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The Wells Township Assessment Lists (also known as tax lists) were lists compiled each year by the township assessor, usually in the fall preceding the assessment year. Besides giving the name and sometimes the occupation these lists also gave the number of improved and unimproved acres, horses, cattle, and other farm animals. There were also listed those families which could not pay for their childrens' schooling and shown as "poor children." These lists are at the Bradford County Historical Society in Towanda and can be consulted for further information about acreage, animals, etc., that a resident was assessed for. In the earlier years even young single men were taxed even if they did not own real estate. Ridgebury and South Creek were included in Wells until their formation.

Original Spelling errors are maintained in the transcription

Adams, Levi acreage transfered from John Cooper
Allison, James  
Alvord see Olvard
Amy, John D.  
Amy, Lawrence Z.  
Andrus, Gideon  
Atkins, Saml  
Bailey, Benjamin  
Baker, Ambrose name crossed out
Baker, Ezekial  
Baker, Franklin  
Baker, Harlin acreage transfered from John Longwell
Baker, Hosea acreage transfered from Bundy & Cowls
Baker, Isaac  
Baker, Samuel H.  
Baker, William  
Baker, William Jr.  
Barlow, Miller  
Barnes, John acreage transfered from Joseph Livings
Barrett, Searls  
Beers, Henry portion of acreage transfered from William Shuart
Beers, William  
Belknap, Thomas house and lot
Bovier, Noah 2d acreage transfered to Z. Knapp
Bovier, Orrin  
Bovier, Ralph  
Bovier, Solomon acreage transfered to James Roe
Boylan, James  
Boyland, Danl  
Breese, Jeremiah  
Brewer, Johnson  
Briant, Aron  
Brink, Isaiah sawmill transfered to John S. Hoagland
Brown, Obadiah  
Brown, Sylvester H.  
Brownele, John  
Buchanan, Wm acreage transfered to Robert Perry
Bundy & Cowls acreage transfered to Hosea Baker
Bundy, Skyler sawmill
Burr, Aaron acreage transfered to T. D. Gustin
Capron, Joseph  
Campbell, Robert  
Carpenter, Noble  
Carr, Calvin  
Carr, James  
Carr, Madison  
Chittenden, W. E. & Co. merchant
Clark, John B. house and lot, tanyard
Colony, Charles  
Colony see Conoly
Conoly, Henry  
Cooper, John acreage transfered to Levi Adams
Crandall, John  
Crosby, Joshua sawmill
Davey, John  
Davis, Josiah L.  
Depew, Nicholas  
Dickerson, John B.  
Drake, Isaac  
Edsall, James M.  
Edsall, Jesse  
Edsall, Samuel  
Egbert, John sawmill
Evans, Charles grist mill, house and lot
Fassett, Philo  
Fassett, Philo Jr. single freeman
Ferris, Peter  
Fisher, Isaac acreage transfered to Ephraim Sixby
French, George W. name crossed out
French, Peter P. sawmill
French, Seabury G.  
French, William H. house and lot
Garner, Stephen  
Garrison, John  
Garrison, Justus  
Gee, Nelson  
Goff, Bethuel  
Goff, Luman  
Gordon, James  
Griswold, David Jr.  
Gustin, Thomas D. acreage transfered from Aaron Burr
Gustin, William acreage transfered from W. Holley
Haight, Hiram  
Haight, Stephen single freeman
Hall, Benjamin poor children: Eliza Hall age 9, Ellen Hall age 7, Francis Hall age 6
Hall, James I.  
Hall, Joshua  
Hall, Silas  
Herrick, Moses C.  
Hill, Frederick  
Hill, Silas  
Hoiglin, John S. acreage transfered from I. Brink
Holdridge, Daniel  
Holdridge, Daniel Jr.  
Holley, Joseph acreage transfered to Wm Gustin
House, Rockwell W. blacksmith
Ingals, Samuel  
Ingals, William S.  
Ingersoll, Gideon  
Jennings, Stephen  
Johnson, Alexander  
Jones, Harvey tavern
Jones, Sylvester name crossed out
Judson, Benjamin removed
Judson, Isaac  
Judson, Ithamar acreage transfered to Humphrey Mosher, tavern
Judson, Samuel  
Judson, Solomon  
Kirkindall, Jesse  
Knapp, Charles single freeman
Knapp, Peter  
Knapp, William R.  
Knapp, Zephaniah acreage transfered from Noah Bovier 2d
Kniffin, Andrew  
Lawrence, Caleb  
Learned, John Jr.  
Leonard, Curtis H.  
Livings, Joseph acreage transfered to John Barns - poor children: Charlotte Livings age 10, Elizabeth Livings age 8
Longwell, John acreage transfered to Harlen Baker
Lovell, Henry S. name crossed out
Lucas, James acreage transfered from Joseph C. Reed
Lucas, Uriah acreage transfered from J. Reed
Mapes, David  
Mapes, Nathaniel H.  
McElroy, Henry  
Miller, Caleb H.  
Miller, Jonathan  
Moore, Israel  
Moore, Jesse  
Moore, Jesse Jr.  
Moore, Theophilus  
Mosher, Humphrey acreage transfered from I. Judson, tavern
Nichols, Draper house and lot
Nickerson & Jones  
Nickerson, Asahel  
Nickerson, Squire  
Noble, Alonzo  
Noble, David P.  
Norris, Edward  
Odell, Moses  
Odell, Peter acreage transfered to John Reed
Olvard, Nathaniel Jr.  
Osborn, Abraham  
Osgood, George M.  
Osgood, James I. acreage transfered to George D. Petengele
Osgood, John portion of acreage transfered to Abraham Wortendyke
Osgood, Shubel  
Osgood, Thomas  
Osgood, William  
Perry, Robert acreage transfered from Wm Buchanan
Pettingall, Daniel  
Pettingall, Samuel  
Pittingall, George D.  
Pittingall, John G.  
Pitts, Luke N.  
Potter, Elisha R.  
Price, John removed
Price, John G.  
Reed, John acreage transfered from P. Odell
Reed, Joseph C. acreage transfered to James Lucas
Reed, Nicholas L.   
Reynolds, Peter  
Reynolds, Richard  
Roe, James acreage transfred from S. Bovier
Roe, Timothy acreage transfered to Bundy Skyler, sawmill; acreage transfered from James Rutan; acreage transfered from A. Wartendyke
Rowlee, Annanias removed
Rowlee, George  
Rowlee, Jonathan  
Rowlee, Shubal inn
Rowlee, Shubal Jr. justice
Roy, Alexander  
Russell, Ebenezer  
Rutan, James acreage transfered to Timothy Roe, land and house
Sanderson, Alpius house and lot
Sarles, Garry  
Sarles, Gilbert house and lot
Sarles, Nathaniel  
Sarles, Obadiah  
Sayre, William  
Sayres, Whittington  
Seargant, Stephen  
Searles & Hoagland  
Seely, Alexander  
Seely, Alfred  
Seely, Benjamin  
Seely, James J.  
Seely, James Jr.  
Seely, Samuel  
Seely, Strong  
Seely, Townsen acreage transfered from Joel Woodard
Seely, William  
Shuart, William portion of acreage transfered to Henry Beers
Simmons, Joshua sawmill
Simms, Albert  
Sims, George  
Sixby, Ephraim poor children: Rachel Ann Sixby age 10, John Sixby age 8, Mariabe Sixby age 6
Smiley, Hugh  
Smith, Solomon  
Snyder, Jacob  
Snyder, John removed
Spalding, Edward  
Steele, Jacob  
Stiles, Aaron name crossed out
  poor children: Syntha Stiles age 11, Roxyna Stiles age 9
Stiles, Daniel  
Stiles, Stephen  
Stokes, Gershom  
Stoner, Henry  
Strong, John  
Sturdevant, Jonathan acreage transfered to Aron Briant
Sturdevant, Jonathan Jr. acreage transfered to Solomon Smith
Sturdevant, Joseph  
Sturdevant, Joshua  
Thompson, John  
Titus, John  
Voorhis, Aaron deceased
Ward, Moses  
Warner, Hiram  
Warner, James  
Warner, Truman B. house and lot, acreage transfered to Thomas D. Gustin
Wartendyke, Abraham acreage transfered to Timothy Roe
Wells, Wm & Co. house and lot, merchant
Wheeler, Laban  
Wheeler, Wm  
Wiley, Wm  
William, Lines  
Wilson, Estill acreage transfered to Henry Colony
Wilson, James portion of acreage transfered to John Leonard
Woodard, Joel acreage transfered to Townsen Seely
Wright, James  acreage transfered to Henry Beers

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By Joyce M. Tice