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1900 Bradford County Directory
Standing Stone Township

Transcribed and Submitted by John Clancy



Baker Frank, (Rummerfield) r 38, laborer

Baker Robert E, (Rummerfield) r 38, laborer

Baker William, (Rummerfield) r 38, laborer

Benjamin Alexander, (Rummerfield) r 38, laborer

Benjamin Ezra, r 25 cor 26, farm laborer

Benjamin Obadiah, (Velarde) r 35, laborer

Benjamin Orren,, (Rummerfield) r 41, laborer LVRR

Benjamin W Morgan, (Rummerfield) r 35, laborer

Bennett Frank, r 25, farm laborer

Bennett Frank H., r 26, dairy 16 cows, farmer on shares for H W Tracy estate 130

Bennett Heron, r 25, farm laborer

Black Miner J, (Mercur) r 10, farm laborer

Boss Mills, (Rummerfield) C Fred Park propr,

Boyle & McCrossin, (Rummerfield) (Frank B of Wyalusing and George McC) proprs

Rummerfield Hotel

Brennan, Martin P, (Mercur) r 7, farmer 50, also leases of James Brennan of Towanda 50

Brooks Frederick, (Rummerfield) off r 33, farmer, leases of Mrs P Kane 17

Brown Myron E, r 45

Burns Arthur F, (Rummerfield) r 36, laborer

Bush Francis E, r 45, general merchant

Bush Harrison A, (Rummerfield) r 36, laborer

Casper Charles H, (Rummerfield) r 29, farmer 48

Casper George, r 27, dairy 5 cows, farmer, leases of Howard Brown of Pittston, 86

Chilson Charles F. (Velarde) r 20, farm laborer

Chilson Wallace, (Velarde) r 33, farm laborer

Clagett Thomas I, (Rummerfield) r 44, dairy 15 cows, farmer 40 and for

William L. Clagett 110

Clagett William L, (Rummerfield) r 44, physician and surgeon

Clark Charles S, (Rummerfield) r 36, farm laborer

Clark Edward, (Rummerfield) r 36, dairy 7 cows, apiarist 10 colonies and farmer 90

Clark Elmer, (Rummerfield) r 39, laborer L V R R

Clark Lacey H, r 45, station agent L V R R , agent US Express Co, manager

and operator W U Tel Co.

Coe Eliza, (Rummerfield) r 40, Widow John, farmer 12

Coe John N, (Rummerfield) r 40, laborer

Coe William H, (Rummerfield) r 43 cor 44, laborer L V R R

Collom John M, (Velarde) r 15, dairy 6 cows, 50 sheep, apiarist 10 colonies,

farmer, 50 and for James 113

Conner Isaac, (Velarde) r 35, laborer

Crawn Andrew J, r 45 farm laborer

Depew H Eliza, (Rummerfield) r 39, school teacher

Desmond James, (Rummerfield) r 34, dairy 5 cows, farmer 57

Dolan John, (Mercur) r 11, dairy 5 cows, 30 sheep, farmer 96

Dolan Thomas, (Mercur) r 11, dairy 6 cows, farmer 120

Dunn Linda, r 45, Widow Aaron

Eddy Achsah A, (Rummerfield) r 42, Widow Minor M

Ellis Simeon D, (Rummerfield) r 44, carpenter

Emery Alvin P, (Mercur) r 5, farm laborer

Emery Minerva, r 22, Widow Jacob

Emery Jacob H, (Mercur) r 5, constable, dairy 6 cows and farmer 60

Ennis Asa S, r 45, justice of the peace and school director, dairy 12 cows,

15 sheep and farmer 135

Ennis Berton G, r 25, farm laborer

Ennis Frederick A, r 45, agent for farming implements, dairy 8 cows, farmer 135

Ennis George W, r 45, carpenter

Ennis John, r 45, carpenter

Ennis Theodore, r 23, farm laborer

Fisher Henry, r 45, farmer 230

Fisher John A, r 45, farmer

Fisher Philip V, (Rummerfield) r 44, dairy 20 cows, farmer 50

Ford Ransom W, (Rummerfield) r 43

Fulford Alonzo, (Rummerfield) r 36, school director, dairy 5 cows, farmer 110

Fulford John, (Rummerfield) r 36, farm laborer

Fulford John R, r 45, blacksmith

Gilbert Perry N, r 45, farm laborer

Goff Charles H, r 24, postmaster, dairy 8 cows and farmer 90

Gontz Charles H, r 45

Gordon George M, r 25, dairy 10 cows and farmer 130

Gordon Lawrence N, r 25, dairy 10 cows, 14 head Jersey cattle reg, farmer 80

Grace Henry P, (Velarde) r 13, farmer 45 and on r 14 with William 47

Grace Philip E, (Velarde) r 13 cor 14, postmaster and grocer, 23 sheep and farmer 110

Grace Thomas F, (Velarde) r 14, dairy 5 cows and farmer 60

Grace William H, (Velarde) r 14, farmer 60

Griggs Stewart S, r 30, town auditor, dairy 5 cows, 20 sheep and farmer 100

Groover Britton, r 25, farm laborer

Groover Jacob, r 26, farmer on shares for H W Tracy estate

Groover William, r 2, dairy 10 cows, farmer on shares for H W Tracy estate 100

Hale Elias W Jr, r 25 n 26, farmer 500 and 3 stores in Towanda, tobacco grower 8,

Owned by wife and leases of H W Tracy 500

Hammerly William D, (Rummerfield) clerk H H Smith & Son, h over store

Hankinson Charles E, (Mercur) r 8, farmer

Hankinson Jacob S (Mercur) r 8, school director, dairy 5 cows and farmer 90

Hart Jared, r 45, justice of the peace and carpenter

Hildebrant Jeptha W, r 23, carpenter and farmer 10

Hill John L, r 3 ½, dairy 9 cows, farmer 50 and in Wysox

Huff Asa P, (Mercur) r 18, judge of election, dairy 5 cows and farmer 50

Huff Charles H, r 22, road commissioner, dairy 7 cows and farmer 54

Huff Henry E, r 22, dairy 10 cows and farmer 120

Huff John, (Mercur) r 18, farmer

Huff Mahlon, off r 45, farmer

Huff Mary A, off r 45, widow John O

Hurley Daniel C, (Mercur) off r 14, farmer 50

Hurley Patrick T. (Mercur) off r 11, farmer 46

Hurley Peter C, (Mercur) r 11, carpenter, dairy 6 cows and farmer 53

Hurley Timothy, (Mercur) r 11, farmer 45

Jennings Alvin H, (Herrickville) r 13, farmer

Jennings George C, (Herrickville) r 13, collector, dairy 10 cows, apiarist 5 colonies,

and farmer 90

Jennings Richard, (Herrickville) r 13

Jensen Neil, (Rummerfield) mgr Rummerfield creamery, agt for De Lavel dairy

separators, h r 40

Johnson John L, r 25, farmer 80

Jones Samuel J, (Rummerfield) r 37, dairy 6 cows and farmer 50

Kane James, (Rummerfield) r 43, farmer for Patrick 300

Kane Patrick, (Rummerfield) r 32 cor 31, dairy 25 cows and farmer 300

Keeler Lydia, (Rummerfield) r 39, asst postmaster

Keeler Sarah A, (Rummerfield) r 39, widow Edwin

Keeler William G, (Rummerfield) r 39, carpenter and farmer

Keen Aaron E, (Mercur) r 5, dairy 10 cows, apiarist 15 colonies and farmer 100

Keen John A, (Mercur) r 5, dairy 10 cows, 40 sheep and farmer 324

Keen John A Jr., (Mercur) r 5, farmer

Keen Norman, (Mercur) r 5, farmer

Kennedy John, (Velarde) r 14, dairy 8 cows and farmer 105

King David, r 45, wagonmaker and farmer 22 ½

Kingsley Mary A, r 45, widow Myron, farmer 18

Kingsley William H, r 45, dairy 10 cows, farmer, leases of F J Kingsley of

Towanda 85, and for Mrs M A, 18

Kinner Asa M, (Mercur) r 10, farmer 37

Kinner Joseph, r 4, farm laborer

Kinner Lincoln, (Mercur) r 20, farm laborer

Kinney Neil J, (Velarde) r 33, farmer 77

Landmesser Frederic C, (Rummerfield) town treas, postmaster, general merchant,

Breeder of barred and buff Plymouth Rock fowls and farmer 175

Landmesser Louis W, (Rummerfield) r 39, farmer

Landmesser Peter B, (Rummerfield) station agt L V R R, agt US Express Co, dairy

10 cows, farmer, leases of A D Stevens of Sayre, 110

Long William H, (Rummerfield) r 8

Lundy L. Grace, r 5, school teacher

Lundy Timothy S, r 5, dairy 6 cows, 10 sheep and farmer 75

Lynch John, (Mercur) r 9, dairy 8 cows, apiarist 4 colonies, farmer, owner half

Interest in Patrick Lynch estate, 72

Lynch Margaret, (Mercur) r 9, owns 1/3 interest in Thomas Lynch estate, 20

Lynch Mary, (Mercur) r 9, widow Martin, farmer 50

Lynch Mary A, (Mercur) r 9, owns 1/3 interest in Thomas Lynch estate, 20

Lynch Michael, (Mercur) r 9, owns ½ interest in Patrick Lynch estate, 79

Lynch Patrick, (Mercur) r 9, dairy 5 cows, farmer for Thomas Lynch estate 50,

and owns 1/3 interest….(missing)

Lynch Peter S, (Mercur) r 9, dairy 5 cows, and farmer for Mrs. Mary Lynch, 50

Mann Joseph, (Rummerfield) r 41, farmer on shares for John Johnson, 80

Mann Perry L, (Rummerfield) r 41, farm laborer

Mayo Ezekiel, (Rummerfield) off r 34, farmer on shares for James Desmond, 57;

died since canvass

Mayo Raymond, (Rummerfield) off rr 34

McCrossin George, (Rummerfield) (Boyle & McCrossin) farmer in Wyalusing, 90

McKenna John, (Rummerfield) r 37, mason

Mckenna John F, (Rummerfield) r 37, farmer, leases of JM Bellis of Sayre, 45

Methodist Episcopal Church, (Mercur) r 5, Rev M W Barnes of Rome, pastor

Methodist Episcopal Church, (Rummerfield) r 45, Rev James Scofield of

Camptown, pastor

Moon John J, (Rummerfield) r 34, town clerk, dairy 7 cows, and farmer 85

Morrow Joseph S, (Rummerfield) r 39, thresher, hay presser and farmer 25

O’Heron James, (Mercur) r 14, assessor, 20 sheep farmer 56

Orshal Jess, (Rummerfield) r 44, farm laborer

Orshal Reuben C, (Rummerfield) r 44 cor 43 farmer

Park C Fred, (Rummerfield) prop grist mill, h and lot off r 42 n 40

Park Hugh, r 21, farmer; died since canvass

Park John O, r 21, dairy 8 cows and farmer 64

Park Laura E, (Rummerfield) r 42, widow Elmore, h and lot

Park Nellie L, (Rummerfield) r 42

Park William E, r 22, dairy 7 cows, apiarist 5 colonies and farmer 45

Powers Edward, r 30, farm laborer

Proof Jesse, (Rummerfield) r 42, farmer

Proof Stephen S, (Rummerfield) r 52, farmer

Proof Uriah, (Rummerfield) r 42, farmer on shares for Peter Morey of Asylum 100

Qualters John F, (Rummerfield) r 40 , section foreman L V R R

Ritenbury Caroline, (Rummerfield) r 43, widow Jacob

Robinson A Edward, (Mercur) r 5, farmer for John A Keen 40

Rockefeller Llewellyn H, (Rummerfield) emp creamery, bds at Neil Jensens

Rockefeller Nathaniel B, (Rummerfield) general blacksmithing, b off r 39

Roof Brothers, (Rummerfield) r 32 n 33, (Denton & Samuel) steam threshers

Roof Denton, (Rummerfield) r 32 n 33, (Roof Bros)

Roof Henderson, (Rummerfield) r 27, postmaster, dairy 15 cows, 40 sheep,

and farmer 300

Roof Jacob H, (Rummerfield) r 44, farmer

Roof Samuel D, (Mercur) (Roof Bros) r 8, dairy 5 cows, apiarist 5 colonies and

farmer for T J Roof 60

Roof Thomas J, (Rummerfield) r 32, n 33, auditor, propr feed mill, peach orchard 1000

trees, dairy 15 cows and farmer 345

Roof Walter, (Rummerfield) r 20, farmer 120 for Henderson

Roof William L, r 45, farm laborer

Rummerfield Creamery, (Rummerfield) Farmers Dairy Dispatch of Scranton props,

Neil Jenser mgr

Rummerfield Hotel, (Rummerfield) Boyle & McCrossin proprs

Sage Franklin, (Rummerfield) r 39, fireman at C F Parks grist mill

Sage Jane, (Rummerfield) r 41, widow George

Sage Oscar, (Rummerfield) r 41, dairy 12 cows, apiarist 6 colonies and farmer 85

Schoonover Alfred R, (Rummerfield) r 34, 20 sheep, farmer leases of S H Vanness 75

Schoonover Allen, r 3, farmer

Schoonover Austin P, (Velarde) r 21 cor 32, dairy 11 cows and farmer 100

Schoonover Bartley, (Mercur) r 21, farm laborer

Schoonover Harry, r 3, farmer

Schoonover Isaac, r 45, farmer

Schoonover Jacob, (Mercur) r 19, farmer 50

Schoonover John, (Mercur) r 19, dairy 6 cows, farmer 40

Schoonover Oscar, r 3, dairy 12 cows and farmer 71

Schoonover William J, (Rummerfield) r 34, farmer 62

Slyter John W, (Rummerfield) r 43, carpenter

Smith H H & Son, (Rummerfield) (Hart H of Herrick and Ottie C) dealers in

general merchandise, coal and wagons

Stalford Joseph, r 3, road commissioner, dairy 9 cows and farmer 50

Standing Stone Creamery, r 45, Joel Stevens, mgr

Stephen Charles H, (Mercur) r 11, dairy 6 cows, farmer 87

Stephen Elle M, (Mercur) r 11, widow George A

Stephens Will M, (Mercur) r 11, farmer, ½ interest in estate of W H

Stevens Achatius, r 25, dairy 7 cows and farmer 90

Stevens Charles S, r 45, farmer

Stevens George H, r 45, dairy 12 cows, breeder of Durham cattle and farmer for

Charles Stevens estate, 140

Stevens Jabez P, r 25, farmer

Stevens Joel G, r 45, mgr Standing Stone Creamery

Stevens Jonathan J, r 45, farmer 81

Stevens Martha J, r 45, widow Clark, farmer 140, also in Asylum 140

Stevens Nelson, r 45, dairy 20 cows and farmer 141

Stevens William K, r 3, president school board, dairy 10 cows, 23 sheep, apiarist

15 colonies and farmer 118

Swackhammer Chauncey, (Rummerfield) r 38, farm laborer

Swackhammer Daniel A, (Rummerfield) r 38, farmer 70

Swackhammer Evan, (Rummerfield) r 36, portable saw mill, and on r 40 with Henry

cider mill, farmer 10

Taylor Harry W, (Rummerfield) r 40 n 39, general blacksmithing

Taylor Maryett, (Rummerfield) r 44 cor 41, widow George W

Taylor William B, off r 45, diary 10 cows, apiarist 12 colonies, and farmer on shares for

J J Stevens, 70

Thetga Harriet A, (Rummerfield) r 34, widow Ira

Thetga Henry W, (Rummerfield) r 42, laborer L V R R

Thetga John A, (Rummerfield) r 34, dairy 7 cows, farmer 57

Tracy Emma W, r 25 n 26, widow Henry W

Tracy Henry W, r 25 n 26, farmer 500, 3 stores in Towanda

Turner Charles E, r 24, dairy 20 cows, farmer, in Asylum 55 and on shares for

H W Tracy estate, 225

Tuttle R Amy, (Rummerfield) r 38, widow of Joel

Universalist Church, r 45

Van Auken James W, r 45, dairy 20 cows and farmer on shares for H W Tracy estate 200

Van Kuren Dorsey, (Rummerfield) r 45, propr feed and shingle mill, thresher and farmer

Van Kuren George I, (Rummerfield) r 44, laborer L V R R

Van Kuren Schuyler F, (Rummerfield) off r 41, farmer 50

Vanness Amelia A, r 28, widow Nelson

Vanness Byron S, r 29 cor 21, dairy 5 cows and farmer 47

Vanness Chauncey, (Rummerfield) r 45, laborer L V R R

Vanness David S, (Rummerfield) r 43, dairy 8 cows and farmer 80

Vanness Frederick C, off r3, dairy 7 cows and farmer 50

Vanness Gahlon L, (Rummerfield) r 43, dairy 6 cows, apiarist 8 colonies, farmer 80

Vanness Harry T, off r 3, dairy 7 cows and farmer for Mrs Mary J 100

Vanness Jehial M, (Rummerfield) r 45, shoemaker

Vanness Joseph, (Rummerfield) off r 43, farmer 40

Vanness Mary J, off r 3, widow Jason, farmer 100

Vanness Merton J, r 25 cor 26, farm laborer

Vanness Samuel H, (Rummerfield) r 34, farmer 75

Vanness William M, (Rummerfield) secretary school board, pathmaster, dairy 6 cows

and farmer 80

Vannest Espey T, (Rummerfield) r 43, farmer

Vannest George E, (Rummerfield) r 43, dairy 8 cows, 15 sheep and farmer 65

Van Schoter Joseph, (Rummerfield) r 48, mason

Vought Esther J, r 4, widow John, farmer 10

Vought Thomas M, r 4, dairy 10 cows, 15 sheep and farmer 85

Vought Willis E, r 4, farmer 30

Warner Archibald, r 26, farm laborer

Westbrook Abraham H, (Rummerfield) r 41, farm laborer

Westbrook Rachel, (Rummerfield) r 41, farmer 13

Whipple Judson, (Rummerfield) off r 41, farmer 50

Williams Clarence M, postmaster, general merchant, dealer in Clipper Chilled

Plow Co’s implements, also in apiarists’ supplies and manuf of bee comb


William Joseph F, (Rummerfield) r 45, laborer

Wood Frederick, (Rummerfield) telegrapher, bds Rummerfield Hotel

Woodfield George, r 45, farmer on shares for Fred A Ennis 50

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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