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WISNER BURYING GROUND (7/1802-10/1877)


City of Elmira, Chemung County, New York
Removal of Bodies - Articles A to G H to Z Additional Burials
Typist note:  The following names appear on the Wisner Burying Ground listing made by Doris Boyd in 1973, but do not appear in the newspaper article, which was published in 1875.  Many of them were removed before Wisner Park Burying Ground was made into a public park.
BIDLEMAN Joseph Sept. 21, 1832    
BIDLEMAN Polly May 7, 1858   His Wife. 
COLLINGWOOD Francis Feb. 2, 1849 86 years  
COLLINGWOOD John Mar. 29, 1836    
COLLINGWOOD Thomas Francis Oct. 31, 1833 2y 6m  
DUMARS Almira Nov. 20, 1838    
DUMARS James Apr. 17, 1856    
HAMILTON Eddie June ?, 1842 1m 14d  
HENDY Col. John Mar. 15, 1840 82y 6m 12d  
HENDY Polly Jan. 20, 1828 69 years Wife of John HENDY.
HENDY Samuel Sept. 20, 1808    
HENDY Rebecca Apr. 20, 1814    
MASON Geo. W. May 27, 1856    
MASON Mary Ann Aug. 12, 1847    
MILLER Elizabeth Feb. 16, 1817 32 years  
PAINE George Clinton 1862 78 years  
ROBISON Elizabeth Mar. 31, 1837 86 years  
SEABURY Lydia M. Mar. 6, 1834 20y 4m 19d Wife of Richard F. SEABURY.
SEABURY Eliza  July 20, 1844 4 months Infant of R.R. & L. M. SEABURY.
SMITH John May 15, 1817 68 years In memory of, who died in the 68th year of his age.
SMITH Alice Andrews July 11, 1811 54y 6m Wife of the Rev. John SMITH.

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 5/20/2001
By Joyce M. Tice