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Tri County Clippings - Troy Register 1900

Typed by Pat MOTT Gobea
These clippings from ancient and fragile newspapers stored above the Troy Gazette-Register office are being typed by Tri-County volunteers for presentation on site. Primarily we are preserving the neighborhood news columns and the obituary, marriage and birth information included in them. I intend also to include articles that show the influences on the lives and attitudes of our local populations at the time, and I will also illustrate the individual pages with ads from the era. Nothing is more revealing of lifestyle than the goods and services available.
The TR and its successor, TGR covers the area of all townships surrounding Troy and many neighborhoods have a local column submitted, but not necessarily every week or even every year.
Our thanks goes to the staff of the Troy Gazette-Register for giving us access to this valuable old news so that we can share it with you. There is no better way to understand the culture and customs of our old communities than by sifting through these clippings.  Even the names of some of these old communities have ceased to exist in today's world, but we have them captured and preserved here.  If you do not have the time to enjoy the luxury of sifting through clippings, these will be included in the Partitioned PICO Search Engine which you can reach from current What's New Page of the site. There is a partition just for the TGR Clippings.
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(Births, Marriages, and Deaths were not listed in separate sections of the newspaper as they are now. These have been extracted from the Neighborhood Columns)

Troy  Register
Troy, Bradford County, PA

Nineteenth Year, #921, Wednesday, February 21, 1900

(Local News) Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Greene of Elmira are receiving congratulations upon the arrival of a little daughter Friday, February 16th.

Nineteenth Year, #924, Wednesday, March 14, 1900

(Local News) Born to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Porter of Windfall, March 12th, a son.

Nineteenth Year, #927, Wednesday, April 4, 1900

(Coryland News) Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Z. Roy, a son, March 26th.

Nineteenth Year, #929, Wednesday, April 18, 1900

(Local News) A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Lewis P. Cassida, nee Effie Beaman, of Elmira, last Thrusday.

Nineteenth Year, #930,Wednesday, April 25, 1900

(Local News) A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Stanton on Tuesday.

Nineteenth Year, #933, Wednesday, May 16, 1900

(Local News) Born to Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Baxter, of East Troy, a daughter, May 15th.

Nineteenth Year, #938, Wednesday, June 20, 1900

(Local News) A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Oldroyd, June 14th.

Nineteenth Year, #939, Wednesday, June 27, 1900

(Local News) Ransom Cornell is stepping high broad and hanksome cause : a baby; girl.

Nineteenth Year, #941, Wednesday, July 18, 1900

(Local News) Born to Mr. and Mrs. Burdette Fields, of Armenia, Sunday, July 8th, a daughter.

(Local News) A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Rockwell, Wednesday-today.

Nineteenth Year, #945, Wednesday, August 15, 1900

(Local News) A son was born Aug. 13 to Mr. and Mrs. Gurder of Railroad St.

Nineteenth Year, #953, Wednesday, October 10, 1900

(Coryland News) A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson Prutsman, Oct. 1st.

Nineteenth Year, #955, Wednesday, October 24, 1900

(Columbia X Roads News) We think Gabe Besley looks some ten years younger. Cause. They have a fine 10 pound son up there.

Twentieth Year, #959, Wednesday, November 21, 1900

(Local News) A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Earl Rockwell Saturday, November 17th.

Twentieth Year, #960, Wednesday, November 28, 1900

(Local News) A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. William Wheeler, November 25.

Twentieth Year, #963, Wednesday, December 19, 1900

Mr. and Mrs. Phil Hodges are receiving congratulations on the arrival of a daughter at their home on Sunday night.