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History of Tioga County, Pennsylvania

History of Tioga County, Pennsylvania, (W. W. Munsell & Co., New York : 1883) 
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History of Tioga County, Pennsylvania

Biographical Appendix

History of Tioga County, Pennsylvania, Biographical Appendix , Deerfield, Nelson and Osceola Townships, Elkland and Knoxville Boroughs. (W.W. Munsell & Co., New York : 1883), pp. 9-12.

B I O G R A P H I C A L   A P P E N D I X.

Many other biographical sketches, embraced in the body of the work, may be found by reference to the Table of Contents.
AUGUSTUS ALBA is a retired mercant living in Knoxville. He was born there, March 17th 1829, and married Lucy M. Bulkley, of Deerfield.

OLIVER P. BABCOCK, a prosperous farmer of Elkland, was born in 1840, in Farmington. He enlisted and served through the war of the Rebellion, receiving a wound at Petersburg. July 5th 1863 he married Mary, daughter of Colonel Lemuel Davenport, and they have one son living. Colonel Davenport, born in 1762, in Vermont, served in the war of 18l2, and in 1814 settled in Elkland, where he resided until his death.

WILLIAM H. BAXTER is a native of Delaware county, N.Y., born in 1832. He married Philena Johnson, of Charleston, Pa. He is an insurance agent, and owns a farm of 200 acres in Nelson township. He is one of the charter members of Nelson Lodge, No. 434 I.O. of O.F. His father, William Baxter, who was an old resident of Farmington, and an influential worker in the M. E. church, died in 1871.

CHARLES F. BILLINGS is a native and resident of Knoxville, and an extensive landholder. He was born February 16th 1831. Mrs. B. was Helena Sweet, of Knoxville.

EMERY W. BLEND, son of Adoniram and Clarissa Blend, born in 1844 in Addison, N.Y., enlisted in 1862 in Company G 141st N.Y. He was wounded at Resaca, Ga., May 15th 1864. and was honorably discharged at Elmira in 1865. He married in 1868 Miss Rosetta Rathbone, of Nelson, They have five children. Mr. Blend owns a farm of 50 acres in Nelson township.

SAMUEL BOGART JR. is a son of Samuel and Lucinda Bogart, and a native of Lawrenceville. He was born in 1835. His wife was Miss S. H. Hollis, of Tuscarora, N.Y. He is a member of Osceola Lodge F.A.M. His former occupation was blacksmithing; he is now engaged in manufacturing lumber in Nelson.

CLARK W. BROOKS is a native and resident of Nelson, born in 1846. His father, Jacob Brooks, came to Tioga county from Cohocton, N.Y., in 1842. His mother was Sophronia Bottom. Mr. Brooks married Miss Adell Wilbur, of Addison, N.Y., in 1870; is now a farmer, owning 150 acres.

LEVI B. BROWN, Elkland, was born December 12th 1838, in Maryland, Otsego county, N.Y. March 11th 1869 he married Sarah M., daughter of Colonel Marinus W. Stull, of Elkland, who was one of the first settlers in the Cowanesque Valley, and a soldier in the war of 1812, and organized the first school in Elkland. Mr. Brown's parents, David and Polly Brown, came from New York State. David was a lawyer by profession. L. B. Brown is a farmer. He has three sons-David M., Frank B., and Leroy W.

JOHN BROWN was born April 14th 1847, in Sweden, of which country his wife, Christine, is also a native. They came to this country in 1871, and after a time settled in Fall Brook, Tioga county, and later on the farm at Elkland where lie now resides. They have two children living. Mr. B. was formerly a farmer.

HENRY H. CADY, son of Michael and Hannah Cady, was born in 1826, in Middlebury, Tioga county. In 1853, he married Miss Jerusha Eaton, daughter of Nathaniel and Betsey Eaton, of Middlebury, by whom he had four children. Mr. Cady enlisted in 1864 in Company K 207th Pa. volunteers; was wounded at Petersburg April 2nd 1865. and died at City Point. His widow removed in 1865 to a farm in Nelson, where she still resides.

JOHN CAMPBELL, a native of Ireland, came to America about the year 1800. He was first a land agent in Philadelphia, then a merchant tailor. In 1810 he located at Beecher's Island (now Nelson), in the Cowanesque Valley, and he was the first merchant in the place. He built the first permanent grist-mill, in 1820. He married Mrs. Sarah Blackwell, of Jersey Shore, Lycoming county. At the time of his death, in 1854, he possessed 500 acres of land, of which 100 were under cultivation.

JOHN H. CAMPBELL, son of Joseph and Ann Campbell, was born in 1836, at Nelson, where lives. His wife was Miss Calphurnia J. Bottom, of Farmington. He enlisted in 1864 in Company H 207th Pennsylvania volunteers, and was discharged in 1865. He has been once elected magistrate and once constable, but in both instances declined to serve. His business is general insurance, and he is a member of the firm of J. H. Campbell & Son.

JOSEPH CAMPBELL JR. was born in Ireland, in 1793, and came to America in 1810, with his parents. They located at Beecher's Island, where he and his brother James took up 250 acres of wild land. In 1822 he married Miss Ann Clinch, a native of England, They had twelve children, of whom eight are living. He was an ardent worker for the Presbyterian church, of which he was a deacon many years, and representative in church assemblies. He died in Nelson, in 1864; his wife in 1868.

M. F. CASS was born at Farmington Centre, October 26th 1850. His wife was Miss Susie M. Baxter, of Nelson, which is their place of residence. He is a teacher by profession, and has taught 15 years. He was elected county superintendent May 3d 1881.

HENRY E. CHAMBERLAIN is a prosperous farmer at Elkland. He was born in Maryland, Otsego county, N.Y., March 14th 1827, and married Maria Gleason, of Chatham, Pa., April 8th 1849. They have two daughters and one son living. He enlisted September 13th 1864 in Company C 99th regiment; was transferred to the 199th; was in the battles of Hatcher's Run, Clover Hill, Appomatox and others, and was honorably discharged. Mrs. C.'s father, Nelson Gleason, was a pioneer in Tioga county.

B. F. COLVIN is a native of Herkimer county, N.Y., and was born January 10th 1826. His wife was Jennie C. Chrisman, of Indiana county, Pa. From Spring Mills, N.Y., Mr. C. removed to Osceola, November 1st 1881. He enlisted January 31st 1862 in the 111th Pennsylvania volunteers; was wounded at Winchester, Va., and after three years' service was honorably discharged. He is now a farmer.

JAMES COOK was born at Lindley, Steuben county, N.Y., in 1804. In 1806 he came with his parents to Tioga county. He married Miss Rachel Hazlett, of Nelson, Pa.; is a farmer, owning 120 acres in Nelson. His father, Captain Levi Cook, at an early day came from Long Island to Tioga county, thence removing to Lindley, N.Y., and returning in 1806 to the Cowanesque Valley, near the present village of Knoxville. His wife was Miss Elizabeth Caulkins, of Steuben county, N.Y. They had eight children, three of whom are living. Mr. Cook was captain of militia in the valley, and took his company to the frontier at the burning of Buffalo. He died at Lawrenceville, in 1847.

SILAS G. CRANDALL is a native of Deerfield, Pa., and was born in 1827. In 1858 he married Miss Mary M. Weeks, of Westfield; they have two cbildren, He was for fifteen years in the mercantile firm of P. Crandall & Bro., at Osceola, and in 1861 came to Nelson, where he has a farm of 200 acres. He has been assessor many years. His father, Truman Crandall, of Rensselaer county, N.Y., married Miss Nancy Card, of Madison county, and located at Osceola in 1822, taking up 130 acres of land. After 1850 he followed mercantile business many years, and died in 1882, aged 85 years.

ALBERT AND JUSTUS DEARMAN.--Albert and Justus Dearman, of Knoxville, were sons of George and Olive (Beach) Dearman. They were born at Groton, Tompkins county, N.Y. Albert October 12th 1824, and Justus September 8th 1829. Their mother died while they were quite young. Albert followed the trade of housepainting with his father until he was 20 years of age. In 1844 he came to Knoxville and was employed as clerk in the store of O. P. Beach. Mr. Beach was his uncle, and at the end of the first year took the young man into partnership with himself under the firm name of Beach & Dearman. Justus at the age of 16 years entered the employ of Robert Howell, Ithaca, N.Y., where he remained four years. In 1849 the firm of Beach & Dearman dissolved; Justus came to Knoxville, and the two brothers formed a partnership for the sale of merchandise. Their combined effects at that time did not exceed $1,000. They were fair in their dealings, attended strictly to business, and prospered greatly. The firm of A. & J. Dearman continued fifteen years, when it was dissolved by mutual consent. Justus remaining at the old stand and continuing the business. In 1871 his store was destroyed by fire. In 1873 he built the elegant place of business which he occupied until the time of his death--December 14th 188o. He was never married. He admired beautiful surroundings, and the correctness of his taste was exhibited in his store and grounds, which were arranged and ornamented under his personal supervision. As a citizen he was liberal in contribiiting to any project for the benefit of his adopted town, and as a creditor he was exceedingly lenient toward those indebted to him. He is buried in Fairview cemetery, at Osceola, in a lot which has been elegantly fitted up and is cared for with all the attention that brotherly affection could suggest. Albert Dearman remains--as he has been for many years--one of the leading merchants of Knoxville.--C. T.

LESTER DORRANCE, Osceola, is a native of Elkland, and was born June 11th 1843. His wife was Hannah M. Bottorn, of the same place. They have one child, Susan C. His wife's parents were Walter C, and Content Bottom, of Connecticut, and her grandfather was a Revolutionary soldier. Mr. Dorrance's occupation is farming.

HIRAM FLANDERS was born February 13th 1832, at Ballston Springs, N.Y. July 2nd 1852 he married Mary Jane, daughter of Ransom Smith, of Woodhull, N.Y. Their children are John and Luna Z. He was formerly a millwright, but is now farming at Woodhull, Steuben county, N.Y. His parents, Hiram and Sarah Flanders, were from Vermont and New York. His father died November 28th 1857.

JONAS B. GLEASON is a native of Newtown, now Southport, N.Y., born March 17th 1810. He was one of the early settlers in Osceola, married Hannah Van Dusen, and settled on the farm in Osceola where he now resides. He has six children. His parents, Nathan and Lucy (Seeley), from Chenango county, N.Y., were pioneers in Tioga county. He was a justice of the peace for many years.

M. GLEASON, son of Paul and Mrs. J. Gleason, was born in Osceola, July 14th 1824. November 9th 1851 he married Mary Vanzile, daughter of Isaac Vanzile, a pioneer in Tioga county formerly from New Jersey. They have three children--Ezra, James T. and Metta. Mr. G. is a farmer, and lives on the old homestead in Osceola. He is a descendant of General Warren who fell at Bunker Hill.

WINDSOR GLEASON, farmer, Elkland, is a native of Vermont, and was born in 1829. He married Angelia, daughter of Hon. David Hardwick, of Massachusetts, who afterward removed to Tioga county, where he now resides. Mr. G. was a soldier in the civil war; was wounded at Cold Harbor, and was honorably discharged in June 1864. He has three children.

CHARLES B. GOODRICH was born in Delaware county, N.Y., in 1837, and in 1859 married Miss Lottie Stewart, of Woodhull, Steuben county, N.Y. His occupation is farming, and his place of residence Nelson. He was constable nine years, beginning in 1861; has also been collector, assessor, etc., and was elected magistrate in 1882.

JOHN HAZLETT is a native of Nelson, and was born in 1823. He married Miss Lucy Dunham, of Farmington, in 1855. He is a prosperous farmer, and owns 230 acres in Nelson. He is a member of Nelson Lodge, No. 434, I.O.O.F. His wife is a member of the Presbyterian church.

SAMUEL HAZLETT, son of John and Jane Hazlett, was born in Nelson, in 1816. His wife was Miss Catharine Knapp, of Wells, Pa. He is a well-to-do farmer. His father, John Hazlett, was born in Scotland, about 1787, and came to America when young. The family settled in Stroudsburg, Pa., whence in 1810 John and his brother Samuel came to the Cowanesque Valley, and took up 300 acres of land below the village of Nelson. John married Jane Campbell. They had nine children; seven are living. He died in 1850, when he owned 300 acres of land.

WILLIAM HEYSHAM was born in Chemung county, N.Y., in 1821, and married Miss Eliza Rathbone, of Nelson, Pa. His parents settled in 1824 in Canisteo, N.Y., whence he moved to Tioga county, Pa., in 1840, and commenced work for himself. His highest wages were $13 per month. By industry and frugality he accumulated a competence and he now owns 200 acres of land in Nelson.

CHARLES HOYT was born in Kingston, Luzerne county, Pa., and resided there until 1835, when he removed to Osceola, where he now lives. September 29th 1858 he married Mary Colvin, of Bingham, Pa., daughter of Hon. G. G. Colvin, of Potter county, Pa. They have three children living. He enlisted August 16th 1861 in Company K 149th Pennsylvania; entered as second lieutenant; was promoted to be first lieutenant; was in the battle of Chancellorsville, and was honorably discharged in 1863; was a justice of the peace three years, and resigned. He is a farmer, raising tobacco, hops and Chinese amber cane in large quantities.

CLARK KIMBALL was born in Weare, N.H., April 21st 1802. He married Clarissa H. Cilley April 27th 1830, for his first wife, and Hannah Whitmore May 19th 1841 for the second. He has three sons and one daughter. He was one of the first dry goods merchants in Osceola, but is now a farmer in that township.

O. S. KIMBALL, farmer, is a native and resident of Osceola, born August 4th 1842 his wife was Mary L. Cameron, of the same place. He enlisted February 11th 1862; served three years with the army of the Potomac and was honorably discharged. He has been a justice of the peace in Osceola, and was attached to the police force on the grounds of the Centennial Exhibition at Philadelphia.

BURTON E. LEWIS is a farmer in Deerfield township He was born in Wyalusing, Bradford county, November 16th 1828.

SAMUEL W. LINCOLN, M. D., is a native of Plainfield, Mass., born July 13th 1855. His wife was Miss Verona Webb, of Nelson. Dr. Lincoln was graduated at the College of Physicians and Surgeons at Baltimore, Md., in 1879, and in the same year located at Nelson and engaged in the practice of his profession. He has already won a good reputation.

JAMES T. LOSEY was born in Nelson, in 1843, and is the son of Artemas and Emily Losey, who settled in Nelson in 1832, where for many years Mr. L. was engaged in trade, lumbering, etc. He died in 1869 and his wife in 1865. James T. married Miss Jennie M. Merritt, of Farmington, in 1869. He is proprietor of the Nelson saw and planing mills, and manufactures lumber.

HIRAM MERRITT is a native of Delaware county, N.Y., and was born in 1808. In 1836 he located in Farmington, Tioga county, on 150 acres of wild land. Without money or team at first, by energy and economy he has paid for 400 acres. In 1869 he went into the mercantile business in Nelson, which is his principal occupation at present. In 1836 he married Miss Mary Ann Foster, of Saratoga. Of their ten children three are living. She died in 1876, and in 1878 he married Miss Mary McDonald, of Canada. They have one child.

WILLIAM MERRITT, son of Peter and Susan Merritt, is a native of Delaware county, N.Y., born in 1821. He married Miss Eliza A. Hazlett in 1849; they have four children. He came to Tioga county in 1835, and in 1848 purchased the farm of 100 acres in Nelson where he now resides.

HENRY MOUREY was born in 1827, in Montour county, Pa.; came to Tioga county in childhood; passed the business part of his life in Farmington, and settled in Nelson in 1877, on a farm. In 1851 he married Miss Adaline Baxter; they had six children, of whom only one survives. Mr. Mourey's father, Peter Mourey, born in Montour county, in 1791, of German parentage, married Miss Betsey Saunders. They had ten children, seven of whom are living. In 1830 Mr. Mourey took up 234 acres of land in Farmington, and he afterward acquired 900 acres. He was supervisor many years. He died in 1866; his wife in 1873. Both were members of the Lutheran church.

WELLINGTON A NEWCOMB, a native of Hamburg, Erie county, N.Y., was born in 1838, and came to Tioga county when a child. He married Miss Jerusha Keeney. They have one daughter. He was a harness maker at Wellsboro ten years, In 1879 he purchased the hotel at Nelson, refitted and refurnished it, and he has made for it an enviable reputation as an excellent hotel.

JOSEPH OAKDEN is a native of England, born in Derbyshire, in 1803. He came to this country in 1829; lived for a time at Albany, Utica, Hammondsport, and Addison, N.Y., and came to Nelson in 1869, where he owns 550 acres of land. In 1833 he married Maria Hollis, of Otsego county, N.Y. She and their son died in 1879.

CHARLES L. PATTISON has lived since 1870 in Elkland, where he is engaged in banking, railroading and farming, and is interested in several manufactories. Prior to 1870 he was cashier for the Fall Brook Coal Company at Fall Brook During the construction of the Cowanesque Valley Railroad (nearly three years). He was secretary and treasurer of the company, the president of which was Joel Parkhurst, whose daughter, Anna S., became Mrs. C. L. Pattison. Mr. Pattison is now president of the company which is building the Addison and Northern Pennsylvania Railway from Addison, N.Y., to Gaines (40 miles). He was born in Chestertown, Warren county, N.Y., February 16th 1842.

ALLEN H. PERRY, son of E. H. and Hannah T. Perry, was born June 9th 1833, at Mt. Morris, N.Y., and married Miss Sarah Herrington, of Woodhull. He has resided in Michigan and in New York. He has two children--Minnie S., and Earl H. He enlisted April 18th 1861, under the first call for volunteers, and re-enlisted, August 24th 1861, in Company F 11th Pa. cavalry, for three years. His farm is in Osceola.

WILLIAM PIERCE, born in Schoharie county, N.Y., in 1824, is a son of John B. and Fannie Pierce, who removed from Erwin, N.Y., to Farmington, Pa., in 1843, where they died in 1870 and 1878 respectively. William enlisted in 1864 in Company H 207th Pennsylvania volunteers, and served till the close of the war. His wife was Miss Adeline Grover, of Chatham. In 1876 he settled on a farm of 140 acres in Nelson.

JAMES W. PUTMAN has been a school director in Knoxville. He was born in Montgomery county, N.Y., October 4th 1823, and married Julia Ann Mellon, of that county.

MRS. WILLIAM M. RICHARDS was born in Lawrenceville, Pa., March 8th 1856. Her father was Hon. J.W. Ryon, of Schuylkill county. She was married December 15th 1880 to William M. Richards, of Pottsville, who is now a prosperous farmer in Elkland.

HARRIS S. RYON, son of judge John and Susanna Ryon, was born in 1816, in Elkland. He owns a farm of 100 acres in Nelson. In 1837 he married Miss M. H. Congdon, of Long Island, who died in 1842, leaving three children, In 1843 he married Miss Elizabeth Sherwood, of Orleans county, N.Y. She died in 1882, leaving one child.

ALLEN SEELY was born October 22nd 1826, in Osceola. His father, who was born in 1788 and died in 1866, was a pioneer in Tioga county; his mother, Lucy, daughter of Abner Kelsey, was born in 1791 and died in 1873. Allen Seely married Ann Campbell, of Nelson. They have three children--M. B., Judd D. and Ada C. Mr. S. is a farmer in Osceola.

FRANK J. SEELY, son of Morgan and Harriet Seely, was born in 1854, in Osceola. In 1875 he located in Nelson as one of the firm of Seely & Richards, general merchants. He has been town clerk and treasurer since 1879. In 1880 he married Miss Augusta Phelps, of Osceola.

JONAS BELLOWS SEELY was born in Southport, Chemung county, N. Y., March 17th 1810, and has lived 70 years in Osceola, in the southern part of which township he has a farm. He married Hannah Van Dusen, of Farmington, and they had eight children, of whom six are living, Mr. S. was assistant assessor one year.

PHILO STEVENS, born in Greenville Center, N.Y., in 1825, married Miss Susan D. Plank in 1846. They have five children. In 1847 Mr. Stevens located in Middlebury; in 1860 removed to Farmington, and in 1874 came to Nelson, where he resides on a farm. He has always been an active temperance worker.

WILLIAM W. STEWART was born in 1828, in Sullivan county, N.Y. He is a son of Sylvester and Mindwell Stewart, who settled at Beecher's Island in 1838, but about 1846 removed to Woodhull, N.Y. William W. married Miss Sally A. Brown, of Woodhull, in 1850, and settled in Nelson in 1866, on the farm of 140 acres where he now lives. He has held the office of assessor.

DAVID W. STULL, a native of Elkland, born in 1835, is a son of Marinus W. Stull, formerly of Southport, N.Y., who was in the war of 1812, and whose wife still lives, aged 77 years. David W. married Mary Thomas, of Tuscarora, county, N.Y. He is a prosperous farmer, living at Elkland.

D. H. TAFT, born in Tuscarora, N.Y., in 1849, is a son of Daniel and Amanda Taft, who came from Tuscarora to Nelson in 1875, He married in 1878 Josephine, daughter of William and Eliza Merritt, of Nelson. He is one of the firm of Baxter & Taft, dealers in agricultural implements; also of the firm of Taft & Albee, dealers in pianos, organs and sewing machines, both in Nelson.

PHILIP S. TAYLOR was born at Elkland, September 24th 1823, and is a son of Silas O. Taylor, who was a pioneer in Tioga county. Philip S. married Pamelia, daughter of Benjamin and Polly Tubbs, of Elkland, March 10th 1846. Their children are Mark and Annie. He is engaged in farming and lumbering in Osceola.

GEORGE TUBBS was born January 12th 1829, at Elkland. His father, Samuel Tubbs, was an early settler and a soldier of 1812. George Tubbs married Jane Campbell April 10th 1852. Their children are Frank, Annie and Minnie. He is a farmer, and has been supervisor and school director in Osceola.

HENRY TUBBS, farmer, was born January 4th 1845, in the township of Osceola, where he now resides. He is a son of James Tubbs and his wife Ann Gleason. He was educated in the common schools, and in 1862-64 attended the Osceola high school, of which Prof. A. R. Wightman was principal. He owns the flat farm on the south side of the Cowanesque River opposite the village of Osceola, and the " Windfall." He is engaged largely in stock farming, and has done much to improve the breed of horses in the surrounding country. In April 1877 he purchased "Valiant," an imported Percheron Norman stallion, weighing 1,700 pounds, and has since that time kept him upon his farm. In January 1880 Mr. Tubbs was married to Myra, oldest daughter of Charles Bulkley.

EBENEZER WARREN, born in Delaware county, N.Y., in 1826, in 1841 married Gertrude A., daughter of Jacob and Sally Shaver, of the same place. They have five children. He settled in Farmington in 1854, and in 1857 purchased the farm in Nelson where he now resides. In 1864 he enlisted in Company H 207th Pa. volunteers; was wounded April 2nd 1865, and discharged from the hospital. He is a carpenter and joiner by trade.

JAMES WARREN, Nelson, son of Hiram and Mary Hart Warren, of Herkimer county. N.Y., was born there, in 1825. His parents removed to Charleston, Tioga county, in 1843. He married in 1846 Miss Laura Gibson, of Farmington. His second wife was Miss Polly A. Weeks; his third marriage was to Miss Cora E. Lent, of Rochester. His family comprised five children.

REV. CHARLES WEEKS, son of John and Polly Weeks, was born in Hancock, N.Y., in 1824. In 1848 he married Miss Lucretia Babcock, of Farmington, who died in 1875, having borne him eight children. In 1877 he married Miss Mary J. Black, of Forksville, Pa. In 1860 he entered the ministry of the M. E. church, and for 16 years pursued his calling, returning to Nelson in 1876. His father, John Weeks, born in Hancock in 1791, married Polly Baxter; they had five children. In 1838 he engaged in lumbering at Nelson. In 1841 he took up 140 acres in Farmington, where he died in 1858. He was in the war of 1812.

LEANDER C. WOOD is ticket agent for the N.Y, L. E. and W. Railroad Company at Elkland. By profession he is a civil engineer, and he was county surveyor of Bon Homme county, Dakota territory. He was born October 4th 1855, and married Kittie Clark, of Dansville, N.Y.

W. W. WRIGHT, M. D., is a native of Cairo, Greene county, N.Y., and was born March 31st 1830. His parents, Asahel and Temperance Wright, formerly from Connecticut, had eight children. Dr. W. married Alice Hammond. He has been a practicing physician in Elkland 35 years.

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