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History of Tioga County, Pennsylvania

History of Tioga County, Pennsylvania, (W. W. Munsell & Co., New York : 1883), 
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History of Tioga County, Pennsylvania

Biographical Appendix


Many other biographical sketches, embraced in the body of the work, may be found by reference to the Table of Contents.



The younger of the two ladies mentioned on Page 190, and whose fame as a charming poetess was well established--more particularly at the period between the years 1830 and 1840--under her literary and maiden name, was Miss Mary Emily Jackson, who became the wife of Mr. Isaac Cleaver, formerly a resident of Philadelphia, but engaged at the time of his marriage in some building enterprises in conjunction with the newly completed Corning and Blossburg-Railroad.

Miss Jackson was born in Wellsboro, in 1821, and received her education chiefly at the Wellsboro Academy, She early evinced a talent for poetry, and frequently contributed her compositions to the Wellsboro Phoenix, and subsequently to the Philadelphia Saturday Evening Post, and the literary New Yorker, obtaining for them a popular appreciation and esteem that induced Horace Greeley, the principal editor and one of the three proprietors of the latter journal, to extend to Miss Jackson an invitation to reside in his household, and become a regular contributor to the columns of his paper; this, however, she declined.

Her poetry is marked by much harmony of expression, versatility of thought, and delicacy of sentiment, combined with a calm, gentle and appreciative love of nature; and imbued with that spirit of sadness instinctive in and

characteristic of the true poet. She was possessed of more than ordinary personal charm and beauty, which, joined to her amiable disposition and by her literary talent, made her society esteemed, and won for her many admiring friends. She was of medium heigt, with hair and eyes dark, complexion pale and delicate, and manner of exceeding grace. In 1842 she was married, at Covington, to Isaac Cleaver. She then discontinued her contributions to the press, and published no collection of her poems. She died at the residence of her son Isaac, at Troy, Bradford county, in 1869, and is buried beside her husband, previously deceased, at Covington, this county. Their children are--Isaac born in 1843; Samuel (now in Nebraska), born in 1845; and Mary, Mrs. H. F. Long, now of Troy, Pa., born in 1848.

Mrs. Cleaver was so popularly known in this county for her literary merit forty years ago, and so distinctively identified with its history in the memory of the older inhabitants, that to omit from the pages of a work of this kind a proper tribute to her memory and virtues would be an inexcusable error. The writer therefore feels gratified that in this brief notice he has done what conveniently lay in his power to prevent such an error; and that the publishers of the work have desired it as giving an increased credit to the volume.


ROBERT R. AUSTIN was born in Broome county, N.Y., September 14th 1833. His parents were natives of New England, and first came to Tioga county to locate in 1854. Neither is now living. Mr. Austin is a farmer.

DANIEL BACON, M.D., Wellsboro, was born in Delmare, May 21st 1836, and married S. Florence Greene, of the same township. He served during the civil war as lieutenant, and as acting assistant surgeon of his regiment two and a half years.

OLIVER BACON, son of Daniel and Lydia Bacon, was born at Candor, Tioga county, N.Y., in 1801. He married Miss Catharine Houghton, daughter of Simeon and Rachael Houghton, natives of Massachusetts, who came here from Otsego county, N.Y., in 1818. Mr. Bacon's farm of 290 acres was "taken up" in 1820 by his father, who came from Tioga county, N.Y., in 1815.

SIMEON BACON, son of Oliver and Catharine Bacon, is a native of Delmar township, in which lies his farm of 300 acres. He was born in 1830, and married Miss Frances Skelton, daughter of George and Elizabeth Skelton. He enlisted in 1864 in Company K 207th Pennsylvania volunteers, and served till June 1865.

JOHN W. BAILEY was born November 27th 1824, in Charleston township, and now lives at Wellsboro, engaged in farming. Mrs. Bailey was Margaret Lewis, of Charleston.

VINE H. BALDWIN is a native of Bradford county, Pa., and was born in 1815. He owns a farm of 364 acres in Delmar. He married Miss Cynthia D. Boyden, of the same township. His father, Vine Baldwin, was born in 1784 (the second white child born near Athens, Bradford county), and married Sarah Burt, of Chemung county, N.Y. They had eight children, of whom five are now living. They located in this county in 1834, Mr. Bacon buying "Big Marsh." A few years later he removed to Chemung county, N.Y., where he died in 1872.

MARY ELIZABETH BALDWIN, daughter of Moses S. Baldwin, was born in Lawrenceville, She was graduated in medicine at the Bellevue Medical College, in New York city, in 1874, and located in Wellsboro three years later.

EDMUND BARKER, carpenter and joiner, Wellsboro, was born in 1825, at Landisfield, Mass. His first wife, Rhoda A. Lathrop, of Parkersburg, W. Va., died in 1865, and he married Miss Lizzie Walker, of Fredonia, N.Y. He came to Wellsboro in 1874.

D. H. BELCHER. was born in Elkland, in 1845, and married Miss M. A. Spencer, of Wellsboro. He began business in Wellsboro in 1873, making tin, copper and sheet iron ware, and now averages an annual business of from $15,000 to $20,000 in hardware and agricultural implements. He served through the civil war, enlisting in the 45th Pa.; was a prisoner during the last year at Richmond and at Salisbury, N. C.; was made sergeant in 1865. 
Photos sent in by Barbara J. Sharp 
Martha Adeliza Spencer at left, David Belcher at right.

N. J. BENNETT, jeweler, Wellsboro, was born at Bainbridge, Chenango county, N.Y., and married Miss Fannie Hogle, of Niagara Falls, Ontario.

MATTHEW BLATNER, of the firm of Blatner & Gisen, cabinet makers and dealers in furniture, was born in Baden, Germany, in 1823, and came from that country to Wellsboro in 1852. In 1857 he married Henrietta McGarff, of Wellsboro.

ISAAC A. BORDEN is a manufacturer of sash, blinds doors, etc., at Wellsboro. He was born in Tompkins, Delaware county, N.Y., in 1850. His first wife was Olive A. Gibson, of Wellsboro, and his second Ellen L. Smith of Mainsburg.

GEORGE C. BOWEN is serving his third term as register and recorder of the county, having been elected in 1875, 1878 and 1881. He was nominated in 1878 without opposition. He is a native of Deerfield township, and was born November 11th 1838. He married Anna P. Stebbins, of Dayton, Ohio.

ADDISON BOYDEN was born in 1805, in Royalton, Vt. The family lived in Montreal from 1811 to 1833. Mr. Boyden then married and removed to Chenango county, N.Y., and in 1837 came to Marsh Creek, Tioga county. In 1842 he bought his present farm of 110 acres. His wife died in 1823, aged 6o. Nine of their children are living.

NATHAN C. BRADLEY, son of Nathan and Mary Bradley, was born in Colchester, Delaware county, N.Y., in 1843, and married Miss Helen Rowe, of Greene county, N.Y. He served the last three years of the civil war in Company B 157th N.Y. He came to this county in 1879 from Wisconsin and bought his farm of 61 acres near Stokesdale, He is a carpenter and joiner by trade.

ALEXANDER S. BREWSTER was born in 1813, near Montrose, Pa., and married Miss Mary Smith, of Allegheny county, N.Y. He removed to Tioga village in 1828 and opened a store. In 1831 he removed to Wellsboro. He was a clerk in the Legislature from 1846 to 1857 excepting one year. He was district attorney 1835-38, and has been a magistrate over 20 years, always elected without opposition.

ALMON BROOKS came in 1843 from Oswego county, N.Y., and in 1845 bought his present farm in Delmar. He was born in 1823, in Castleton, Vt., and married Miss Helena Miller, of Delmar.

JOHN BROWN, tanner and currier, Wellsboro, was born in 1846. He enlisted November 14th 1861, and served in the Union armies until his discharge in 1864.

MERRITT B. BROWN, farmer, Stokesdale, was born in 1843, in Cayuga county, N.Y. The next year his parents, Miletus and Caroline Brown, removed to Chatham township, this county, where they now live. In 1872 M. B. Brown married Miss Sarah Paddock, of New Jersey.

EDWARD A. BRYDEN, born in 1851, is a surveyor by profession, and a member of the firm of Bryden & Crowl, successors to E. B. Young, dealer in books, stationery, etc., at Wellsboro.

O. BULLARD came to Wellsboro in 1853, and engaged in the dry goods trade in 1855. He is now in the grocery business and continues to be one of the leading business men of the borough. He was born in 1835, in New Berlin, N.Y., and married Miss Helen M. Lewis, of Wellsboro.

FRANCIS M. BUTLER, son of Calvin and Elizabeth Butler, was born in 1839, in Delmar township, where his farm is located. He married Miss Mary Kearn, of London, Ont. He enlisted in 1862 in Company A 149th Pennsylvania; was discharged for disability, but re-enlisted and served during Lee's invasion of Pennsylvania.

JOHN M. BUTLER was born in Delmar township, January 15th 1830. He is a descendant of the Butlers who came to Tioga county in the early days of its settlement. He married Amanda Dewey, of Delmar township, in 1852. They have three children. Mr. Butler's father is one of the oldest residents of the county.

EDWIN CAMPBELL, son of Robert and Jane Campbell, was born in 1840, in Delmar township, where his 50-acre farm is situated. Mrs. Campbell was Miss Anna Coolidge, of Delmar. Mr. Campbell enlisted in 1864 in the 207th Pennsylvania and served through the war; was wounded at Petersburg April 2nd 1865.

FRANK CONEVERY, editor and publisher of the Wellsboro Gazette, was born in Hammondsport, N.Y., July 16th 1855. He married Helen Bullard, of Wellsboro.

AMOS COOLIDGE was born in Canada, in 1811. H e came to Tioga county in 1818, two years after his father (Amos) located at Wellsboro. Mr. Coolidge married Mary Kilbourn, who was born near Wellsboro, and has nine children living. He is a farmer and one of the oldest inhabitants of the locality in which he resides.

FRANK A. CROWL, of Bryden & Crowl, booksellers and stationers, Wellsboro, was born there, in 1856. In 1882 he married Miss Nellie Preston, of Boston, Mass.

HIRAM W. DARTT has been in business as a carriage maker at Wellsboro since 1846. He is a native of Charleston township; was born in 1825, and married Miss A. Potter, of Middlebury.

CHARLES W. DAVENPORT is the head of the firm Davenport & Cole, house, sign and carriage painters, Wellsboro. He was born in Jefferson township, Morris county, N.J., in 1849. In 1873 he married Miss Mary Jackson, of Gaines, Tioga county.

JESSE B. DENMARK was born in 1826, in Chemung county, N.Y. In 1844 he married Miss Emeline Millspaugh, of that county, and they had eight children. She died in 1877, and in 1879 he married Miss Catherine Rowe, of Wellsboro. He removed to Union township in 1856, a short time after to Bradford county, in 1859 to Ward, and in 1879 to Wellsboro from Blossburg. He enlisted in 1862 and served through the civil war. He was a magistrate at Blossburg in 1876-79. He is a carpenter, contractor and builder.

WILLIAM H. DICKSON owns a farm of 163 acres in Delmar. He was born in Ripley, Chautauqua county, N.Y., in 1827, and in 1863 married Miss Sarah A. Lombard, of the same place. He served in the army in 1857-62, including one year of the civil war. He came here from Chautauqua county in 1872.

JOHN DOUMAUX established his drug business in Wellsboro in 1880. He was born in 1843, in Charleston township, and married Miss Mary I. Root, of Wellsboro.

JOHN DULEY, superintendent of the Stokesdale tannery, was born in Woodhull, Steuben county, N.Y., in 1846. His wife was formerly Alice Ives, of Delmar. Mr. Duley located in Osceola in 1865 and at Stokesdale in 1874. He served the last year of the civil war in a New York regiment, and was wounded at Hatcher's Run. He owns 265 acres of land in Farmington.

MARTIAL A. DURIF is a native of France. He was born in 1833; came to America in 1859, and in 1868 started his tannery at Wellsboro, which turns out $5,000 or $6,000 worth of leather annually. He married Miss F. Wagner, of Wellsboro.

A. B. EASTMAN was born in Danby, Tompkins county, N.Y., April 13th 1843. In early life he was a farmer, and in 1863 a soldier in the Army of the Potomac. In March 1865 he opened his dental office in Wellsboro, and he claims to have been the first dentist in the county to bring into general use nitrous oxide gas and narcotic spray for painless operations in dentistry. He married Miss Frances Irene Wood, of Millbury, Mass.

CHARLES EBERENZ was born in this township, in 1824, and was married in 1849 to Miss Sarah Brubaker, of Harrisburg, Pa. His father, William Eberenz, was born in Baden, Germany, in 1801, and came to America in 1817. On the voyage he became acquainted with the family of Dr. Samuel Hoover. The two men were given 50 acres of land apiece by Fisher and Worden, owners of extensive tracts in Tioga county, and Mr. Eberenz increased his estate to 400 acres. In 1818 he married Mary A., daughter of Dr. Hoover. Of their six children three are living, viz.: Charles, above mentioned; Miss Caroline Smith, of York county, Pa.; and Mrs. Mary Matson, of Delmar. William Eberenz died in Delmar in June 1880, aged 79; his wife in 1865-aged 70. Charles Eberenz owns a farm of 350 acres.

SAMUEL E. ENSWORTH was born in Vermont, in 1808, and married Eunice Rockwell, of Cortland county, N.Y. In childhood he removed with his mother to Chenango county, N.Y., afterward living in Cortland cuunty. In 1849 he came to Wellsboro and engaged in trade and lumbering. The latter business he followed extensively in North Carolina from 1870 till his retirement.

ERASTUS FELLOWS was born in Canaan, Litchfield county, Conn., in 1800, and married Betsey Johnson. He went in 1815 to Luzerne county, Pa., and engaged in distilling. In 1821 he located a farm on the Stony Fork road, which afterward became the home of his father's family. In 1827 he bought 160 acres at Wellsboro, and opened the Fellows House, which was principally kept by him until his retirement from business in 1870.

GEORGE L. FELLOWS, son of Asahel and Alvina Fellows, was born in 1839, in Delmar township, where he owns a farm of 86 acres. He was married in 1863 to Miss Rhoda Hoag, of Delmar.

DANIEL FIELD is a native of Delmar township, and was born in 1828. He was married to Louisa F. Webb, of Chenango county, N.Y. He is a farmer and has held several township offices.

EDWARD A. FISH, Wellsboro, was born in Bristol, Rhode Island, in 1821, and in 1846 was married to Sarah A. Cudworth, of Sullivan township, Tioga county. They have two children. Mr. F. was a magistrate in Sullivan 1858-68; in 1869 was elected sheriff and removed to Wellsboro. Since the close of his three years' term he has been practicing veterinary surgery.

JOHN GISIN, furniture dealer, Wellsboro, was born in Switzerland, November 18th 184o, and in 1868 married Louisa A. Margraff, of Wellsboro. He came to America and this county in 1866; lived in Nelson nine years; Paterson, N.J., six years; and then formed his present business connection.

JARVIS GRIFFIN was born in Otsego county, N.Y., January 24th 1820, and his brother Ambrose was born in 1822. Both reside in Delmar township. Their parents were natives of New York State and came to Tioga county in 1840. Jarvis Griffin married Priscilla Gray, of Tioga county. He is a farmer; was formerly employed as a carpenter and joiner.

CHARLES P. GRINNELL, who was born in Bainbridge, Chenango county, in 1824, came on foot to this county when 15 years old. He got work among the lumbermen on Pine Creek, and has since been lumbering and farming, now owning 153 acres near Lower Stokesdale. His first wife, Mary Grossjean, of Delmar, died in 1851 (the year of their marriage), and Mr. Grinnell married Charlotte Grossjean, by whom he has five children.

JACOB HALL was born in Norfolk, England, in 1803, and came to America in 1831. In 1851 he removed from Bradford county to Wellsboro, being employed by the heirs of the Bingham estate. He was 22 years a gatekeeper on the Wellsboro and Tioga plank road. In 1860 he bought his present farm.

JOSEPH H. HARMAN, of Harman, Borden & Co,, manufacturers of lumber, sash, blinds, doors, etc., Wellsboro, was born in Liberty township, this county, in 1829, and married Miss Lucy Gaylord, of Covington.

IRA D. HOTCHKISS was born in Harpersfield, Delaware county, N.Y., October 16th 1825. He lived six years at Bath, N.Y., where he and his wife acted as superintendent and matron of the Davenport Home for Orphan Girls. He is now a farmer in Delmar. He was married in 1854 to Sarah F. Buckley, daughter of George Buckley, of Deerfield. His present wife was Lucy M., daughter of Richard Moore, of Delmar. They were married in 1864.

SYLVESTER HOUGHTON, carriage maker, Wellsboro, was born in Delmar, in 1840, and married Miss A. Green of that township. He served in Company I 45th Pennsylvania volunteers from August 1861 to January 1863.

GEORGE JENNINGS was born in Charleston township, in 1837, and married Margaret Broughton, of Delmar; he is a farmer. He was a member of Company H 6th Pennsylvania reserves, and was wounded at the battle of Fredericksburg.

FRANK A. JOHNSON is a member of the firm Johnson & Van Dusen, whose marble and granite works at Wellsburg were established by Mr. Johnson and John R. Bacheldor in 1871. In 1876 Mr. Bacheldor sold to Mr. Van Dusen. Seven men are employed, turning out $5,000 or $6,000 worth of work annually. Mr. Johnson was born in Catlin, Chemung county, N.Y., in 1845, and married Miss Adelia A. Lyon, of Chatham.

DAVID KARR, son of Robert and Margaret Karr was born in Delmar, September 16th 1839, and married Miss Agnes B. Locke, of Wellsboro, where he now lives, employed as a carpenter and joiner and contractor and builder.

RALPH E. KARR established his drug business at Wellsboro in 1880, and employs three men in the manufacture of Roy's medicines. He was born in Delmar in 1854.

BENJAMIN F. KELSEY lives in Wellsboro, where he was born in 1829. His wife was Azubah Ogden, of Wellsboro. Mr. Kelsey is a farmer, owning 180 acres. He served from September 1st 1864 till June 7th 1865 in Company K 207th Pennsylvania.

ROBERT M. KETCHAM, liveryman and farmer, Wellsboro, was born in Troupsburgh, Steuben county, N.Y., October 23d 1843, and married Delphine A. Hess, of Elmira.

LASELL KIMBALL was born in Charleston, Montgomery county, N.Y., December 10th 1811. His parents located near Wellsboro in 1839. Mr. Kimball was married to Lenora Chaffee, of Onondaga county, N.Y. He is a farmer.

HENRY S. KIMBLE was born in Fairfield, Lycoming county, in 1820, and learned the blacksmiths' trade, which he now follows at Wellsboro. He enlisted in 1861 in Company H 6th regiment Pennsylvania reserve, and was discharged June 15th 1864.

ROBERT G. LLOYD was bom in 1825, in Lycoming county. He came here and bought his farm of 100 acres in 1866. His wife was Miss Lydia Frederick, of Liberty, this county.

PHILANDER LONG, merchant at Wellsboro, has held the office of postmaster. He was born April 7th 1832, in Burlington, Pa., and married Dorliske Pultz, also of Burlington.

P. G. LYON was born in Addison, Steuben county, N.Y., January 7th 1831. His first wife, formerly Mary A. Brown, died in 1866; and August 21st 1871 he was married to Miss Henrietta Bartle, of Stony Fork. He came to Wellsboro from Addison in 1868; is a blacksmith, and employs several men.

R. L. MACK was born March 30th 1841. He married Miss Josephine A. Illick, of Richmond Pa. His carriage making business at Wellsboro dates from 1874, employs ten men, and turns out from $8,000 to $10,000 worth of goods annually.

EDWIN MATSON is a native of Coventry, Chenango county, N.Y., and was born in 1815. In 1838 he married Miss Mary Ebernz, of Delmar, in which township he has one of the finest farms. He came to Tioga county in 1832 and engaged in lumbering with Stowell & Dickerson, who in time raised his salary from $10 to $200 per month. Lumbering has been his principal business.

FREDERICK MCGARFF was born in Germany, in 1811. He married Miss Fredrika Miller, of Saxony. He came to America and located at Wellsboro, in 1854, and engaged in the manufacture of brick on Nichols street, near the cemetery. In 1881 he removed his works to the present location. He employs from 10 to 12 men, turning out about 500,000 bricks annually. His son William enlisted in Company H 6th Pennsylvania volunteers in 1861, and was killed at the battle of Antietam, September 18th 1862, Lewis McGarff, another son, enlisted in 1861 in Company E (Kane's Rifles) "Bucktail" regiment, and served three years, during which he was once made a prisoner.

B. F. MILLIKEN is one of the merchants of Wellsboro. He was born at Libertyville, Sussex county, N.J., June 15th 1852, and married Lucy R. Navle, of Wellsboro.

GEORGE W. NAVLE, harness maker, Wellsboro, was born in Watson, Lvcoming county, in 1831. Miss Caroline Sanders, of Wellsboro, became his wife. Mr. N. came to Wellsboro December 31st 1849, and soon began his present business, which amounts to from $6,000 to $8,000 annually.

JOHN PEARSON was born in Burlington county, N.J., in 1814. His first wife was Maria Bates, of that county. They were married in 1838, and she died in 1854. In 1859 Mr. P. married Rebecca C. Archer, of Philadelphia. From 1837 to 1853 he lived in Philadelphia; then bought and removed to a farm of about 900 acres, of which his present farm comprises over 200. He is raising tobacco largely.

ALMERON H. PERRY was born in 1846, at Pratt's Hollow, Madison county, N.Y., and married Mary L. Johnson of Wellsboro. He carries on a wool-carding, clothdressing and fancy dyeing establishment at Wellsboro. He was a member of Company G 53d Pennsylvania volunteers from February 23d 1864 to July 1st 1865.

WILLIAM ROBERTS, a native of Bradford county, Pa., came to Wellsboro in 1854 and engaged in the manufacture of tin and sheet iron ware, and in 1864 went into the hardware business. He employs four or five men, doing a business of about $25,000 annually.

CHESTER ROBINSON, head of the banking firm of C. & J. L. Robinson, is a son of Jesse and Abia Robinson, and was born in 1807, near Cooperstown, Otsego county, N.Y. He was first married in 1830, to Miss L. Bowen, of his native county, by whom he had two children, one of whom is living. She died in 1843, at Wellsboro. In 1878 Mr. Robinson married Miss Mary E. Barber, of Columbia, Lancaster county. They have one child, a daughter. Mr. Robinson's son George was a graduate of Yale College and entered the ministry. After a period of labor in Brooklyn and Cincinnati his health failed, and he made an extended European tour for its improvement, but, returning to his native village, he died in 1863. Mr. Robinson has lived in Wellsboro since leaving Otsego county in 1835.

JAMES M. ROE owns a farm of 86 acres in Delmar. He came to this county in 1842, with his parents, Cornelius and Betsey Roe, from Kortright, Delaware county, N.Y., where he was born August 18th 1822. The family settled at Tioga village, and later in Middlebury, where the father died in 1860. From Middlebury J. M. Roe came to Delmar. He married Miss Harriet P. Hutchinson, of Delphos, Chenango county, N.Y., in 1847.

FRANK H. ROSE, dentist, Wellsboro, is a native of Roseville.

FRANK S. ROWLAND, son of Rev. Henry and Harriet Rowland, was born in Groton, Tompkins county, N.Y., in 1859. He is employed as a teacher in Wellsboro. His father was born in Onohdaga county, N.Y., in 1832, and came to Westfield, this county, in 1846. He married Miss Harriet 0. Knapp, of Genoa, Cayuga county, N.Y., and had four children. He was ordained at the age of 30, but retired from the ministry after several years in consequence of failing health. He was elected county treasurer in 1872, and served two years. He died at his residence near Wellsboro in 1882.

W. 0. RUSSELL was born in Broome county, N.Y., in 1847, and came to Tioga county with his parents in 1859, and his father, L. L. Russell, then located about three miles south of Wellsboro. W. 0. Russell married Maria E. Heise, of Delmar township. He is engaged in the lumbering business. The mill operated by Russell & Avery, two miles west of Wellsboro, was built in 1878, by Bradley & Pardon. It is run by steam power and produces an average of about one and a quarter million feet annually.

CHARLES SANDBACH is a printer by trade, but is now proprietor of the Sandbach House, Wellsboro. He was born in Prussia, in 1842, and came in 1850 to New York city. There he married Mary Wiesner in 1864, and that year began hotel keeping at Germania, Potter county, Pa. He came to Wellsboro in May 1881 and bought the Baldwin (formerly the O'Conor) House. He gave it his own name, and thoroughly refitted and refurnished it, making it a first-class hotel.

JOHN B. SMITH located in Delmar in 1855, where he owns a 50-acre farm. He was born in Bavaria, Germany, in 1823; came to Baltimore in 1842, and engaged in butchering. In 1848 he went into the lumbering business on Pine Creek, Tioga county, with Phelps & Dodge. He married Margaret Statts, of Baltimore.

ALANSON SPENCER was born in 1826, in Sullivan township, and in 1853 married Miss Samantha Hiltbold, of Delmar. He is a farmer and a miller.

HENRY STICKLY, son of Henry and Lydia Stickly, is a native of Wellsboro, and was born in 185o. In 1872 he married Miss Eleanor B. Kelsey, of Wellsboro. His farm at that place contains 38 acres. He is a member of the fire department.

WILLIAM B. STOWELL, son of Warren and Hannah Stowell, was born in Nineveh, Broome county, N.Y., April 18th 1830. His wife was formerly Miss Catherine L. Dales, of Delmar. He owns a farm of 110 acres in this township.

OTIS STULL was born in Delmar township, Tioga county, Pa., March 12th 1857. He was married to Stella Bostwick, a native of Tompkins county, N.Y., and is a farmer. His parents are natives of Tioga county also.

ANDREW G. STURROCK is a carpenter and joiner and contractor and builder at Wellsboro. Sturrock & Karr employ three or four men, and do a business of from $5,000 to $10,000 annually. Mr. Sturrock has been a borough councilman six years. He was born in 1835, in Delmar, and married Miss Charlotte C. Austin, of Wellsboro.

ABIATHAR SWOPE, was born in Herkimer county, N.Y., in 1829, and when six years old came to Tioga county with his parents, who lived about ten years on Pine Creek and have since resided in Wellsboro. Mr. Swope was married in 1853 to Miss Aseneth Spencer, of Delmar. He is a carpenter and joiner and a surveyor.

CHARLES TOLES is living in Wellsboro, retired from business. He was born in Schoharie county, N.Y., in 1815; learned the carpenter's trade, and lived at Prattsville, Greene county, N.Y., till 1839. He then located in Deerfield, Tioga county, where he bought 150 acres. He was in trade at Wellsboro several years, and located his family there in 1871.

THOMAS VEAZIE, keeper of the Parkhurst House, Wellsboro, since 1875, began his career as a hotel keeper at Dresden, Yates county, N.Y., in 1847. He has since been connected with the Benham House, Penn Yan; the Veazie House, Geneva; and the Spencer House, Charlotte--all in New York. He was born in Rome, N.Y., in 1823.

CHARLES F. VEIL was born February 11th 1813, in Schorndorf, Wurtemburg, Germany, and came to the United States in 1834. In 1836 he married Christina M. Schambacher, of Liberty township. He has lived in Liberty 39 years and in Wellsboro 7 years. He was a tanner before coming to Wellsboro. He was justice of the peace in Liberty 15 years, county auditor 12 years, associate judge 5 years, commissioners' clerk 3 years, and nearly 3 years county treasurer by appointment (up to January 1st 1881).

SAMUEL B. WARRINER learned the jeweler's and carpenter's trades, but is now farming, with his residence at Wellsboro. He was born in Delmar, in 1818, and married Miss Nancy A. Warriner, of that township. His father, William, came from Massachusetts to Stony Fork, Delmar, in 1817, and lived there till he died, in 1867, aged 80. He served in the war of 1812.

O. S. WEBSTER, printer, Wellsboro, was born July 20th 1845, in New Marlborough, Mass., and married Lucinda English, of Wellsboro.

IRA WETHERBEE has a farm of 80 acres in Delmar, in which township he was born in 1818. His wife was Amanda Stratton, formerly of New York. His parents, Edmund and Abigail (Wright) W., of New Hampshire, had ten children, of whom eight are living. They came to Delmar in 1815, where Mr. W. died in 1839 and Mrs. W. in 1870.

JULIUS C. WHEELER, dealer in produce, coal, flour, feed, etc., in Wellsboro, was elected burgess in 1879 and 1880, holding the office two years. He was born in 1832, in Greene, Chenango county, N.Y., and married Miss Emily E. Bartle, of Delmar.

0. E. WILLIAMS is engaged in farming and lumbering, and owns the Mitchell coal mines in Morris township. He was born in Groton, Tompkins county, N.Y., in 1845, and came to Wellsboro in 1859. He served in an engineer corps the last year of the civil war. He married Miss Cornelia Campbell. of Delmar. He employs six men in mining about 1,300 tons of coal annually.

ALFRED WIVEL is a native of London, England, and was born in 1835. In 1855 he married Miss Esther Walker, of, Birmingham, England. He came to New York in 1854 and to Wellsboro in 1859. He is a painter by trade.

FREDERICK LOUIS YAHN, formerly a farmer, now a butcher at Wellsboro, came in 1855 with his parents from Prussia, where he was born in 1843. The family located in Charleston in 1855 and in Delmar, in 1857. Mr. Y. in 1864 married Miss Minnie Margarff, a native of Prussia, who came to Wellsboro in 1863. 

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