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1883 Tioga County PA History

History of Tioga County, Pennsylvania

History of Tioga County, Pennsylvania, (W. W. Munsell & Co., New York : 1883), 
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History of Tioga County, Pennsylvania

Biographical Appendix


Many other biographical sketches, embraced in the body of the work, may be found by reference to the Table of Contents.

FRANK D. ANDREWS came to Blossburg July 4th 1872, from Attica, Wyoming county, N.Y., where he was born February 18th 1837. His wife was Miss Eliza Walsh, of Warsaw, N.Y. Mr. Andrews is a wholesale dealer in liquors.

DELEVAN F. AYLESWORTH, the younger of the firm of Aylesworth Bros., was born in 1853, in Rutland, Tioga county. He married Miss Martha Evans, of Blossburg. In 1878 he and his brother John formed a copartnership and they have since carried on the Blossburg Meat Market.

JOHN AYLESWORTH is the elder of the firm of Aylesworth Bros. He was born in Maryland, Otsego county, N.Y. His wife was Miss Anna Davis, of Morris Run, Pa. In 1873 he came to Blossburg and commenced business as proprietor of the Blossburg meat market, which is now carried on by him and his brother Delevan. The firm does a large business and employs several men.

WILLIAM G. AYLESWORTH was born in 1825, in Otsego county, N.Y. In 1848 he married Miss Lucy Bailey, of Richmond, Tioga county, Pa., and removed to Blossburg in 1873.

CLARENCE HUGHSON BAXTER is the editor of the Blossburg Register. He was born in New York city, October 28th 1857. Having graduated from the New Jersey State High School in June 1873, in the following January he visited the United States of Columbia, and was there nearly three years in the office of the U.S. consul at Barranquilla. On his return he was engaged on several newspapers in Hornellsville and Elmira, and in October 1881 he assumed the position of editor and business manager of the Blossburg Register, owned by S.N. Havens.

ALBERT M. BENNETT, born at Canoe Camp, September 13th 1839, came in 1849 to Covington, where he has been in business since 1867. He was in partnership with his father, J.C. Bennett, up to 1878, when the latter retired. Mr. B. married Miss Fannie Smith, of Covington.

N.E. BOTCHFORD, the principal bookkeeper for the firm of Hoyt Bros., Blossburg, was born November 3d 1856, in Woodland, Ulster county. N.Y.

STEPHEN BOWEN, manufacturer of coke, Blossburg, has been a resident of Tioga county 42 years, and has been sheriff of the county. He was born May 1st 1829, and is a native of Wales, as also his wife, formerly Miss Maria Williams.

ANDREW J. BROWN's native place is Hector, Tompkins county, N.Y., and 1828 the year of his birth. He married Miss M. M. Bartell, of Sullivan, Tioga county. In 1864 he enlisted in Company H 7th Pa. Cavalry, and served to the close of the war. He came to Blossburg in 1872 and has been engaged in the grocery business since 1879. He is also a carpenter.

GEORGE H. BROWN was born in 1843, in Mansfield, Tioga county, Pa. He enlisted in 1863 in Company C 5th N.Y. heavy artillery, and was honorably discharged July 19th 1865. In 1868 he located again at Mansfield, but removed to Blossburg in 1870, and in 1881 established himself as a dealer in hardware and manufacturer of tin, copper and sheet iron ware.

MRS. SARAH E. CALDWELL.--Her native place was Newton, Sussex county, N.Y. She was married in 1852 to Frederick J. Caldwell, of Covington, Tioga county, Pa., who died in 1871, aged nearly 40 years. Since that time Mrs. Caldwell has been proprietor of a store at Blossburg for the sale of groceries and fancy goods, with a restaurant in connection therewith.

W. V. CALKINS..--This gentleman occupies the responsible position of train dispatcher at Blossburg. He was born January 31st 1857, in Charleston township, and is unmarried.

FRANK CHURCH is a resident of Morris Run, and foreman of the machinery rooms of the company there. He was born in 1847, in Berkshire, Tioga county, N.Y., and married Miss Emma Bogart, of Addison, Steuben county, N.Y. In 1878 and 1880 he was elected supervisor of the township of Morris.

WILLIAM CODNEY, son of Samuel and Dorcas Codney, was born in 1836, in Luzerne, Warren county, N.Y., and moved with his parents in 1846 to Mill Creek, Tioga county, Pa. He married Dorcas E. Warner, of Lyonsville, Crawford county. In 1862 he enlisted in Company H 146th regiment Pa. volunteers, and served through the war. Soon afterward he entered the service of the Tioga Railroad Company, and he has been a conductor since 1879, residing at Blossburg.

JOHN COOK was born at Stockton-on-Tees, in the county of Durham, England, in 1831. He came to America in 1841; located at Reading, Pa., and removed thence to Blossburg in 1848. He married Miss Mary Harris in 1851, who whom he has six children. His business is that of mason. He has been inspector of election, and treasurer of Blossburg borough five years.

GEORGE W. CRANDAL, M.D.--Dr. Crandal's birth occurred February 20th 1843, in Pike, Bradford county, Pa. His wife was Miss Anna Hoyt of Nelson. Dr. Crandal lives at Blossburg, and his practice is large and increasing.

F. C. CUNNINGHAM is the proprietor of the Seymour House, Blossburg. Born near Baltimore, Md., in 1815, he came north and married Miss Betsey Appling, of Massachusetts, and settled in Blossburg in 1875. Under his management the Seymour House has been well patronized and prosperous.

JOHN J. DANIELS was born in 1828, in South Wales. His wife was Miss Anna S. Jones of the same country. He came to the United States in 1850, and located in Pittsburgh, Pa. In 1852 he settled in Blossburg.

R. W. DAVIS.--His parents, John and Mary Davis, were born in Wales, in 1835 and 1836 respectively. Coming to this country they settled in Blossburg, and afterward removed to Mansfield. Their son R. W. was born April 22nd 1863, at Corning, N.Y., and is now bookkeeper in the office of the Fall Brook Coal Company at Fall Brook; was formerly weighmaster.

WILLIAM B. DAVIS, who is keeping a hotel at Covington, was formerly a miner. He was born in Montour county, Pa., May 10th 1843, and married Mary J. Herman, of Morris Run.

MARTIN DEITSHE's birthplace was in Baden, Germany, and the year of his birth 1825. Shortly after his marriage there to Theresa Hasp, in 1851, he came to America, and located at Syracuse, N.Y. In 1861 he was in the west and enlisted in the 51st Ohio volunteers, Company G. He served two years; was wounded three times in one day at Murfreesboro. He came to Blossburg in 1866, and has served as police officer two years.

WILLIAM DODDS was born at Newcastle-on-Tyne, in England, in 1839. Coming to the United States in 1863 he first located at Winslow, N.J., and in 1867 at Blossburg. He is a glass flattener. He first married Miss Sarah Mather, of St. Ellen's, Lancashire, England, and afterward Miss Anna Lydiatt, also a native of England.

JOHN F. DWYER has been overseer of the schutes at Fall Brook since February 18th 1881. He was born at Morris Run, November 6th 1854, and married Catharine Hain, of Painted Post, N.Y.

CHARLES H. ELY's birthplace was Montreal, Canada, and 1851 the year of his birth. He removed to Pennsylvania and engaged in the business of glass blowing. He married Miss Viola Nitrowr, of Covington, Tioga county, and now resides in Blossburg.

HUGH PLATT ERWIN, merchant tailor at Blossburg, and for the last fifteen years a justice of the pace, was born at Jersey Shore, Lycoming county, May 9th 1826. Mary M. Sofield, whom he married, was a lady of Wellsboro. Mr. E. was a musician in the 70th N.Y. during the Rebellion.

EVAN F. EVANS, as his name implies, is of Welsh blood. He was born in Wales, in 1846. He married Miss Mary Jane Phillips, and came to the United States in 1874. He first located at Plymouth, Luzerne county, Pa., and afterward removed to Blossburg.

CHARLES FISH resides at Arnot. He was born in 1829, in Cornwall, England, and in 1850 married Susannah Pasmore, of the same county. In 1869 they came to this country and settled at Arnot. Mr. Fish was a miner there ten years, and then engaged in the hotel and livery business, which he still follows. He has seven children living.

EDWARD GAVIGAN, born in county Westmeath, Ireland, in 1831, married Bridget Kinsella, of county Meath, and came to America in 1849. He first settled at Utica, N.Y., then at Corning, and in 1866 removed to Blossburg. By ocupation he is a supervisor of the Tioga railroad track.

ALEXANDER H. GAYLORD, Blossburg, is the son of Elijah and Love Gaylord, formerly of Vermont, where Alexander was born in 1816. They removed to Tioga county in 1818, and lived in Sullivan and afterward in Covington. Elijah Gaylord was a soldier in the war of 1812, and lived until 1872. Alexander Gaylord's wife was Diana Hinson; they were married in 1845. He is proprietor of the Coal Run mine, employs five men, and produces 2,000 tons annually. He was postmaster 12 years, commencing in 1846; has also been burgess and supervisor.

WILLIAM R. GILMOUR.--Lanarkshire, Scotland, is his native place, and 1828 was the year of his birth. He there married Miss Jane Densmore. He removed to this country and settled in Blossburg in 1852, and in 1854 removed to Morris Run, where he is a superintendent of mines. He has been school director in Morris Run five years. His parents were James and Jane Gilmour, who died in Lanarkshire.

BREWSTER J. GUERNSEY was born in 1827, at Montrose, Susquehanna county. In 1853 he was united in marriage with Miss Mary D. Donaldson, of Dover, Ill. He has been station agent of the Tioga Railroad Company at Blossburg since 1866. He has two sons, Peter B. and Lucius W., in responsible places in the company's employ. His father was Joseph W. Guernsey, of Chenango county, N.Y., and his mother Anna Brewster Guernsey, who settled in Tioga in 1828, where Joseph W. and Jonah Brewster established the first store in the village.

JOHN P. HARRINGTON is by occupation a printer. His residence is at Elmira, where he was born December 10th 1863. He is at present pursuing his avocation in Blossburg.

W. A. HICKS resides in Morris Run. Elmira is the place, and 1840 the year of his birth. His wife was Sarah Fuller, of Elmira. In 1878 he came to Morris Run and engaged in mining. His parents were Hiram and Mary Hicks. His father, who was a builder in Elmira, died December 10th 1875.

ASA D. HUSTED is a resident of Blossburg, though born in Canton, Bradford county, in 1826. He married Miss Rebecca Richter, of Blossburg, in 1847, and they have five children. He is a prominent member of lodge No. 489 I.O.O. F.

JAMES H. JOHNSON resides at Morris Run. He was born in Corning, N.Y., in 1844. His wife was Mary Reef, of Mansfield, Pa. His parents, John M. and Jane Johnson, moved in 1840 from Binghamton to Corning, where his father was a merchant 16 years and died in 1870.

JACOB JONES is the proprietor of the old Blossburg coal mine, and employs five men, with an average annual production of 1,500 tons. He has been a member of the common council and a school director. Wales was his birthplace, and the year of his birth 1832. He married Miss Rachel Jones in 1856, at Blossburg.

PARKER M. JONES follows the business of mining at Morris Run. He was born in 1849, at Syracuse, N.Y., where his father, Charles Jones, manufacturered salt for the Onondaga Salt Company. His mother was Rebecca Jones. His wife was Miss Anna Montgomery, of Morris Run.

MICHAEL KELLY, born in 1830, in county Kerry, Ireland, married Bridget Healy, of the same county. He came to America in 1851, and located at Corning, N.Y., in the grocery business. Losing heavily by fire in 1866 he moved to Blossburg and engaged in the same business. In 1870 the business passed into the hands of his wife, and it is now carried on for her by their sons John W. and Michael Kelly, who are building up an enviable trade.

LYMAN W. KIFF resides in Blossburg. He was born in Bradford county, in 1839, and married Melvina D. Townsend, of Tyrone, Steuben county, N.Y., in 1864. He entered the employ of the Tioga Railroad Company in 1864 as brakeman, and still remains in the company's service.

HENRY KILBOURNE, M.D.--This esteemed physician is a native of Shrewsbury, Vt., and was born in 1802. He received a good common school education, and when 23 commenced the study of medicine, graduating from Castleton Medical College in 1828. He settled first at Langdon, N.H.; afterward at Covington, Pa., and in 1863 at Blossburg, where he now resides. He first married Fanny Briggs, of Shrewsbury, Vt., by whom he has six children. She died in 1854 and he married Lucy Duke, of Covington, Pa., who died in 1872. In 1874 he married Miss Fanny Andrus, of Covington, Pa.

JAMES S. KIRKWOOD, formerly a miner, is now a store clerk at Blossburg. He was born in Holytown, Lanarkshire, Scotland, April 3d 1855. Hannah Cook, of Blossburg, became his wife. Mr. K. came to Blossburg a year ago, after living nine years in Arnot.

MARTIN G. LEWIS, son of Dr. E. W. Lewis, was born at Watkins, N.Y., August 29th 1844, and married Josephine J. Magee, daughter of James Magee, of Toronto, Canada. Mr. Lewis located in Morris Run in 1869, and was assistant bookkeeper and engineer of the Morris Run Coal Company four years. In 1873 he removed to Blossburg, where he is weighmaster and bookkeeper for the Tioga Railroad Company. He was the first town clerk of Hamilton township; member and secretary of the Blossburg school board; is chief engineer of the fire department, and has taken an active interest in political matters.

LETSON LOWNSBERRY is the son of Letson and Cynthia Lownsberry, formerly of Canoe Camp Creek, where he was born in 1837. His wife was Miss Roxana Gillette, of the same place. Mr. Lownsberry is a railroad engineer by occupation, and lives at Blossburg.

JAMES W. MAHER was born November 22nd 1852, in Tioga, Pa., and married Katie E. Kerwan, of Blossburg, where they now reside. He is a railroad engineer.

JOSEPH H. MARTIN.--This enterprising druggist is a native of England, born in the year 1852. Having emigrated to the United States he located in Blossburg, and is actively engaged in the pursuit of his business.

W. H. McCARTY.--Addison, N.Y., was Mr. McCarty's birthplace, and April 7th 1855 the date of his birth. He removed to Blossburg in 1864, and commenced business July 24th 1877 as a grocer and provision dealer, which he has sucessfully prosecuted until the present time.

D. O. MERRICK, dentist, has been living in Blossburg fourteen years. He is a native of Delmar township, and was born August 12th 1854.

JOHN H. MILLER is one of the firm of Miller & Flynn, proprietors of the Blossburg Marble Works. In the township of Liberty, where he was born in 1835, he married Miss Mary Jane Rathbone, in 1855. He purchased his present business in 1876 of C. Rathbone.

JAMES H. MOLD is the superintendent of the Blossburg Company's saw-mill, having charge of 16 men. In 1866 he came to Tioga county from Northampton, Fulton county, N.Y., where he was born in 1847. HIs wife was Miss Lucy A. Dugan, of Bradford county, Pa.

THOMAS J. MOOERS is the proprietor of the Blossburg Foundry, which employs some ten men and turns out about 200 tons of castings annually. Mr. Mooers is a native of Tompkins county, N.Y., and was born in 1828. He married Miss Sarah L. Coles, of Luzerne county. He was elected burgess in 1876 and served nine months.

GEORGE W. MORGAN is a native of West Winfield, Herkimer county, N.Y., and removed to Blossburg some years ago.

NEIL MUNRO, born in Pottsville, Pa., April 1st 1838, married Elizabeth Whamand, from Forfarshire, Scotland. His occupation is mining, and his residence Morris Run. His parents were Alexander and Janet Munro, who came from Glasgow, Scotland, in 1830 to Nova Scotia, and thence to Pottsville in 1835. His father afterward removed to Farrensville, Clinton county, where he engaged in the manufacture of fire-brick, and where he died at the age of 62.

JOHN C. MUNRO is a native of Scotland, born in Glasgow, May 9th 1830. His parents were Alexander and Janet Munro, who are mentioned in the sketch of Neil Munro. John C. Munro resided in Pottsville from 1832 to 1865, when he removed to Morris Run. He married Anna Blush, of Lock Haven, Pa. He has served as school director since 1879. He follows the occupation of mining.

B. A. MURRAY, the proprietor of the Murray House, Blossburg, was born in 1839, at Lowell, Mass. His aprents removed to Lycoming county when he was in his childhood, and he came to Blossburg in 1842. His wife was Miss Maggie Fitzgerald of Syracuse, N.Y.

PATRICK F. O'DONNELL was born at Burnt Court, county Tipperary, Ireland, in November 1838. Burnt Court was so called from the fact of the owner of a local castle, named Everett, having burned the castle to prevent its falling into the hands of Cromwell's troopers, who were then overrunning the south of Ireland. Young O'Donnell attended the national or common school of the village from the age of 5, and at the age of 14 had acquired a pretty fair English education, with a liberal knowledge of the higher mathematics. At 16 he entered the counting house of Edward Rice's dyeing establishment, Clogheen, county Tipperary, as book-keeper, where he remained until the spring of 1863, when he emigrated to the United States. After being for a short time out of work in New York, he secured employment as accountant in the glass cutting establishment kept by William N. Walton, at 58 John street, which he left in June 1864, to enter the office of the Morris Run Coal Company at Blossburg as assistant book-keeper. He was married november 10th 1865, to Maria Firzgerald, who was born in 1842 in Clogheen, county Tipperary, Ireland. After the removal of the company's office to Morris Run, in June 1866, he continued in the same capacity until March 1868, when he was promoted to the office of chief accountant, cashier and paymaster, all of which offices he still holds. He has never sought nor held any political office, except the position of tax collector for Hamilton township for State, county and local taxes. Mr. O'Donnell and wife have a family of six children living (four boys and two girls), and have lost a boy and a girl.

JOHN B. PHILBRICK, now a merchant in Blossburg, was born June 16th 1830, in Allentown, N.H. He married Miss Susan E. Cass, of Epsom, N.H. He has been for some years in the mercantile business. 

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