in Towanda and can be consulted for further information about acreage, animals, etc., that a resident was assessed for. In the earlier years even young single men were taxed even if they did not own real estate. Ridgebury and South Creek were included in Wells until their formation.

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Wells Township Page

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Ameigh, Lawrence L.  
Andrews, Gideon H.  
Andrews, Sylva  
Baily, Benjamin  
Baker, Ezekiel  
Baker, Hosea  
Baker, Samuel ?.  
Baker, William  
Baker, William Jr.  
Batterson, Henry  
Batterson, Silas poor child:
  Harriet Batterson, age 8
Beers, William  
Bovair, Noah 2d  
Bovair, Ralph  
Bovair, Solomon  
Brown, Benjamin  
Brown, Obediah  
Buchanan, William  
Capron, Joseph  
Cole, James  
Cook, Jeremiah  
Cooper, John  
Cooper, William  
Criss, Samuel  
Criss, Walter  
Davy, John poor child:
  Silas C. Davy, age 8
Dutemur, David  
Edsell, Barton  
Edsell, Jesse  
Edsell, Samuel  
Farr, Jason  
Ferris, Peter  
Forister, John C.  
French, George W.  
French, James  
French, Peter P. sawmill
French, Seabury G.  
Frost, John U.  
Goff, Bethuel  
Goff, Luman  
Goff, Solomon  
Goff, William  
Griswold, David Jr. justice of the peace
Hall, James I?  
Hall, Joshua  
Herrick, Mosses C.  
Hill, Benjamin  
Hill, Orin  
Holdridge, Daniel  
Holly, Joseph  
Ingals, Samuel  
Ingals, William S.  
Jennings, Stephen  
Judson, Isaac &  
Judson, Ithimar  
Kelly, Amos  
Kelly, David  
Kelly, Ezra  
Kelly, George  
Kelly, Martha  
Kinsman, George  
Knapp & White  
Knapp, Zephaniah  
Leonard, Curtis H.  
Livings, Joseph poor children:
  Timothy Livings, age 10
  Charlotte Livings, age 5
Lucas, Uriah name crossed out
Marr, David  
McLain, Alancen  
Miller, Johnathan poor child:
  Martha Jane Miller, age 9
Moore, Amos  
Moore, Asa  
Moore, Israel  
Moore, Jesse half of sawmill
Moore, Jesse Jr. half of sawmill
Moore, Joseph  
Moore, Theophilus  
Oaks, William  
Odell, Mosses  
Odell, Peter  
Osgood, James  
Osgood, John  
Osgood, Shubal  
Osgood, Thomas  
Osgood, Thomas 2d  
Osgood, William  
Petingall, George W.  
Pettingell, George D.  
Pierce, Asa  
Potter, Elisha  
Ray, Daniel  
Reed, John  
Reed, Nicholls L.  
Reynolds, Peter &  
Rice, Jedediah  
Rowlee, Ananias  
Rowlee, George  
Rowlee, James W.  
Rowlee, Shubul  
Rowlee, Shubul Jr.  
Rutan, James  
Sanderson, Peter poor child:
  Laurana Sanderson, age 6
Seamor, Orlando  
Seely, Alfred  
Seely, Benjamin  
Seely, Israel  
Seely, James  
Seely, James Jr.  
Seely, Strong  
Seely, William  
Sims, George  
Sixbee, Epham  
Smiley, Hugh  
Smith, Solomon L.  
Spalding, Edward  
Spencer, Joshua G.  
Stiles, Aaron  
Stiles, Stephen  
Still, Jacob  
Stokes, Gershom &  
Strong, John  
Sturdevand, Joseph  
Tarbox, Cyrus  
Thomson, John  
Voorhess, Aaron  
Warner, James &  
Warner, Truman B.  
White, Heman  
Willson, Estill  
Willson, James  

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