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1841 Rutland Township Tax List
Tioga County PA
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Transcribed by J. Kelsey Jones  2005
Pages formatted & published by  Joyce M. Tice  2005
Photo by Joyce M. Tice 04 JAN 2003
Name list only - Consult original assessment list for land, horse, cattle, and oxen valuation
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Allen, William  
Ameigh, Abraham  
Andrew, Joseph  
Andrews, Joseph 2  
Arenel, Thomas E.  
Argetsinger, James  
Austin, Stewand  
Ayers, John S. blacksmith
Ayers, Mosman  
Backer, Peter  
Bailey, Constant  
Bailey, Robert single freeman
Bailey, Sylvester saw mill
Baker, Harlin  
Barnhart, Artemus  
Bartlett, Eli  
Bartlett, Hannah  
Benson, Hiram  
Benson, John  
Bentley, Benona  
Bentley, Bethewel  
Bentley, Green  
Bovier, James M. single freeman
Bovier, Ralph  
Brace, Horace single freeman
Brace, Timothy  
Brewer, Johnson  
Bryant, Ephraim  
Bulkley, Abner single freeman
Burdett, Christopher C. single freeman
Burton, Husey  
Burton, Levi  
Cameron, James single freeman
Cameron, John C. single freeman
Canfield, N. B.  
Carhet, Daniel single freeman
Clark, Josephus  
Crippen, Asa  
Crippen, Daniel  
Crippen, David  
Crippen, George P. single freeman
Crippen, Roswell single freeman
Crippen, Seth  
Cummins, Alexander  
Cummins, Elijah single freeman
Cummins, Jacob  
Daggett, G & Keys  
Daggett, George  
Daggett, Keys & Jones  
Daggett, Seth  
Dan, Elias single freeman
Dan, James  
Dan, James Jr.  
Dan, John B.  
Daton, Andrew  
Day, Ira  
Dickerson, James  
Everett, William  
Falen, James  
Fleming, William  
Frost, Gilbert H.  
Frost, John U.  
Gill, John  
Gilson, Allen S.  
Gilson, Samuel C. grist mill
Goodwin, William single freeman
Gott, Calvin  
Gould, Gardner  
Graretson, Justice  
Gray, Alfred  
Gray, Daniel H.  
Gray, Jonathan  
Guthrie, Lucas M.  
Handman, Calvin W.  
Handman, Peter  
Hale, Erasmus D. single freeman
Hale, Johnathan  
Hale, Norman K. single freeman
Hall, Nancy  
Harding, Joseph M.  
Harris, Able  
Harris, Alexander  
Harris, Alexander Jr.  
Hibbard, Sidney L.  
Holley, Silas  
Hornbeck, Abraham single freeman
Horton, John  
Horton, Schuyler L.  
Horton, Thomas  
Howland, Seth E.  
Huntley, David  
Huntley, Miller  
Ireland, Newcomb J.  
Jewel, Andrew C.  
Johns, Aaron  
Johns, Reuben  
Keys, William B.  
Killgore, William  
Lawrence, Benjamin  
Lewis, Peter  
Longwell, George  
Longwell, George T.  
Longwell, John  
Longwell, John D. single freeman
Longwell, Samuel K. single freeman
Mansfield, Amos  
McArthur, Alexander  
McWhorter, Gilbert  
Newberry, Nathan  
Niles, Rodney  
Orcutt, Mary  
Orcutt, Stephen  
Osgood, Levi  
Parmen, Lemuel  
Pearse, Charles  
Perry, John blacksmith
Perry, John Jr.  
Pettengell, Andrew J. single freeman
Pettengell, George D.  
Philips, Salmon  
Prutsman, Andrew  
Reynolds, Bennet E.  
Reynolds, David  
Reynolds, John  
Reynolds, Mathuen  
Richmond, Daniel  
Richmond, William  
Robyler, David S. physician, single freeman
Robyler, Hiram  
Robyler, Ira  
Roper, Ephraim  
Rose, Royal merchant
Rose, William tavern keeper
Rose, William Jr. postmaster
Sayre, B. S.  
Searls, Isaac  
Searls, Nathaniel  
Sherman, Charles  
Sharp, Andrew  
Shephard, Ralph  
Sherman, David E.  
Sherman, Jefferson  
Sherman, Pierce  
Smith, Isaac W.  
Smith, Israel  
Smith, Jesse  
Smith, Morris  
Smith, Rufus  
Smith, Silas  
Smith, Tristram single freeman
Smith, William single freeman
Soper, Harris  
Soper, Heman  
Soper, Thomas J.  
Stephens, Daniel  
Stillwell, Clark  
Stout, Jacob C.  
Stout, John T. single freeman
Sturdevant, Jesse  
Tanner, Alfred  
Thompson, Shadrock  
Tice, Philip  
Updike, Abraham J.  
Updike, Richard  
Updike, William  
Vaughan, John  
Vaness, Henry P.  
Vanzile, Daniel  
Watkins, Granderson  
Westbrook, Welheim  
Wheeler, Peter  
Willson, James  
Willson, John  
Willson, Samuel  
Wood, Solomon  
Wood, Solomon 2  
Wood, Rachael  
Wood, Stephen H.  

Published on Tri-Counties Site on 10/25/2005
By Joyce M. Tice