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Census records are very often difficult to read because of handwriting, microfilm quality, and spelling issues. Our early census takers were not as well educated as we'd like them to have been, and even the people bearing the names often could not spell them with the same consistency we are accustomed to in our own time. The census taker wrote what he believed he heard as well as he could. Our volunteers have transcribed them for you to the very best or our abilities given the difficulties mentioned. Please be tolerant of what you would consider "mistakes." If you can recognize the names you are looking for, then it is a success. If not, then you may want to find a place where you can view the originals so that you can judge for yourselves. Excessive attention to outmoded spelling issues is the sign of a beginner in family research and will limit your research effectiveness.
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Warren Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania 1900 Federal Census transcribed by Adam Dewing
Household No.  001 011 026 040 050 062 072 082 094 104 118 129 141 152
169 181 195 208 227 240
Name - The name of every person whose place of abode on the first day of June, 1900 was with this family
Relationship of each person to the head of this family
 House number Family number  Name  Relationship  Color or race  Sex Date of Birth Age at last birthday Marital status Number of years married Mother of how many children Number of children living Place of birth of this person Place of birth of the father Place of birth of the mother Year of immigration Number of years in the U.S. Naturalization
50 50 Whitaker, Ruel Head W M Jan 1859 41 M 14         PA PA CT      
    Whitaker, Addie Wife W F Apr 1863 37 M 14 4 3     PA Wales Wales      
    Whitaker, Ella Dau W F Jan 1889 11 S           NY PA PA      
    Whitaker, Andrew J. Son W M Oct 1890 9 S           PA PA PA      
    Whitaker, Raymond H. Son W M July 1899 10/12 S           PA PA PA      
    Whitaker, Andrew J. Father W M Apr 1822 78 M 53         PA VT NY      
    Whitaker, Laura C. Mother W F June 1821 78 M 53 4 3     CT CT CT      
    Deldaine, Arthur L. Boarder W M Nov 1882 17 S           NY NY Ny      
51 51 Bowen, Joseph Head W M Aug 1845 54 M 3         PA CT CT      
    Bowen, Sarah Wife W F Dec 1849 40 M 3         PA NY PA      
    Bowen, Albert N. Son W M Sep 1889 10 S           PA PA PA      
52 52 Currier, George Head W M Mar 1864 36 M 7         PA PA PA      
    Currier, Kate Wife W F Feb 1875 25 M 7 2 2     PA PA PA      
    Currier, Viola Dau W F Aug 1895 4 S           PA PA PA      
    Currier, Gertrude F. Dau W F Mar 1897 3 S           PA PA PA      
    Currier, John M. Father W M June 1832 67 Wd           PA VT VT      
53 53 Fairchilds, Edgar M. Head W M Apr 1861 39 M 9         PA PA PA      
    Fairchilds, Libbie Wife W F Apr 1860 40 M 9 0 0     NY NY NY      
54 54 Nichols, Elmer Head W M Oct 1852 47 M 22         PA PA PA      
    Nichols, Emma Wife W F Apr 1854 46 M 22 6 4     PA NJ PA      
    Nichols, Bertha Dau W F Aug 1878 21 S           PA PA PA      
    Nichols, Myrtie Dau W F Dec 1879 20 S           PA PA PA      
    Nichols, Raymond Son W M Aug 1890 9 S           PA PA PA      
55 55 Sleeper, Fred A. Head W M Dec 1866 33 M 8         PA PA VT      
    Sleeper, Fannie L. Wife W F Aug 1870 29 M 8 1 1     PA PA PA      
    Sleeper, Anna L. Dau W F Nov 1894 5 S           PA PA PA      
    Sleeper, Jane E. Mother W F Dec 1827 72 Wd           VT NH VT      
56 56 Sleeper, Silas R. Head W M Sep 1859 40 M 3         PA PA PA      
    Sleeper, Annetta J. Wife W F Jan 1868 32 M 3 1 1     PA PA PA      
    Sleeper, Viva L. Dau W F June 1898 1 S           PA PA PA      
57 57 Sleeper, Claflin C. Head W M Apr 1838 62 M 30         PA VT NY      
    Sleeper, Lydia W. Wife W F June 1847 53 M 30 3 2     PA VT CT      
    Wells, Lulu M. Dau W F May 1879 21 M 2 0 0     PA PA PA      
    Wells, Brandon M. Son in law W M Aug 1872 27 M 2         PA PA PA      
    Rinney, James Boarder W M Nov 1885 14 S           PA PA PA      
    James, George W. Boarder W M Oct 1850 49 M 3         PA CT NY      
58 58 Corbin, Henry E. Head W M Apr 1865 34 M 8         PA RI PA      
    Corbin, May L. Wife W F Nov 1863 36 M 8 3 3     NY NY NY      
    Corbin, Walan J. Son W M Sep 1892 7 S           PA PA NY      
    Corbin, Mildred A. Dau W F Aug 1894 5 S           PA PA NY      
    Corbin, John H. Son W M May 1899 1 S           PA PA NY      
    Howard, Orville Father in law W M Dec 1833 66 Wd           NY NY NY      
59 59 Hannan, Mary Head W M Jan 1840 60 Wd   8 5     Ireland Ireland Ireland 1856 44  
    Hannan, George Son W M June 1878 21 S           PA Ireland Ireland      
60 60 Sleeper, Calvin Head W M Feb 1845 55 M 16         PA VT NY      
    Sleeper, Elva Wife W F Sep 1857 42 M 16 0 0     PA RI RI      
61 61 Bowen, Richard Head W M Dec 1843 56 M 30         PA CT CT      
    Bowen, Henrietta Wife W F May 1846 54 M 30 1 1     PA PA PA      
    Bowen, Wesley A. Son W M Jan 1874 26 S           PA PA PA      

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