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Joyce's Search Tip - January 2008
Do You Know that you can search  the site by using the Partitioned search engine at the bottom of the Current What's New Page? Family pages are listed on the Family list but also on the individual Township pages in the Photo, Bible, and other sections.
This section of the site will commemorate a person who had a birth, death or other important event on this day. It can also commemorate the anniversary of an event in our area. You can submit to this section. Text should be submitted as a Word document and photos should be submitted in HIGH resolution .jpg format. If you want to be included in this secton, send me your submission at least a week ahead of time. It will be presented here and listed on the What's New page on the appropriate date.
October 8 2008 1798 Theodore Harding of Sullivan Township 1798 - 1869  210th anniversary of birth
October 8 2008 1837 Philena Mudge of Covington 1835 - 1837 171st anniversary of death
October 8 2008 1848 Seymour S. Squires of Sullivan Township 1848 - 1913  160th anniversary of birth
October 8 1871 Mrs. O'Leary's cow kicks the lantern over and starts the great Chicago fire
October 9 1855 Isaac Singer patents the sewing machine motor
October 9 2008 1882 Ray Aden Cleveland 1882 - 1958 126th anniversary of birth
October 9 2008 1884 Jasper Smith of Sullivan Township 1805 - 1884 124th anniversary of death
October 9 2008 1888 Nellie A. Gray of Sullivan Township 1888 - ? 120th anniversary of birth
October 9 2008 1889 Adaline Maude Seymour of Sullivan Township 1889 - 1965 119th anniversary of birth
October 9 2008 1913 Joseph Bradford Card of Sylvania 1913 - 1973 95th anniversary of birth
October 10 1813 Giuseppe Verdi born on this day [or October 9]
October 10 2008 1902 Anson McConnell Updyke 1902 - 1975 106th anniversary of birth
October 10 2008 1904 Fred F.  Beach 1904 - ? 104th anniversary of birth
October 10 2008 1914 Hannah Blanche Monroe 1914 - 1998 94th anniversary of birth
October 11 1884 Eleanor Roosevelt was born on this day in 1884
October 11 2008 1896 Elmer J. Aldrich 1896 - 1966 112th anniversary of birth
October 12 1901 Theodore Roosevelt renames "Executive Mansion," "The White House"
October 12 2008 1938 Lorena Mae Mudge of Mansfield 1915 - 1938 70th anniversary of death.
October 13 2008 1162 Eleanor, Queen of Castile 1162 - 1214 846th anniversary of birth
October 13 1860 1st aerial photo taken in U.S. (from a balloon), Boston
October 18 2008 1861 Reuben Ransom Jenkins 1861 - 1938 147th anniversary of birth
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