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Poor Children
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Transcribed  by J. Kelsey Jones
Pages formatted by  Joyce M. Tice
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I think I forgot to tell you that there are no more listings after 1835. Perhaps the County took over the funding of education. I don't know.
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The following transcription of the 1816 to 1835  Columbia Township Tax Records includes the information about the "Poor Children" 

Tax records are an excellent source of information in that the handwriting is generally much clearer than what we find on census records. These were copied back at the courthouse by people whose profession was writing or scribing, as they called it then. Also when individuals in the area had similar names, the presentation of them on the Tax Records was much more precise than on the census, so that there is no confusion year to year about the particular person being listed. I have examples of names that have been consistently transcribed erroneously from census records show up with perfect clarity on the tax records. They give us no information about the family. The booklets used for recording the tax information in the field as well as in the court house office were just the standard lined paper tablet book such as the school children used. It is not a whole lot different than similar booklets we use today. Some had a stiff cardboard cover and others just a paper cover with a decoration and advertising. 

When an individual has appeared in sequential years on the tax records, and then disappears, we can determine a more accurate date for the emigrations that occurred or potentially a death. Often there are notations about a property being transferred from one owner to another.  When a married woman appears on the tax list in place of her husband, we have a clue that he may have died. She will often be identified as widow. There are cases where married women were taxed even though their husbands were still living. This is the exception. Young men of working age were taxed as Freemen even if they owned no property. In fact, they'd be better off tax wise to own a cow as the tax was less on that than on single Freeman with no property status. The same was not true of young women of the same age. 

In many cases individuals were taxed in two townships or even two counties. If they were on the boundaries, which may well have been established even after they purchased their properties, their lands overlapped into two political divisions. They will usually show up on only one census, but on the tax rolls of both townships. It is a source of curiosity to me that if a pasture overlapped a boundary and the cow wandered back and forth across it, was she taxable in one township or both? See my article, You Gotta Know the Territory, for information about the political divisions. 

The SRGP ID is the field in my database which identifies this person. If you are related to any of the people who resided in or near Sullivan Township, such as Columbia,  please contact me so that we can ensure that your family records are current to the present in this community representation. 
Persons assessed in Columbia Township unable to pay for their children's schooling
Note - to calculate an estimated date of birth for a child the information was compiled each fall before the assessment year.
Note from Joyce - Since Columbia borders Sullivan Township in Tioga County, many of these families are part of my Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project. If you are descended from any of these people, please let me know so we can exchange your present day updates, for information in my files.
Year Parent  Child Age SRGP ID
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1816 Solomon S. Hakes (58299) Nancy Hakes 11
    Josiah Hakes 8 58309
    Thomas Hakes 5 58310
1820 Eliakum Moore (14957) Martin Moore 9 5739
    Anna Moore 7
    Emily Moore 5
  Calvin Merritt Anna Merritt 8
    Calvin Merritt 7
    Lurenna Merritt 5
  Solomon S. Hakes (58299) Thomas Hakes 9 58310
    Margaret Hakes 6 58313
  George Wright James Wright 10
    William Wright 8
    Marian Wright 5
  Martin Rose Virgil Rose 11
    Luther Rose 9
    Calvin Rose 7
1821 Jabez & Mary Squires Nathan Squires 10y 11m 
    Hiram Squires 9y 8m
    Harry Squires 8y 1m
    Daniel Squires 7y 6m
  Ozias & Abigail Osborne William Osborne 11
  Solomon S. & Abigail Hakes Thomas Hakes 11
    Margaret Hakes 7y 6m
  Noah & Polly Bouvier Eleanor Bouvier 8y 8m
    Peggy Bouvier 6y 6m
  Eliakim D. & Betsey Moore Martin Moore 10y 6m
    Emily Moore 6y 2m
  Calvin Merritt Anna Merritt 10
    Calvin Merritt 9
    Lurana Merritt 7
    Harason Merritt 6
  Rebeca Rose Calvin Rose 8
    Mary Rose 5
1822 George Wright James Wright 8
    Mary Wright 6
  Calvin Merritt Anna Merritt 11
    Calvin Merritt 10
    Luranna Merritt 8
    Harrison Merritt 7
  Rebeca Rose Calvin Rose 9
    Hannah Ann Rose 7
    Mary Rose 5
  Solomon S. Hakes Margaret Hakes 8
    Abagal Hakes 7
  Noah Bevear Elanor Bevear 9
    Peggy Bevear 7
    Jesse Bevear 5
1823 Solomon S. Hakes Margaret Hakes 7
    Almira Hakes 5
  Rebecca Rose Mary L. Rose 7
    Hannah Ann Rose 5
  Levi Soper, Jr. Moses Soper 7
    Levi Soper 3d 9
    David Soper 5
  Roger Soper Elijah Soper 11
    Joel Soper 8
    Amanda Soper 5
  Noah Bovier Eleanor Bovier 10
    Peggy Bovier 8
    Jesse Bovier 6
  Daniel Woodard Israel Woodard 10
    Nathl Woodard 6
  George Wright Mary Ann Wright 8
  Calvin Hathway Charles McArthur 10
    John McArthur 7
    Sybil B. Hathway 5
  John Baldwin Lydia Baldwin 6
  Calvin Merritt Anna Merritt 11
    Calvin Merritt, Jr. 10
    Lurena Merritt 9
    Harrison Merritt 7
    Emily Merritt 6
  William W. Barlow Norman Barlow 6
  Amos Himes Ezra Himes 10
    Lydia Himes 8
    Minerva Himes 6
  James Mattson (moved away) Charles Mattson 11
    Ithel Mattson 9
    Julina Mattson  
  Randall Tinkham Randall Tinkham 11
    Olive Tinkham 6
1824 Rebecca Rose Mary L. Rose 8
    Hannah Ann Rose 6
  Jacob Harris Polly Harris 11
    Alma Harris 8
  James Calkins Thankful Amanda Calkins 5
  Amos Hinus Ezra Hinus 11
    Lydia Hinus 9
    Minerva Hinus 7
    Tyrus Hinus 5
  Noah Bouvier Peggy Bouvier 10
    Jesse Bouvier 8
  Joseph Boughton Mary Boughton  8
    Betsey Boughton 7
  George Wright Mary Ann Wright 9
  Hannah Lee Louisa Lee 7
    Laura Ann Lee 5
  Calvin Tinkham Samuel Tinkham 8
    Olive Tinkham 6
    Lora Tinkham 10
  Levi Soper, Jun. Moses Soper 10
    Darius Soper 6
  Roger Soper Joel Soper 10
    Amanda Soper 6
  Calvin Merritt Calvin Merritt 11
    Lurena Merritt 10
    Harrison Merritt 8
    Emily Merritt 7
1825 John Baldwin Lydia Baldwin 6
  John Bisely Hiram Bisely 8
    Harison Bisely 6
  Calvin Merritt Anna Merritt 13
    Calvin Merritt 12
    Lurena Merritt 10
    Harrison Merritt 8
    Emily Merritt 6
  Noah Bovier Peggy Bovier 10
    Jesse Bovier 8
    Edward Bovier 5
  Daniel Woodard Israel Woodard 12
    Nathaniel Woodard 8
  Amos Himes Ezra Himes 12
    Lydia Himes 10
    Tyrus Himes 7
1826 John Baldwin Lydia Baldwin 7
  Calvin Merritt Calvin Merritt, Jr. 13
    Laurena Merritt 11
    Harrison Merritt 9
    Emily Merritt 7
  Noah Bovier Jesse Bovier 9
    Edward Bovier 6
  Amos Himes Lydia Himes 11
    Tyrus Himes 8
  Calvin Tinkham Randall Tinkham 10
  Jacob Harris Polly Harris 13
    Alma Harris 9
    Jane Harris (twin) 6
    Andrus Harris (twin) 6
1827 Jacob & Sally Harris Almira Harris 10
    Jane Anne Harris (twin) 7
    Andrew Harris (twin) 7
    Daniel Harris 5
  Calvin & Theodothia Tinkham Samuel Tinkham 11
    Olive Tinkham 5
  John & Loice Baldwin Lydia Baldwin 8
    Betsey Baldwin 7
    Abigail Baldwin 5
  Amos & Anna Hymes Minerva Hymes 10
    Tyrus Hymes 8
  Levi & Naomi Soper Darius Soper 10
  Seth Wheeler Orena Wheeler 7
    Stephen F. Wheeler 5
  Calvin & Mehitable Merritt Harrison Merritt 10
    Emily Merritt 8
    _______ Merritt 6
1828 Amos Himes Tyrus Himes 8
    Martha Himes 5
  Seth Wheeler Stephen F. Wheeler 5
  James Withey Laura Withey   
  George C. Baker Truman Baker 10
    Hiram Baker 8
    Amos Baker 7
    Betsy Baker 5
  John Baldwin Lydia Baldwin 9
    Betsy Baldwin 8
    Abigail Baldwin 6
    Ebenezar Baldwin 5
  Jabesh Squires John Squires 8
    Jabesh Squires 7
  Wilmot Peters Amy Peters 9
    John Peters 7
    Alphonso Peters 5
  Joseph Boughton Betsy Boughton 8
    Eunice Boughton 6
1829 Jerius Grover Martha Grover 9
    Solomon S. Grover 6
  Seba Darrin Seba Darrin, Jr. 6
    Sally Darrin 8
  Aaron Squire, dec'd Maryetta Squire 8
  John L. Rose Vine Rose 5
  Polly Soper Susanna Soper 5
  Simeon West John West 9
    Hiram West 8
  Jacob Harris Almira Harris 11
    Andrew Harris 9
    Jane Anne Harris 9
    Daniel Harris 7
  James Campbell William A. Campbell 9
    Cynthia F. Campbell 7
  Jabez Squire Jabez Squire, Jr. 6
    John Squire 9
  John Baldwin Lydia Baldwin 10
    Betsey Baldwin 9
    Ebenezar Baldwin 6
    Abigal Baldwin 7
    Sally Baldwin (crossed out)  
  Calvin Merritt Louisa Merritt 9
  Daniel Woodard Nathan Woodard 6
  Hannah Campbell Stephen D. L. Campbell 7
  Seth Wheeler Stephen Wheeler  
  Amos Himes Martha Moriah Himes 6
1830 Eunice Rosier Mariett Rosier 11
  ? Barrows Percy Angeline Barrows 8
  Alfred Barrows Susan Emaline Barrows 5
  Hannah Campbell S. Decatur Campbell 8
  Theodore Harding Harriet Harding 6
  Polly Soper Susanna Soper 6
  Seba Darrin Sally Darrin 9
    Seba Darrin 7
  John Baldwin Lydia Baldwin 11
    Betsey Baldwin 10
    Abigail Baldwin 8
    Ebenezer Baldwin 7
    Louis Baldwin 5
  George Wright Laura Wright 9
    John Wright 7
  James Campbell William A. Campbell 7
    Cynthia F. Campbell 6
  Seth Wheeler Orrena Wheeler 10
    Stephen Wheeler 7
    Sally Wheeler 5
  Amos Himes Martha Himes 6
    Celestia Himes 5
  Jacob Harris Almeda Harris  
    Jane Ann Harris  
    Ambrose Harris  
    Daniel Harris  
  Calvin Hathaway Sybil Hathaway 11
    Rachel Hathaway 9
1831 Amos Hymes Martha Hymes 8
    Celestia Hymes 6
  Mererander Redner Filarmen Redner 9
    George Redner 6
    William Redner 5
    Catharine Redner 10
  George Baker Betsey Baker 6
    Amos Baker 7
    Hiram Baker 11
  Rufus Baldwin Nancy Baldwin 11
    Saml Baldwin 8
  Asa Howe, Jr. Samantha Howe 5
  Seba Darrin Sally Darrin 10
    Seba Darrin 8
  Polly Soper Susannah Soper 7
  John L. Rose Vine Rose 6
    Charlotte Rose 5
  Joseph Boughton Amercy Boughton 7
    Sally P. Boughton 5
  George Wright Laura Wright 10
    John Wright 8
    Mary Ann Wright 5
  Alford Barrows Piercy Agelin Barrows 8
    Emaline Barrows 6
  Frederick Clark Cordelia S. Clark 5
  Hiram Beals Stephen D. Beals 9
  Daniel D. Watkins Maryann Watkins 11
    Orville E. Watkins 8
    Sally Mariah Watkins 6
  Reuben Sisson Amzi Sisson 8
    Reuben Sisson, Jr. 7
    Eunice Sisson 5
1832 John Baldwin Ebenezer Baldwin 9
    Lois Baldwin 7
    Sarah Baldwin 5
  George C. Baker Amos Baker 10
    Betsey Baker 8
    Anna Baker 6
  Asa Bullock Cynthia P. Bullock 9
    Stephen H. Bullock 7
    Asa A. Bullock 6
    Mary N. Bullock 5
  Alfred Burris Angelina Burris 10
    Susan Burris 7
  Joseph Boughton Mercy Boughton 8
    Saley Boughton 6
    Amesa Boughton 5
  Asa How, Jr. Semantha How 6
    Homer How 5
  Reuben Sisson Amzi Sisson 9
    Reuben Sisson, Jr. 7
    Eunis Sisson 6
  Daniel Watkins Orvill E. Watkins 9
    Sally N. Watkins 7
    Deborah C. Watkins 5
  Content Woodward Norman Woodward 10
  George Wright Laura Wright 11
    John Wright 9
    Maryann Wright 5
  Polly Soper Susanna Soper 8
  Noble Canadey Alexander Canadey 11
    Elias Canadey 9
    Sally Canadey 7
    George Canadey 5
  John L. Rose Vine B. Rose 8
    Charlotte Rose 7
1833 Asa & Mahitable How Samantha How 7
    Homer How 5
  Content Woodward Norman Woodward 11
  Sophia Mudge Vine Baldwin Rose 8
    Charlotte Rose 7
  Reuben & Rebecka Sisson Amzi Sisson 11
    Reuben Sisson 9
  George C. & Hope Baker Amos Baker 11
    Betsey Baker 10
    Anna Baker 8
    Henry Baker 6
  John & Lois Baldwin Abigail Baldwin 11
    Ebenezer Baldwin 10
    Lois Baldwin 9
    Sally Baldwin 7
    Jabez Baldwin 6
  George & Anna Wright John Wright 10
    Maryann Wright 6
  Asa & Ollive Bullock Cynthia Rose Bullock 10
    Stephen Horton Bullock 8
    Asa Allen Bullock 7
    Mary Minerva Bullock 5
  Alfred & Patty Burrows Angeline Burrows 11
    Susannah Emeline Burrows 8
    Alvira Burrows 5
  Allen & Sarah Murray William Murray 8
    Conklin Murray 6
  Joseph & Sarah Boughton Amercy Boughton 9
    Sally Permelia Boughton 7
    Anna? Boughton 5
  Polly Soper Susannah W. Chapin 9
  Samuel & Rhoda Soper Elizabeth Soper 5
  Ginebeth & Eleanor Peters Orsemus Peters 11
    Alpheus Peters 9
    John Peters 6
    Thadeus Peters 5
1834 Jacob & Sabina Carber Mary Emroy Carber 9
    Andrew Jackson Carber 7
  Allen & Sarah Murray William Murray 9
    Conklin Murray 7
    Sabina Murray 5
  Alonzo & Sophia Mudge 
formerly Sophia Rose
Vine B. Rose 9
    Charlotte Rose 8
  Polly Soper Susanna Chapin 9
  Simeon & Phebe West Mary Ann West 7
    Harriet West 11
  Joseph & Sarah Boughton Mary Boughton  10
    Parmelia Boughton 8
    Mira Boughton 5
  George & Anna Wright John Wright 11
    Mary Ann Wright 7
  Asa How, Junr Samantha How 8
    Homer How 6
  Amos & Ann Himes Martha Himes 10
    Celestia Himes 8
  Barnabas & Lucinda Webber Rosina Lucinda Webber 6
  Asa & Olive Bullock Stephen Horton Bullock 10
    Asa Allen Bullock 8
    Mary Melinda Bullock 6
    Isaac Clark Bullock 5
  Gideon & Susan Austin Augustus Austin 11
    Isaac Austin 9
    Gideon Austin 7
1835 Oliver & Catharine Stoddard William H. Stoddard 10
    Sabina Stoddard 8
    Sherman Stoddard 6
  James G. & Betsey Boughton Frederick Boughton 7
    Nathaniel Boughton 5
  William & Sarah Wolf Abraham Wolf 8
    Hulsey Burton Wolf 6
    James Wolf 5
  Amos & Anna Himes Martha Mariah Himes 11
    Celestia Himes 9
  Barna & Lucinda Webber Lucinda Rosina Webber 7
    Louis Webber 5
  Samuel & Rhoda Soper Elizabeth Soper 7
    Lyman Soper 5
    Mary Jane Soper 4
  George & Anna Wright Maryann Wright 8
  Alonzo & Sophia Mudge Vine Baldwin Rose 10
    Charlotte Rose 8
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