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Cemetery Listings - Tioga County, Pennsylvania
Photos by Joyce M. Tice
September 2005

Frost Settlement Cemetery Obituaries

Frost Settlement Cemetery

Covington Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania

Name of Cemetery:    Frost Settlement Cemetery
Deeded as Wilcox Cemetery although I have never yet seen it referred to by that name. This deeded name is a recent event having to do with gas company leases. It is not known by this  name at all.
Read By:  Linda CORNELL Reese  and Joyce M. Tice
Typed By: Pat SMITH Raymond
Date Read:   Sept. 2005
Location:  Covington Township, Tioga County - On Frost Settlement Road near intersection with Walker Road.

Note from Joyce September 2005. Linda CORNELL Reese has recorded this cemetery again, for the first time we know of since 1970. Parts of the cemetery are in terrible condition although there are also a few new burials.  Labor Day 2005, Linda and I spent in this and another cemetery working on this new listing. Many of the older stones are broken and otherwise corroded to illegibility. One stone, as an example, was standing firmly on its base, bottom half only. The upper part we found about fifteen feet away in a woodchuck hole, about to fall over the bank into the road. I am tempted to rename this the Tuco Cemetery in honor of the jigsaw puzzle brand we used to have back mid century. Some of the stones we had to put together from scattered pieces, and as with all jigsaw puzzles, some of the pieces are missing. In many cases, we uncovered buried stones that had never been recorded

All of these people are part of my own Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project, the community genealogy which tracks both the ancestors and the descendants of this eastern Tioga County area. I will be adding their SRGP ID as time permits. If you are descended from them, I'd like to exhange what I know about your ancestry with what you can provide me on the present generations,  so that my population study can be current and up to date.  

Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Jaquish Charles Feb.16.1848 Dec.20.1880   [SRGP 08985] 
Jaquish Francis L. Nov.1.1858 Mar.13.1873   [SRGP 09231] 
Jaquish Elizabeth G. Oct.25.1827 Mar.27.1874   w/o Charles [Elizabeth Walker SRGP 08984]
Jaquish Chs. Nov.21.1823 Jul.17.1907    [SRGP 08983] 
Jaquish Emma A.   Sep.9.1890 38y4m9d w/o Geo. H. [Emma Bryant SRGP 74962]
Jaquish Charles L.   Jun.19.1893 19y1m15d s/o Geo. H . [SRGP 74963]
Jaquish Joseph S.   Jul.23.1896 16y1m15d s/o Geo. H.  [SRGP 82087]
Walker         Large marker-nothing on it
Walker S. S.   Feb.12.1880 78y7m5d Metal repair band on stone
Walker Abvilla May.18.1812 Mar.11.1882   w/o L. R.
Walker Lewis S.   Mar.22.1876 2y9m s/o L.R. & A.
Walker Emeline 1829 1886   w/o Rev. J. Noble
Noble Emeline Walker 1829 1886   Listed w/maiden name above
Walker Isabel   Dec.23.1876 72 yr w/o Lewis Walker
Walker Lewis    Jun.17.1870 66y6m2d  
Whiting Gertie   Aug.22.1880 3y9m15d d/o L.N. & S.H.
Whiting Myra F. Jan.16.1823 Apr.6.1895   w/o N. S.
Whiting N. S. Oct.19.1817 Apr.1.1895    
Whiting J. H.   Mar.14.1871 23y10m1d  
Wilcox Alfred W. May.18.1925      
Wilcox G. Maxine Mar.4.1932     On stone w/Alfred W.
Wilcox Arthur Lloyd Feb.6.1962 Sep.14.1986   On stone w/Alfred W.
Wilcox Samie W. Mar.10.1955     On stone w/Alfred W.
Wilcox Christine L. Feb.23.1957     On stone w/Alfred W.
Whitteker Melville E.   May.25.1863 1y6m1d s/o A.M. & S.M.
Walker Maud L.   Jun.21.1862 1y2m10d c/o Delos H & Julia A.
Walker Bertie R.   Aug.11.1865 1m12d c/o Delos H & Julia A.-On stone w/Maud L.
Odell Alexander 1801 1888    
Odell Anny   Oct.18.1849 35y Stone broken in half-can't read rest of age
Odell Judson   Jun.12.1895 39y9m  1862 Diary
Sechrist Marvella R. Feb.11.1927 Jul.26.1982    
Sechrist Clarence E. Mar.25.1916 Jan.23.1983   Sgt. US Army WW 2 On stone w/Marvella R.
Baity Ellen L.   Jun.11.1845 11y2m9d d/o Elias & Betsey
Walker Ellis D.   Jul.25.1838 2y3m12d s/o Lewis & Isabel
Walker Stephen   Mar.20.1861 5y s/o Lewis & Isabel
Dallman Eva B.   Jan.20.1872 1y6m8d  
Woodard Elvira       w/o D.B. -Rest unreadable & broken
Newel Sovia   Aug.31.1853 20y2m2d d/o Caleb & Mary
Newel Comfort   Jan.8.185?7 79 yr w/o Joshua
Newel Joshua   Mar.10.1848 77 yr  
Newel Darius   Aug.21.1854 15y2m5d s/o Caleb & Mary
Newel Mary   Dec.5.1854 16y10m21d d/o Caleb & Mary
Copp Johnnie   Mar.19.1883 14y11m19d s/o John & E???
Roswell       c/o Barzealiel & Thurza
Cleaveland Orwell D.   Jan.9.1880 61y1m  
Cleaveland Johnnie Feb.7.1857      
Cleaveland Harriet   Oct. 18??   w/o Orwell
Cleaveland Dwight S.   Aug.4.1863 23y1m4d Member of the U.S. Reg.??? S/o Henry & Allice
Cleaveland Amy   Aug.13.1856 52y6m w/o John
Cleaveland Diantha   Jul.10.1852 6m11d d/o Levi & Irena
Gardner Aurelia   Feb.13.1872 68y8m9d w/o E. C.
Gardner Ebenezer C.   Aug.9.1861 54y?  
Gardner     Feb.1.1861 5y6m ??/o Francis
Newel Caleb Jun.2.1856 46y9m22d
  Edgar W.   Mar.20.1853 1 yr s/o Milo & Samantha Cass???
Newel Sarah C.   Mar.19.1848 3y11d d/o Caleb & Mary
Newel Mary Ann   Feb.13.1887 84y3m13d w/o Caleb
Allen Lyman W.   Jul.4.1857 1y8m25d s/o Harmon & Nancy
Allen Willis H.   Feb.6.1857 1m1d s/o Harmon & Nancy
Woodard Elira       w/o D.B. -Rest unreadable & broken
Everts Henry O.   Aug.3.1841 12 da s/o Jonathan & Hannah
Everts S. N.   Jun.21.1872 57 yr Fatally killed by lightening
Hitchcock Bertie  Sep.4.1884 May.8.1885   s/o Daniel & Mary
Gardner F. L.       Co K 55th Reg. Pa. Vol.
Robbins Gertrude M. Nov.16.1895 Jul.15.1898    
Robbins Elnora A. Jun.9.1898 Jun.26.1902   On stone w/Gertrude
Robbins Edson 1831 1908    
Frost Elias Feb.19.1822 Feb.26.1903    
Frost Elizabeth  Jun.11.1829 Feb.13.1899   On stone w/Elias
Frost Kezia   Mar.11.1862 81y8m7d w/o Samuel
Frost Adaline   Apr.21.1850 2y9m3d d/o Elias & Elizabeth
Frost Ameda   Mar.27.1863 8y10m22d d/o Elias & Elizabeth
Frost Emogene   Feb.23.1851 1y21d d/o James T. Happylonia
Frost Alice B.   Nov.1.1877 26y7m23d w/o B. C.
Sumner Lois D.   Jan.30.1904 91y6m  
Sumner Henry    May.16.1868    
          Grave marked at both ends by Field Stone
Sherman Betsey   Dec.19.1893 85y7m5d  
Brown Experience W.   Jun.7.1891 67 yr w/o Rev. C.
          2 Field Stone Markers
Frost Samuel   Mar.15.1880 25y11m27d s/o Austin & Sarah
Frost Eunice L. Dec.15.1841 Mar.13.1899    
Kneeland Anna B. Jul.14.1804 Jan.10.1894   w/o Hiram Frost
Frost Anna B. Jul.14.1804 Jan.10.1894   w/o Hiram Frost (Listed above w/maiden name)
Frost Hiram   Jan.3.1874 70 yr  
Frost Ashbel 1837 1864   s/o Hiram & Anna
Whiting J. W.   Aug.15.1904 84y7m10d  
Whiting Julia A.   Nov.29.1887 60y4m w/o J. W. (On same marker)
Bryant Willie W.   Nov.1.1854-3   s/o Samuel P. & Mary
Ingalls Sammy W. Sep.11.1881 Feb.10/???   w/o Jeremiah & Aldia
Bryant Alvin Eugene   Apr.28.1856 2y4m2d s/o Jesse & Sarah
Sumner Edna   May.20.1856 37y5m w/o Wyatt
Moffitt Charlotte   Mar.22.1863 15y6m d/o O. N. & Mary
Moffitt Louis   Feb.21.1861 73y9m16d  
          Totally unreadable broken stone
Cleavland Aaron   Feb.24.1874 70y2m11d  
Cleavland Betsey   Jan.15.1877 71y9m11d w/o Aaron (On same marker)
Cleavland Ursulah   May.7.1875 35y2m10d w/o Elias
Cleavland James H. Apr.3.1834 Sep.18.1903    
Cleavland Amy H. Jun.20.1833 Feb.9.1884   On marker w/James H.
Cleavland Byron W. Oct.29.1857 Oct.24.1880   On marker w/James H.
Frost Charles D. 1856 1892    
Frost James T. Aug.6.1818 Aug.3.1888    
Frost Happylonia May.12.1813 Apr.2.1891   On marker w/James T.
Sumner Eunice L. Dec.15.1841 1899   w/o Henry (Not found in 2005 reading)
Empey Adam   Feb.8.1862   "In his 90 year"
Empey Anna B.   Sep.12.1860 77 "In her 77 year"
Whiting Joseph   Jan.8.1877 16y11m4d  
Watkins Jerry D. 1947 1949    
Watkins Squire C.   Jun.13.1889 55 yr  
Watkins Sarah A. 1836 1922   On stone w/Squire
Frost Lewis E. Dec.15.1841 Aug.30.1909    
Frost Emma Sep.16.1872 Oct.16.1897    
Frost Caroline Oct.17.1848 Sep.13.1906    
Welch Gracie   Mar.17.1881 4y9m27d d/o G.N. & K.E.
          Totally unreadable stone B.B.
Wilcox Benajah   Jul.5.1886 67y9m  
Wilcox Hannah       w/o Benajah - on same marker
Cleaveland Amasa B.   Jun.18.1881 57y19d  
Cleaveland Betsey Sep.8.1825 Apr.16.1908   On stone w/Amasa B.
Cleaveland Otis   Feb.17.1888 17y13d On stone w/Amasa B.
Cleaveland Howard   Mar.30.1890 1m16d s/o L.P. & M.A.
Baity Edson Jan.26.1837 Oct.23.1889    
Baity Rozilla Apr.26.1840 Apr.3.1924    
Watkins Orlando W. 1860 1928    
Watkins Betty B. 1862 1926   On stone w/Orlando
Watkins David F. 1931 1933    
Watkins Lynn D. 1929 1973    
Watkins Dennis E. 1903 1974    
Watkins Hazel M. 1907 1981    
Dewey Wallace L. 1852 1925    
Dewey Emma A. 1859 1940    
Baity Daniel May.19.1866 Feb.22.1923    
Baity Mary 1873 1948    
Baity Elias Feb.22.1808 Apr.3.1896    
Baity Betsy Mar.2.1816 Mar.28.1896   On stone w/Elias
Rogers May 1864 1904    
Rogers Charles H. 1860 1932   On stone w/May
Rogers Ida May 1864 1950    
Hill Harry G. 1909 1924   s/o John & Grace
Hill John A. Sr. 1887 1969    
Hill Grace A. Oct.12.1889 Oct.24.1989    
Ayres Warren 1883 1906    
Ayres Juva 1885 1911    
Whiting Danforth   May.2.1861 70 yr  
Whiting Rebecca   May.1.1871 77y8m11d w/o Danforth
  Myra 18??     This 4 sided marker is illegible on all 4 sides
Lestina Lydia   Oct.18. 18 yr Surname undetermined-terrible condition
Whiting J???   April   Very poor shape marble
  Mary     36 Yr? Last 4 names all on this marker