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Lower English Center Cemetery, Pike Township, Lycoming County, PA

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Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice  




 This is in Lycoming County, 1/5 miles south of English Center, south on Route 287 from route 284, over the bridge, along English Run.

The Wolfe Family, who built new homes there, had cleared the CEMETERY, but the owner of the property stopped them. Mrs. Wolfe took me there but advised that it was full of rattle snakes. Using a pole, I did get all that was visible.

Copied by Hilda Chance of Liberty, PA 16930

This listing originally appeared in Tioga County Cemetery Inscriptions. Vol. 3, It is reprinted by permission of Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd and was retyped by Chris Hildebrand


Last Name

First, Middle


Remarks, Inscriptions

ENGLISH Abraham d. Jan 23, 1866 "age 16 y."

"son of Jacob and Francis

ENGLISH Ann d. 1855 "age 14 yr."

"dau of Jacob and Fanny"

ENGLISH Daniel d. 1843 "age 3 yr."

"son of Jacob and Fanny"

BOATMAN Sarah d. Sep 22, 1851 "age 21 yr."

"dau of William and --" (prob Nancy)

BOATMAN William d. Mar 3, 1849 "aged 62 yr."
BOATMAN Nancy d. Apr 12, 1868 "aged 80 yr." "Wife of Wm."
BOATMAN Margaret d. 1841 "aged 16 yr." "d/o William"
BARBER Hiram C. D. 1862 "aged 2 yr."

"son of Hirma and Anna"

CONN Asa b. May 5, 1788

d. May 12, 1886

CALLAHAN Daniel L. No dates "1st Pa. Reg. Revolutionary War"
CALLAHAN Rebecca d. 1835 "age 73 yr."

"wife of Daniel Callahan"

  Rebecca was Rebecca English Campbell
CALLAHAN Helen d. 1874 "aged 2 yr."

"dau of John and Mary"

CALLAHAN Myrtle d. 1870 "aged 14 yr."

"dau of John and Margaret"

ARROWSMITH Augustus d. 1856 "age 3 mo."

"son of D.M. and Delia"

ARROWSMITH Oscar d. 1870 "Infant"

"son of D.M. and Delia"

WHITE Anna d. Aug 14, 1861 "aged 1 yr."

"dau of J.B. and H.E."

COLE John d. Mar 18, 1851 "aged 90 yr."
COLE Elizabeth d. 1852 "aged 88 yr." "Wife of John"
COLE Peter d. Jul 28, 1857 "aged 40 yr."
DAY Isaac d. 1862 (Rest of stones are underground.)
DICKERSON Flora d. 1872 "dau of John and Julia"
BENDLE Sarah Elizabeth d. Apr 8, 1872 "aged 612 yr."

"wife of Benjamin"

JACKSON Vernon d. --- "aged 1 yr."

Published on Tri-Counties  17 JAN  1998
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