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August 18 - The MHS Class of 1958 will celebrate 60 years. The Museum of Us will be open that day from noon to 4 P.M. so that the class can visit us and see Mansfield as they remember it.

May 17, 2018

Mansfield Heroes from 1940

We've been digging around in 1940 census and newspapers this past winter and spring and we've discovered some noteworthy anecdotes to pass on to you. We've been coordinating the 1940 census of Mansfield, Richmond, and Sullivan with our genealogy database of local people and have uncovered no shortage of bravery in the stories of their lives. The 1940 census is the most recent census to have been released to the public. It gives us a detailed picture of who was here and what they were doing. Following house to house in the census records is like a visit to that time. <<More>>

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Our objective is to collect, present, and preserve the objects, histories, and photos of our area's people, places and events, so that we can know and understand the lives of our community predecessors - neighbors we never met.

We also record events and people of our own time so that future
community members can know us a little better.

It's all about the Flow of Time.


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