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Tri County Clippings- Troy Gazette Register 1913 - 1916 - Yesterday's News

Typed by Pat SMITH Raymond, Elaine Frey
These clippings from ancient and fragile newspapers stored above the Troy Gazette-Register office are being typed by Tri-County volunteers for presentation on site. Primarily we are preserving the neighborhood news columns and the obituary, marriage and birth information included in them. I intend also to include articles that show the influences on the lives and attitudes of our local populations at the time, and I will also illustrate the individual pages with ads from the era. Nothing is more revealing of lifestyle than the goods and services available.
The TGR covers the area of all townships surrounding Troy and many neighborhoods have a local column submitted, but not necessarily every week or even every year.
Our thanks goes to the staff of the Troy Gazette-Register for giving us access to this valuable old news so that we can share it with you. There is no better way to understand the culture and customs of our old communities than by sifting through these clippings.  Even the names of some of these old communities have ceased to exist in today's world, but we have them captured and preserved here.  If you do not have the time to enjoy the luxury of sifting through clippings, these will be included in the Search Engine which you can reach from the "Front Door" of the Tri-County Genealogy & Historysites by Joyce M. Tice. 
Troy Gazette – Register
Troy, Bradford County, PA
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Maxwell PACKARD, who has been ill for nearly seven weeks, is not quite as well.

Leon THOMAS and family have moved to the farm which they recently purchased near Union.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Leland Clark, a daughter, March 8th.

Mr. and Mrs. Amasa MAYNARD entertained the young people of this vicinity Friday evening, the occasion being a shower for Mr. and Mrs. Albert THOMAS. All report a fine time and a "good shower"

Grace FROST has had to give up the Thomas school on account of illness. Miss Carrie LYON will finish the term.

Errett WARREN’s mill was purchased by Phillip MILLER.

Chas. FREEMAN is able to be out again, after several week’s illness. His daughter, Mrs. McCONNELL, is improving very slowly.


Mr. Charles STONE of Philadelphia is visiting his sister, Mrs. Charles Manley.

Mrs. Phoebe WILLIAMS of Bentley Creek, is spending some time with her sister, Mrs. Sarah KNIGHTS.

Mrs. MARKS of Elmira, who resided here many years, was brought here for burial Thursday. She was the mother of twelve children besides rearing two grandsons. She was highly respected by all who knew her.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Reynolds, March 19th a daughter.


Miss Nettie CRANDALL has returned home after spending several months with her sister, Mrs. Josie MORDEAU.

Mrs. Kate MASON wife of Arthur MASON was buried here Monday, March 24th, Rev. Bryan officiating.

Theodore SMITH of Armenia who recently sold his farm expects to move into Ardell PACKARD’S house now occupied by Rev. Bryan.


Mrs. REYNOLDS of Horseheads, has been spending some time at George FOUST’s preparatory to moving to this place to reside with her son, H. O. REYNOLDS.

Mr. Charles FANNING closed a very successful term of school May 8, with appropriate exercises. Those receiving certificates for perfect attendance were Gretchen HOAGLAND, Edward LEONARD and Ferne PACKARD. This being the third certificate received by Miss Packard. Those receiving prizes in the spelling contest were Ferne PACKARD, Mildred PACKARD, Mary BECKER and Andrew GRAY.

Mr. and Mrs. Garland REYNOLDS went to Philadelphia Wednesday. From there Mr. Reynolds expects to go to Ohio, where he has a large tract of timber. He expects to be gone some time. Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds will be greatly missed by their many friends here, especially at church and Sunday School.


Troy Gazette-Register
Troy, Bradford Co., PA

Volume LII, #18, Friday, May 7, 1915

Mrs. J. E. Andrus and son, Kenneth spent a few days last week with Mrs. Andrus’ parents at Gillett.

Volume LII, #34, Friday, August 27, 1915

Mrs. Ida Pierce is staying with her cousin, Ed Wilson, while she is recovering from her operation.

Mr. and Mrs. Claud Packard and daughter, Fern, are on a trip in Washington.  Before they return they expect to visit Allen Ward and family in Virginia.

Volume LII, #46, Friday, November 19, 1915

Mr. Haflet and daughter, Mabel and little son, motored to Athens Saturday and returned Sunday.

December 1915 issues missing




Volume LIII – Number 2 – Thursday – 1-13-1916

Mrs. Thomas Hartman is on the sick list.

Mrs. Henry Becker had the misfortune to fall on the ice and break her arm.

Mrs Sarah Knight has gone to Canton to spend the winter with her daughter, Mrs. Frank Kiff.

The Baptist Ladies’ Aid held a dinner at the home of Mrs. Claude Packard on Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Andrus and son, have returned home after spending the holidays with relatives in Gillett.

The Modern Priscilla Circle met with Mrs. George Freeman.

Mrs. Oscar Beardsley is spending a few days with her sister in Chenango Bridge, N. Y.

Mrs. Howard Grace has returned home after spending a few days with her sister and mother in New Jersey.

Volume LIII – Number 6 – Thursday – February 10, 1916

Mr. Henry Warren is convalescing after being confined to his bed several days with pneumonia.

Mrs. Thomas Hartman is slowly improving.  Her sister has returned home after spending some time here.

Mrs. Howard Grace entertained a few of her lady friends to a dinner party Thursday.

The Modern Priscilla Circle was loyally entertained at the home of Mrs. Perry Freeman Thursday afternoon.

The Missionary Circle met with Miss Mildred Manley Saturday.  The next one will meet with Miss Pearl Freeman.

George Gard spent Saturday and Sunday with his parents near Towanda.

Mrs. C. W. Houston will entertain the Disciple Ladies’ Aid for dinner Thursday.

Lynn Merritt is on the sick list.

Guy Richmond has rented Mrs. Lottie Miller’s house and expects to move there March 1st.

Volume LIII – Number 8 – Thursday – February 24, 1916

School is closed here on account of scarlet fever.  Those ill of it are Mr. Gard, teacher, Miss Pearl Freeman and Gretchen Hoagland.  Their many friends hope for a speedy recovery.

Mrs. Frank Thomas and sons have returned to Elmira after spending a few days here with relatives and friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Guy Richmond chaperoned a sleigh load to Canton recently.

Mrs. Richard Phillips had the misfortune to fall down cellar.  She sustained several bruises.

Mrs. Sarah Knight of Canton spent Tuesday in Alba.

J. E. Andrus has moved into Mell Palmer’s house.

The Modern Priscilla Circle was loyally entertained at Mrs. S. S. Cosper’s last Friday.  The next meeting will be with Mrs. Howard Grace.

Miss Maud Isaacs is on the sick list.

Mrs. Thomas Hartman is able to be around the house after several weeks illness.

The ladies of the Baptist church will serve dinner at Mrs. Win Packard’s next Wednesday.

Mrs. Walter Reynolds is confined to the house with grip.

Frank Thomas of Elmira, was on a business trip to Canton Saturday.

Rev. C. W. Houston is holding revival meetings in Grover.



Volume LIII – Number 14 – Thursday – April 6, 1916

Mr. Henry Porter was calling on friends in Alba Tuesday.

The Loyal Workers gave Mr. and Mrs. George Warren a surprise last Friday evening.  A very pleasant time was enjoyed by all.

The ladies of the Disciple church will serve dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Amasa Maynard’s Thursday.  Section two has charge of the dinner.

Mrs. Guy Richmond entertained the members of the Modern Priscilla Circle last Wednesday afternoon.

Mr. Kennedy, the new station agent will occupy Wellington Pierce’s house.  Walter Clarke has moved in part of Mrs. Anna Wilson’s house.

Mrs. Walter Reynolds is confined to the house with a hard cold.

Mr. Lincoln Haflett was called to Granville Sunday on account of the serious illness of his aged mother.

Mrs. George Freeman is spending the week with her daughter in Elmira.

Matty Holcombe spent Sunday with his family here.

Mrs. Mary Andress is on the sick list.

Miss Pearl Freeman entertained the Missionary Circle Saturday.




Volume LIII – Number 13 – Thursday – March 30, 1916

On Monday, Mr. and Mrs. George Bristol celebrated their golden wedding anniversary.  After the fine course dinner, Mrs. Bristol arrayed herself in her wedding gown of fifty years ago to the interest of all.  Mr. and Mrs. Deville Tipple observed the ninth anniversary of their marriage on the evening of the same day.  About thirty were present.

Ellsworth Fassett has accepted a position on the Western Maryland railroad.

LeRoy Clark is home from Bucknell University, and Miss Elizabeth Davison from Wellsley College.

Miss Helen Kennedy was home for a short visit from her work as a teacher in the Odd Fellows’ Orphanage at Sunbury.