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Submitted by Patricia Wainwright, Curator, Erin Historical Society Museum
Spelling of names are as they appear in the tax book
Alexander, Benjamin

Allen, John

Armstrong, Ambrose

Arnot, John, Est.

Asay, Earl

Austin Edwin

Austin, Orin

Axtel, Henry & Jefferson

Babcock, Matilda

Backer, Charles

Bailey, Daniel

Baker, James

Baker, Joshua 

Baldwin, Warner

Bandfield, John

Bardwell, J. D.

Barnes, Chauncey

Barnes, Harriett

Barnes, Mary

Barto, Silas

Bayne, Mrs. P. C.

Becker, Asan

Becker, G. S. 

Becker, Preston

Becker, Sarah

Beckwith, Henry

Beckwith, Sally Ann

Benjamin, L. Nathan

Benjamin, Samuel

Benjamin, Susan S.

Bennet, Charles

Bennet, William

Benson, Henry 

Blanchard, Candas

Blauvelt, Abram

Blauvelt, Calvin

Blauvelt, J. D.

Blauvelt, Maggie

Blauvelt, Peleg

Blauvelt, Sylvester

Blauvelt, W. H.

Bowman, Clark

Bowman, T. P.

Boyer, Anson H.

Boyer, John

Breese, Amy D.

Breese, Sarah J.

Breese, Ulysses

Brewer, Adelbert

Brink, Charley

Brockway, Charles 

Brown, Frank

Brown, Rebecca 

Bush, J. L.

Bush, Rebecca

Butts, Lydia

Butts, Orrin

Carey, Charles

Carpenter, William

Caywood, Edna

Caywood, William

Chapman, Abner

Chapman, Louisa

Chapman, Mrs. Maria

Chapman, Samuel

Chapman, William

Chilson, Robert

Churchill Irene

Clark, Abigal

Claugharty, Mrs., Emily

Cogsdill, Luanna

Cole, Susan

Colegrove, N. C.

Coleman, Samuel

Collins, James

Colson, Sprague

Colson, Sprague & Joseph Swartwood

Compton, Andrew

Conklin, Eliza

Conklin, Walter

Cooper, Charles

Cooper, Elizabeth

Coventry, B. T.

Cowan, Andrew

Cowan, Harry H.

Cowan, John G.

Crandall, Fred

Crane, Susan (land owner)

Davis, Charles

Davis, Grant

Davis, John M.

Davis, Nathan

Davis, Wells

Decker, David

Decker, John

Devid, George

Dibble, James

Dibble, S. L.

Doty, L. R.

Doty, Nathaniel

Doty, Sarah J.

Drake, M. F.

Dunbar, Andyell

Earl, James

Early, Charles

Elston, Charles & Frank Earley

Elston, George

Elston, Grant

Elston, Isaac

Elston, James

Elston, Mary

Ennis, Lamott

Everhart, Peter

Everitt, J. L.

Farr, Jane E.

Finch, John

Finch, Samuel

Fitzgerald, Fred

Gater, George

Green, Daniel

Griswold, Charles

Hall, Bray D.

Hall, George

Halloway, George

Hammond, John M.

Hammond, Miranda

Hanson estate (D. H. Swazey)

Hanson, Flora

Hanson, W. W.

Harding & Messenger

Harding Brothers

Harding, Benjamin

Harding, Erva (Miss)

Harding, John S.

Harrington, Miles

Hawley, E. W.

Herdic, Charlotte

Herdic, M. H. estate

Hicks, Joshua

Hicks, Josiah

Hicks, Lucretia

Hilliker, Andrew M.

Hilliker, Theodore

Hilliker, William

Hollenbeck, Albert H.

Hollenbeck, Andy L.

Hollenbeck, Anthony estate

Hollenbeck, Charlotte

Hollenbeck, Eliza

Hollenbeck, Elizabeth

Hollenbeck, Erwin

Hollenbeck, Firman

Hollenbeck, Francis

Hollenbeck, Garrett

Hollenbeck, Garrett M.

Hollenbeck, Giles 

Hollenbeck, Giles (Mrs.)

Hollenbeck, Hamilton

Hollenbeck, Henry

Hollenbeck, Jacob 

Hollenbeck, James

Hollenbeck, John

Hollenbeck, John F/T

Hollenbeck, Lotta

Houck, Harvey

Houck, John A.

Houck, John W.

Houck, Samuel

Houghtailing, Chloe

Howard, Helen

Howe, Theodore

Howe, William

Hugg, Harry

Hugg, Harry

Hummell, John and Charles Tabor

Hummer, Alexander

Hummer, Erwin D.

Hummer, Irine

Hummer, Wakefield

Humphrey, George

Hunt, Eden & V. W. Spaulding

Huntsman, Angeline

Jakaway, O. A.

Jayes, Henry

Jaynes, David

Jaynes, Sylvester

Jenkins, Johnathan

Jenkins, William estate

Jessup, James

Johnson, Chestor

Jones, Albert

Jones, Daniel

Jones, Frank

Jones, J. R.

Kellogg, Shelzar

Kendall, William

Ketchem, Douglas

Kirkoff, Edward

Knapp, Risbie

Larrison, Selden

LeFevre, Dr.

Leonard, Catharine

Leonard, Jonah

Leonard, Lorenzo

Little, Johnson

Little, M. S.

Lowman, Jacob

Lyons, John

Malory, Henry & Francis

Manchester, Joseph

Mattison, Ella

McClary, Martha

McCoy, A. M.

McDowell, B. B.

McDowell, Charles

McDowell, Isabel

McDowell, Isabel

McDowell, Lola

McDowell, Mary

McDowell, Varnum

McIntyre, William

McMillian, Albert

McMillian, Charles

McMillian, George E.

McMillian, Julia T.

McMillian, Marietta

Miracle, Mary

Mitchell, James R.

Mitchell, John

Moulter, Adam

Moulter, Girtude

Munson, Frank

Munson, John M.

Munson, Moses

Munson, Wesley

Neish, Andrew

Neish, James B.

Neish, Margaret

Nichols, Benjamin

Page, Priscilla

Palmer, Ebenezer

Palmer, James

Park, Byron

Park, Eliza

Park, Floyd

Park, Marilla

Pattent, Edward

Pelham, Isaac

Phillips, Lorinda

Pollock, Robert

Rafferty, Delell

Rafferty, James

Reynolds, T. J.

Rick, George

Roberts, Anna Mariah

Robinson, O. P.

Robinson, Sabin

Rockwell, Hiram

Rodbourn, Ezra (I believe land owner only)

Rodbourn, James H.

Rodbourn, Joseph (resident of Breesport)

Rodgers, Frank

Roper, Sally M. estate

Rosekrans, Fenimore

Rosekrans, Lyman

Rosekrans, Melissa

Rosekrans, Nelson

Rosekrans, Norman

Rosekrans, Warren

Rosick, Abram

Ross, G. M.

Ruger, Samuel

Rumsey, A. H.

Rumsey, G. W.

Rumsey, Simeon

Rumsey, Susan

Ryan, Amelia

Sabin, Charles

Savercool, Hannah

Seaman, William

Seeley, Seymour

Shadduck, Charles

Shadduck, John

Shaffer, William

Shappee, Guy M.

Shoemaker, Alexander

Shoemaker, John

Simpson, Lorenzo D.

Slocum, Truxton

Smith, Edna

Smith, George W.

Smith, John H.

Smith, Maria & Sanford

Smith, Mariah M.

Smith, Wilmont & Zopher

Snell, Ester J.

Stamp, Frank

Stanchfield, J. B.

Staples, Frank

Staples, John A.

Staples, Joshua

Staples, Noble

Staples, Seymour

Stevens, Joshua

Stevens, Joshua, Com. For Charles Thomas 

Swan, Charles & Son

Swayze, Harriett

Swazey, John

Swazey, Ramsom

Tabor, Charles

Thomas, Cora

Thomas, Hannah

Thomas, Isaac

Thomas, Miles

Thomas, S. M.

Thomas, W. J.

Thomas, Wesley

Thomas, William

Thorn, Daniel

Turck, Philemon

Van Nortwick, Giles

Vangorden, Alonzo

Vangorden, Amanda

Vangorden, Malon

Vanortwick, John

Vanzile, John

Vaughn, Giles

Vosburg, David

Vredenburg, Ester

Vredenburg, Sarah

Webster, Jerome

Westbrook, Cornelius

Westbrook, Sylvester

Wheat, John

Wheaten, Brigden

Wheaten, Eliza

Wheeler, L. N.

Wheeler, Peter

White, Rachel

Whitehead, Henry

Wood, Alonzo

Wood, Francis

Wood, Isaac

Wood, James

Woodard, Elmer

Woodard, Fanny

Woodhouse, Henry

Woolever, I. N.

Woolever, John 

Young, Alice

Young, Craig

Young, Hector

Young, John & Erwin

Young, Norman

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